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  1. I am in lower San Antonio, on Calle La Paz. A lot of us expats are here. Right now there is a truck outside my house as I type, and according to the cable installer, these are Ilox lines going in. At present I get 1.9 down and .4 to .6 upload speeds. Yes, you read that correctly. If I can get 50 down and 15 up I would be thrilled.
  2. I bought the last 3 little goldfish at the pet store by Soriana, but I would like a few more for my big fountain. These little guys I bought aren't even 2" long, so I hoping to find something a bit bigger. Are there any pets stores or places that sell them around here, or a private individual who has them for sale?
  3. I thought Met Life was really expensive! 2 years ago when I was age 55 I got a quote of something like $450 USD a month, and that with no pre-existing conditions, a deductible, and some rather IMHO ridiculous restrictions. For comparison, at that time I was paying $640 USD a month for a private BCBS policy in Florida with $2500 deductible and $25 office copay, plus $5 and $10 meds. I was really taken by surprise, as one of the reasons we moved to Mexico was lower private insurance costs....by comparison, myself and my husband (age 70) could get a really excellent private policy in Portugal for about $420 USD a month for the both of us!!!! I am still holding on to Florida BCBS and I have Seguro Popular here for emergencies, but I am looking for something in Mexico that is both decent and reasonably priced. BTW I was told that most, not all, insurance companies here, as well as Boomers in Paradise, will never cover skin cancer, even the mildest form (basal cell), which is bizarre, because 90% of the over 65's have had some form of skin cancer. Some companies don't even issue a policy. Also, Boomers won't cover appendectomies because they are not considered emergencies....hmmmm.
  4. Actually, I interviewed Letitia and her quote was approximately the same as what I am paying our maid now! But now we pay supplies, pay aquinaldo, etc. So Letitia was a bit less expensive. Why I did not use her is that my husband prefers to have someone he is very comfortable with, who can call the Bonifant water guys when our bottles are running low, who will cook for him if I am out of town, will housesit if we go on vacation, who will keep an eagle eye on any stranger (worker) who steps foot in our house. She is very territorial and doesn't let anyone take advantage of us. She is more like a housekeeper than a maid. She is part-time, 3 days a week, as is the gardener.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. So, I know it isn't my house. Sometimes when I try to send an email with a one page .PDF attachment it can take minutes to go through. Will look into the TelCel deal. We have decent cell phone reception here.
  6. I'm in lower San Antonio, La Paz and Jesus Garcia area, to be precise. Wiring in our house all newish within the past 9 years. Telmex 389 plan. My highest download speed is 1.9 mps. My highest upload speed is 0.4. mps. Are there any faster alternatives in this area? A family member just joined us and she is doing video conferencing for her post grad work. Needless to say she is unsuccessful. I am thinking the TelCel "in your home" service but I don't see a tower in this area.
  7. Thanks. We are paying the: maid--62 pesos an hour, plus 50 pesos extra cash on Fridays for "refrescos", plus all holidays, plus 5 paid "personal leave days"every year which, if not taken, will be converted to a cash bonus. gardener--71 pesos an hour plus same benefits as maid Also we pay above the aquinaldo, we pay a full months' salary. I think we are pretty generous. But I have been told by both maid and gardener that other employers are more generous.
  8. Is it true that Mexican law requires an annual pay raise(January) for my maid and gardener? Both came to me today and jointly said that the Federal law requires a raise every January. We hired them almost two years ago and have given them a raise, once, of 6%, during those two years. They were very appreciative, but told us the law says there must be a raise every year--however, it is for no specific amount, but at the discretion of the employer. I can't find this law anywhere.
  9. We have a 22,000 BTU inverter 220/240v minisplit from TioSams for a very large bedroom 6*7*4 meters. We run it during April, May, June, July and August, and our CFE bill has never gone above 46.00 pesos with 8 solar panels. Cost 5100 pesos to wire plus parts. İ want to add 2 small mini splits 110v to 2 bedrooms each 3*3*4 meters. Saw some brand name units at Coppel in the 7000 to 10,000 pesos range. İ want these for nightime cooling between 9pm and 3am, for visitors during the hot months.
  10. Thanks, Alpha1, good to know when/if in Guadalajara. Returned from Maskaras, 1 chest x-ray (Siemens digital machine) and office visit combined, 700 pesos, fair price, I think. Pneumonia. BTW was told the new San Antonio hospital to open in April, so let's call it May.
  11. Thank you all, I am hoping it isn't pneumonia. I don't have much of a fever. It's the fatigue that is getting to me, and the tail end of a cough that just will not give up. I was on 7 days of Keflex and expectorants, and I have reached a plateau. The cough is so bad that my back and ribs hurt. Will see about the Rezplen, hope I don't need the Levo.
  12. Went back over the old posts and it seems time for an update. Does Maskaras now have a digital xray machine? Or would the significantly cheaper Ajijic Clinic/Hospital have what I need? How about Chapala Med or Quality Care? I have a case of bronchitis that has been going on for 7 weeks now and has not responded to antibiotics. Every day I wake up thinking today is the day I will feel better. Ha. I need a doctor AND a chest x-ray done. Suggestions?
  13. I've been thinking about this a lot, as a younger baby boomer from the US. Where are these millions and millions of boomers going to retire? 90% of them haven't saved enough money to continue to live a decent retirement lifestyle in the US, and how the heck are they going to pay for in home care, or even a maid to help them clean their homes when they are feeble? And what about when they can no longer drive? The US isn't cheap! I have no idea how or they will end up. Any ideas? Double wide trailers in rural Arkansas?
  14. Angus is spot on--I asked at CFE about this, and I was told to pay cash in advance, it will be held in your account and your statements will deduct from the credit balance every 2 months.
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