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  1. Some of those from the Middle East like to vandalize cemetaries. It's a religious statement, its done all over their homeland and Europe. Isn't diversity just ginger peachy?? Justblame everything on American patriots. I mean thats what you are told to do, right?
  2. Bdlngton, Mexico has an agreement with the Central American countries to let the migrants thru to the USA. Yes, the U.S. is the dumping ground not Mexico. There even was a housing facility in Guad for them. There are also several hundred Africans who are housed at the mex border. They fly in and are let across. Maybe those days are over? Maybe its just "who we are" after all.
  3. RV is anti American. Why does he live in a racist nation when he can be in paradise? Does paradise not meet his high medical standards? Its fine for me. My internist here is excellent. RV could have had Mexican insurance. He would be helping a Mexican company. There is also the public hospital and IMSS. Thats the least he can do to show graditude for his host nation. Not good enough? Now it's convenient for him to be an American? Hes proud of "serving"? He has not lived here for years but gives advice which is not usually acurate. He insults a mod who could easily ban him but has unlimited patience.
  4. Mainecoones is out of most posters league. Few members can even discuss his posts. Because they do not have the critical thinking skills or intellect, they have temper tantrums. They write letters to the boss of the realestate agency. Most people here do not know the difference between legal immigrants and economic migrants. The majority of refugees (Mexico, Central America, Middle East ect) do collect welfare. The DACA program has been abused. They have more rights than US citizens and veterans. I suggest if people are unhappy, go to TOB.
  5. RV, if you do not live here, why would Chapala.com care about your opinons? If Mexico is so wonderful why dont you come back here? Some nerve of you to think the US may have a better health system! I have a terrific dr. No complaints.
  6. TelsZ4, If Glitner should not post then RV should not post. Deal?
  7. El Menudo, I care about being comfortable, not about being popular. As long as I am happy, I dont care much for what you think. Yes, i am special & treat myself as so.
  8. Mudgirl, It would'nt be a party unless we invited ISIS & the gays. Who can keep up with the new fangled hipsters here? After all, its now a multisex oneworld transnational transmuslim inclusive intersectional shindig. There, I said it. Did i get it right? I have seen the same TV shows as you have. Yes, i see the the new York Times. Yes, I hear you Hollywood. They tell me how to think. I disobey. Truth to be told, I profile all day. If i dont like the waiter i will sit in another section. Dont like the way you look? i will change my seat on the plane. Discrimination all the way. No questions asked. Taxi driver looks shifty? I pass. What nerve to do this in Mexico? Sue me. Now thats a rise for the 4th Reich.
  9. The only citizens in the US who benefit from a borderless society are the elites. The US was almost on its way to be like Europe. Our POTUS is the Churchill of our time. He is our Gert Wilders. If we were like Holland or UK or France we would need about 5-7 more million more migrants. Then the fun would begin. There was never a solid aurgument from Mexico about why there is a double standard. Its all those feel good slogans about building bridges and all this sence of entitlement. Why can't they let all Americans cross the border? No one has confronted the politicans or journalists.
  10. Open borders are the gateways for drug cartels, human trafficking, & terrorists. The reason why the politicans want this is because of bribes & payoffs. The gangs distribute the product on the street, its business. This is why the police in some cities will not cooperate with these deportations. The second reason is the corporations want cheap labor. The other reason is the refugee industry. The contractors make a fortune from this. Meanwhile it costs the tax payers 25 billion in California per year alone. These people have to be taken care of. Ninty percent of the mainstream media is owned by the six transnational corporations. Now you know why they double down on this hemispheric borderless society. This is a dangerous position especially in santuary cities. Releasing felons into the population is reality. A silly song you heard in highschool is not real life. I wonder why the average Joeblow on these forums have hystrionic meltdowns about this? Maybe it is the media drumming the same beat. After all they know where their money is coming from. funfact: bill clinton lost the popular vote as well. He also wanted a controlled border. Our POTUS is fighting the cartels, the media, the corps. He riskes his life for his principals as JFK did. How this has anything to do with gays, KKK, phobias, emails, mods, & other unrelated rhetoric is beyound me.
  11. Can we protest Mexico's immigration policy? It seems unfair. Why can't Mexico be more like the United States? Does anyone here agree?
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