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  1. ML will not let me log in without the photo id. Would not accept CURP or Passport. I cannot get any further at all. And I have not found a contact us or any other way to contact them. Until today I have had no problem buying, paying or receiving merchandise. If anyone knows what photo to upload, please post it
  2. The site will not accept my passport or my CURP and insists on the INE or IFE. No where to get an answer or a person. One cannot order without an account. This is new and if anyone figures it out, please post the response. Until today I had no problem ordering, paying or receiving merchandise
  3. An excellent resource is troypoint.com. I get emails and updates on what is working. There are excellent instructions and videos for cord-cutters. The apps for movies and TV can vary in how they are working and the updates I receive are extremely helpful. I bought a Firestick years ago and then I paid Derek to install some apps. But when they stopped working I stumbled onto Troypoint and now it is easy to keep things updated.
  4. We moved here in February of 2017. We left Ethernet speeds of 140 Mbps in the US for at best 2 Mbps here. Frustration mounted. I use a VPN for all sensitive internet interactions so that slowed it down a bit more. Often, I played Solitaire on my phone while waiting for things to download and, especially, for things to upload at 0.2 Mbps. I read about ILOX on the Chapala Web Board sometime in early 2018 or late 2017. We are very much early adopters. We researched the company on line to find that it was the highest rated telecommunications company in the country. Now, my husband and
  5. As a paying, happy Express VPN customer it is easy to get Amazon Prime video. You sign into your account and do live chat and ask which server to use for Amazon (or Netflix). Last year the New Jersey one quit working, did chat, now Los Angeles 3 works just fine. I put VPN on the Fire TV's and make sure it is on before going to Amazon. Occasionally I forget and get the geographic restriction, then turn it on, then watch without problems. I also have VPN on PC and mobile devices. You are limited to 3 devices at the same time and that is not a problem. Don't do banking without one!!!
  6. This is for multiple factor authentication to verify that it is you signing into your account. Capital One is my main credit card and checking account as there are no foreign transaction fees on the card and more Mexican ATM's than with Discover for checking account. I have the Capital One app on my mobile phone (Mexican AT&T service) which is one of the options. This uses my fingerprint to access and is the secondary factor for accessing the site from my PC. I ALWAYS use a VPN (Express VPN, $99.99 USD per year, multiple devices and/or put it on a router) for banking and just about everyth
  7. I have an annual subscription since March 23, 2018. The website will not let me see two recent articles but will let me view others. I am especially upset that I cannot contact the site through the "contact us" as 3 of my emails are "Forbidden. Sender blacklisted." I will not be renewing my subscription and I will share this with others on the web board. Has anyone else had issues with this?
  8. Please tell me where the recycling place is out west. The post was not at all clear. Thank you!
  9. Express VPN works fine for Amazon Prime on Amazon Fire TV
  10. PolĂ­tica de Uso Justo 150000 This is from the Telcel website. Notice no units are given. Are you sure it is 150 GB, as that is a lot? Mudgirl was getting 6.5 GB per month on prepay plan for 500 pesos.The average SD movie is 1.5 GB. The site says it will slow to 2 Mbps once the limit is reached. Can anyone verify the limit?
  11. El Desayuno: Well, I have tasted biscuits at Poogan's Porch in Charleston, SC and nothing can top those. But the ones at Mom's were nothing to talk about and the eggs were dry, dry, dry. I have eaten 3 breakfasts and two late lunches at Southern Sisters as we are within walking distance. It did get off to a rough start but it is definitely better now. Of all the eggs I have tried lakeside, this is the best for not having dry omelets. When Janet was at La Antigua, that was our go to place for the same reason - eggs not overcooked. The biscuits are fine for this non-Southerner to cover them with
  12. I just signed up. I am so tired of these slow speeds. We are in Las Quintas (12 houses and two lots) in west Ajijic between Los Sabinos and Rancho del Oro so we are right on the way to Ajijic and Chapala.
  13. I cannot log into the ASUS router at all as it never gets an internet connection. I have all the info from the brand new router but unless it connects to the internet I cannot connect to it.
  14. John Shrall, I cannot connect directly to Telmex with the router. My Telmex Arcadyan modem address is the same as yours and I was able to log in. I am unable to see the PPPoE password that is locked and I think that is why I cannot set bridge mode. When I try to enable bridge mode it tells me to reset PPPoE on computer to be able to set bridge mode. . DHCP is set as active. The router IP address is supposed to be or http://router.asus.com. In other words, the bridge to the router is not working. And it will not work if I just use a LAN port to the router either. I
  15. I have read that others ship to their Lakeside address from Amazon US but my home address seems to be a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks
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