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  1. Click on the posters name (Eric Blair). On the next page click on the envelope (middle page). Send message.
  2. Excellent advice! Camacho and Miramontes!
  3. The cable was run up the hill a few weeks back. (They were working outside our house so we ran down and signed up. Now we wait!)
  4. Arturo and Leti. They're wonderful people. Arturo has helped us with many of our plants (including two small trees).
  5. Yes to Jorge, the best. Don't know about your situation but call him and ask.
  6. Ilox is running cable up into Upper Chula Vista. They're at the first turn going up the hill (Paso del Golf). Said they'll make the right turn and continue up tomorrow.
  7. The pool in Riberas has open swim as well as all the other activities.
  8. Not sure what this means but this is what I got on: Speedtest: download 1.20Mbps, Ping 71, Upload 0.19 Fast.com: Internet speed is 880Kbps Whatever this means, it's slow. Hope that helps!
  9. Electrical hasn't been a big problem here. Been here two and a half years and have had electricity go out maybe 2-3 times a year, usually for just a minute. Longest unplanned outage was about 20 minutes during a bad storm. CFE has twice cut the electrical for long periods (up to 11 hours) and we missed being notified but that's not storm related. I'll check the internet speeds in a bit.
  10. Hi JJ, We're renting in upper CV on the golf course. Internet is okay, not great. We go down occasionally but usually not for long periods (few minutes to an hour). Our house is about 50 years old and so is the wiring - maybe that's part of the problem. We're waiting on ilox to arrive. We keep getting told 2 months, 2 months, 2 months. Eventually we'll get it but not today. Don't know how to check what speeds I have but I also have an old computer so my speeds might be hindered by that as well as the old wiring. Other than that love the neighborhood! Rich
  11. Need to find: Levalbuterol HCI or Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution for a nebulizer machine. Neither WalMart or Pharmacia Guadalajara carry it. This is not the small metered dose inhalers but the liquid for the machine. Anyone know where I can get this Lakeside?
  12. A few months ago i took a bag of batteries in to Steren and they told me they were full and weren't taking any more. Has this changed? I still have the bag.
  13. Right next door to Puritan Poultry.
  14. Emmanuel Castaneda: (33) 2203 0695 Our tenant, Emmanuel Castaneda, is a licensed psychologist. He graduated two years ago from the University in Cuernavaca and did his clinical training there before moving Lakeside. He is Mexican and is fluent in English. While he doesn't have many years in practice, he also doesn't charge those rates. Interview them all and find one that fits!
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