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  1. We have just started our landscaping project with Arturo (from the garden place across from SuperLake and next to La Pacena). We've gotten a lot of good plants and advice from he and his wife (Leti) so have high expectations. Might want to check with him and see about work he's done.
  2. Sounds like the size job Barry would do. He's great with great reviews. Check him out. He has a big pickup and a trailer that should fit all your stuff. toyhauler4u@gmail.com
  3. Says I can't use it unless I'm in the US....
  4. Does anyone know how to get our annual free credit report? I've been denied by all three agencies. I assume it might be because I'm applying from Mexico? I used the link provided by the Federal Trade Commission, "annualcreditreport.com" - any suggestions?
  5. Yes, we call Manny (Don't Bug Me) whenever they show up - usually once or twice a year. He takes care of them and they're gone.
  6. Anyone have your alijibe cleaned recently by someone you would recommend? Our alijibe is big, difficult and dirty. The only recommendations I'm finding on the board are from several years back and I'd prefer a more recent reference. Thanks!
  7. We've used iShop for 3 years and are happy with them. Time to receive packages varies depending on customs. iShop is pretty efficient although the webpage that tells you if you have mail hasn't worked in about a year!
  8. Our landlady put solar on our house. I went and read the new meter CFE installed and I get two numbers (the old meter just had one). Today it read 50 then 75. Does anybody know what that meter is doing and how I can track my usage?
  9. Looking for recommendations for a good driver to drive my 2012 Toyota minivan to Southern California so my family can sell it. My van's time is up and it needs to flee the country. I have one reputable name but would appreciate more options.
  10. My experience with Spencer's office is that they don't respond to email. They do, however, answer the phone so now I just call.
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