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  1. On the Visa application form it asks for a date of entry into Mexico . Do you just put a tentative date? Or must you book a flight?
  2. We ar moving from Nova Scotia to Ajijic soon and have 9 cats and a dog .We have secured the services of Starwood animal transporters who do everything and hook up with a South American company who deliver door to door .It is expensive but they are our babies !
  3. I read somewherethat you cannot bring power tools .Is that true?
  4. We are moving to Ajijic in next couple months . We are sending mostly personal items by a moving company . I have a lot of art/ craft items ,fabrics ,flowers , laces etc collected over many years that I can't leave behind . ( basically my studio ) I read somewhere that one cannot bring fabrics etc in . Any body had experience of bringing their treasures in ok? Thank you .
  5. We had two daschunds in carts , made for them in the States . One got better but the other one didn't but He did great ! - soon as he got in it !. We had him for 17 years and He could even back up and turn around in it ! They soon adapt . Let me know if you want more info .
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