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  1. I wear a mask because it keeps me from touching my face, which I have done without realizing it.
  2. Looking for a local equivalent of a Certified Financial Planner - fee only. Anyone have recommendations or experiences to share? If you have any warnings or bad experiences, please PM me.
  3. No idea. Was able to reach our landlords handyman who came over and took care of it. My lack of Spanish kept me from learning more.
  4. Fixed! The owners handyman came and took care of it. Thanks to all who responded. Most helpful.
  5. Is that dangerous or can it wait for tomortow?
  6. Looking for suggestions. Having a scary propane problem at the house we're renting and owner is out of the country. Noticed the pilot light on our hot water heater was out so turned on the stove to check if we were out of gas and got a bonfire! Flames came out about 6 inches high (not normal)! Checked the tank and still have 45% full. No gas smells anywhere. Don't know what is going on. Any ideas?
  7. I particularly like that she listens carefully and has never rushed us. A very good and capable doctor (nice too).
  8. Where do you purchase your bakers yeast?
  9. Didn't know a thing about it. I'll look for it.
  10. I'm new to baking bread and my bread isn't that tasty although still better than store bought. It's okay but not what I had hoped for. I'm using a basic recipe with Tradi-Pan yeast and white or wheat flour that I get at Wal-Mart. Anyone have any recommendations on how I can improve the flavor? All suggestions welcome - even a good recipe would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Click on the posters name (Eric Blair). On the next page click on the envelope (middle page). Send message.
  12. Excellent advice! Camacho and Miramontes!
  13. The cable was run up the hill a few weeks back. (They were working outside our house so we ran down and signed up. Now we wait!)
  14. Arturo and Leti. They're wonderful people. Arturo has helped us with many of our plants (including two small trees).
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