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  1. Thanks much! I just started looking for how to tackle the RFC and found this post....perfecto!!
  2. Dr. Juan Aceves in Ajijic does regenerative therapy with PRP. Great guy!
  3. Hola, It'll be our first time going to the Globos, can we/should we bring coolers with food & drinks? TIA! Sam
  4. Hola, We're new to the world of tinacos. Do they require any cleaning or maintenance? Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom! Sam
  5. Thanks all! We absolutely want to do the right thing, just trying to determine what that is and you folks have affirmed what we've read. Think I'll go make a tracking spreadsheet Gracias!
  6. Hola! We recently moved to the area and will be having a weekly housekeeper. I'm not sure of what's appropriate or legally required here, but have read some stuff, so I'm just going to rattle off some questions and would like to hear your thoughts. Please chime in on things I haven't considered too! Do we provide or pay for lunch, or is that her responsibility? What about bus fare or gas? We've read about holiday, vacation, severance pay. Should we keep track of days/hours worked to avoid future issues? Should our housekeeper sign anything? We've read conflicting info about if we're required to pay into IMSS or not for weekly helpers. Any insight on this? Should we have a contract? This seems so formal to us, but if this is needed, can anyone share a sample? Any different responses for a bi-weekly gardener? What haven't we thought of or what else should we be aware of? Muchas gracias! Sam
  7. Thanks for the insight. We'll see how telecable works out, hoping for the best. Should be arriving late June and looking forward to it!!
  8. Hola! Just rented a home in Riberas and will be moving from Oregon next month...super excited to start our new life in Mexico! We've heard Internet can be sketchy in Riberas and that it can vary by street. We were told by the management company that Telecable was at the house but not Telmex. Does anyone have any experiences with Internet on San Luis off San Mateo? Any options you can recommend? Muchas gracias in advance! Sam
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