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  1. A few months ago i took a bag of batteries in to Steren and they told me they were full and weren't taking any more. Has this changed? I still have the bag.
  2. Right next door to Puritan Poultry.
  3. Emmanuel Castaneda: (33) 2203 0695 Our tenant, Emmanuel Castaneda, is a licensed psychologist. He graduated two years ago from the University in Cuernavaca and did his clinical training there before moving Lakeside. He is Mexican and is fluent in English. While he doesn't have many years in practice, he also doesn't charge those rates. Interview them all and find one that fits!
  4. Check out the Insight Academy in Ajijic. Small school doing creative teaching.
  5. I'm also in upper CV. We rent and love the location (2 years). Have had several interactions with the fracc office and they've always been helpful and responsive. Internet isn't perfect and I'm not too fond of the cobblestones but don't want to live anywhere else!
  6. Thanks all. My NOB bank emailed me a form which I've returned. Hopefully will be completed soon.
  7. I went to the HSBC ATM Saturday (across from Wal-Mart) and discovered it was out of money. I canceled my transaction and left with no receipt and no money. Today I see that my US bank has been charged for the withdrawal that didn't happen ($5,000MX)! Anyone have experience on how to deal with this? I'm going in to HSBC tomorrow with a translator. I thought I had seen a thread on this but haven't been able to locate it. Thanks in advance!
  8. Mexican student who wishes to learn French (currently bi-lingual Spanish/English) is seeking a teacher. Please PM me if you or someone you know might be interested. Many thanks!
  9. Thanks CG! 45 minutes and I've got a full tank!!!
  10. Thank you. We'll contact them. Appreciate the information!
  11. We’ve chosen to sponsor a Mexican student to the University of Guadalajara. He will be studying medicine and should be starting shortly. We haven’t sponsored anyone before and unfortunately we can’t afford the entire cost (living expenses, transportation, books, etc.). We would like to connect with anyone who has information or suggestions about financial resources for him or who has experience with sponsorship (to help guide us). Thanks!
  12. Doesn't the LCS have a chess club or chess classes? Might check there.
  13. I downloaded the Quizlet app and found many people had created Warren Hardy Spanish flashcards that I could use.
  14. We had one of these when I was growing up except ours had a small blower attached so all the tubes blew hot air. It worked incredibly well.
  15. Slipped her collar near Ajijic square this afternoon and ran toward the mountains. Older chihuahua named Lola. Light brown with lots of gray. REWARD! (33) 2203 0695
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