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  1. "Illegal" i too strong a word, but using "against the federal hygiene law" takes too much space. I went to WalMart today to buy a bra. I grabbed a few hangers and went to try them on. The woman at the changing room pointed to a sign that basically said in Spanish "no trying on undergarments allowed". I took this to mean, no panties, like in the USA. She said no, cannot even try on bras. I asked: okay, how about over my tee shirt? She said, no, you can't take it off the hanger to try it on. I asked her, how do Mexican women buy bras? She said they go by the size on the tag. I explained that each style and size vary by manufacturer and fit. So that means a lot of Mexican women must have a lot of money to buy lots of bras that may or may not fit. [Obviously she didn't see the irony of what I was saying]. Is this true? Can Sonia or someone else attest to this? If it isn't true, where can I try on bras? BTW as I write this I do remember trying on sports bras one time in Liverpool.....
  2. Another question: why do the roofers here not do the same thing that they do in SMA, where they put a layer of crushed tufa (which is incredibly light) over the brick, then the membrane, then the impermiabalazante? It seems like here they are skipping a step. Thanks RV I am going to make sure the next job includes the membrane. And I called Rully.
  3. It's that time of year again, when we discover all the leaks in our roof! For the past 2 years I've used the same person, he has rolled the impermeabilizante over the roof annually. The product is supposed to have a 5 year warranty, ha, it doesn't last a year. I think we need a new membrane, maybe? Also it is white, so it should be reflecting heat and therefore not drying out and deteriorating so quickly. Any suggestions? I searched the forum but I can find only one referral (made last year) while the other are at least 4,5 years old.
  4. No, our Mexico closing. We need someone to authenticate/validate the signatures of witnesses on our US wills.
  5. No longer. Now, even if there are two (2) witnesses, the signatures of the those witnesses can be challenged in court. Both witnesses may be required to appear and testify that yes, those are their signatures. Very difficult to do if one of the witnesses has died or cannot be located. Then you can have a long, drawn out probate battle in which the only winners are the lawyers. [My spouse is retired lawyer and geez, do I hear some stories]. Most states--I think Ohio and Louisaina? are the exceptions, maybe Nevada or something, too?--want either 2 or 3 witnesses AND the Notarized signature of those witnesses on a separate piece of paper called a Self-Proving Affidavit. The Self-Proving Affidavit makes the will impossible to challenge in court. Or so they say. Actually, we used him for our closing so yes, good idea.
  6. We have our expat wills for the US prepared. We need to sign them in the company of 2 other persons (witnesses) and then have all 3 signatures (2 witnesses, 1 Testator) "officially" validated. In the US a notary would do this. I'm thinking the Notario has significant authority (more than a US notary) per international treaty, the witnessing of the signatures can be done by a Notary, correct? I mean, it's only to verify the signatures, it's not for a court-filed document.
  7. I want to reiterate what ComputerGuy said. Several years ago I noticed my cell phone was gobbling gigabytes, and after some research I realized my phone was updating on a daily basis--and when it was updating it didn't update the update, but updated as if from scratch, starting at 0. For several updates that could be a GB a day! Based on what I read I set my phone to manual update (instead of automatic) and I do it periodically when I am on wifi. Problem solved.
  8. Thank you, INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. Because I received an email from the consulate on Friday which directs me to a page that says, due to daily changes in the Dollar>Peso rate, I MUST have the correct conversion rate as of the day of the Consul (Rep's) visit to LCS/American Legion. If the visit is Wednesday, then I must have Wednesday's rate. A check prepared on Monday or Tuesday, with a different conversion rate, is not valid. I think the consulate should update their site. But since I missed it today I'm thinking of heading over to the Notario's office, I am sure they can witness and stamp an affidavit to attest to my signature. It's for a US will, and actually, a notary stamp isn't required,. (Another post)
  9. I am in lower SAT and my cell phone still has the useless H or H+symbol--- used to be 4G. So, not working for me.
  10. That is not the info I received from the Consulate this morning. They sent me an e-mail stating that the conversion rate changes daily and I can only get the bank check for the correct amount on the actual day of their visit. I think maybe the Guadalajara option is the best choice.
  11. The US consulate rep comes to Lakeside on Wednesdays. When I wrote to the consulate I asked how much the Banamex bank check should be. I received a reply saying that I need to check on the same day (Wednesday) as the consulate rep visits. How do I: drive to Chapala, stand in line at the American Legion to meet with the consulate rep in Chapala to determine the amount of the check, then head over to Banamex to get the check, then drive to LCS by 10 am to put my name on the list to meet with the consulate rep there? Am I missing something?
  12. My husband has Medicare for the US and Seguro Poular here. Our intent is to treat any serious illnesses in the US, and Seguro Popular for emergencies. If there is an accident--say, a fall and a broken hip--we would have SP stabilize, then hire a private driver to get us to Texas. Or possibly just pay out of pocket--depends upon the situation. I'm still in the process of investigating evacuation insurance. I would prefer a company that repatriates globally, not just from Mexico to the US. Any suggestions?
  13. There is a new law now--Ley Federal--about the cohetes. They are to be sold only by the church, and they can only be set off from something (can't recall exactly) like 8 am to 9 pm... Enforcing that will be whole 'nother discussion. I am really glad I installed a mini-split in my bedroom and I can close the windows, turn on the noise machine, put in my earplugs, and take a sleeping pill.
  14. i'm looking for those concrete pavers that they sell in Home Depot or Lowes (in the US), they are about 20" x 20" and 1 inch thick. I was told to go over to the statue store near Tobogolandia , and she has them, but they are about 1 cm thick and I can't imagine them holding up very well. In lieu of that I will take those big flat flagstones that can be used on a wall or on a walkway. Last resort is bricks. These will not be set with mortar but will be a path of stepping stones, closely placed, and filled in with packed dirt. I am planning to do this myself. On second thought, do you know someone who would come in and lay the pavers/bricks, tamp them down and pack with sand? Might be a lot easier that way.
  15. I posted elsewhere--the SAT tower 's antennae was stolen. Talked to the gentleman at TelCel last week, he said a new one has been ordered and will be here and installed in 2 weeks, mas o menos. I am thinking, mas.
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