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  1. I have a nice Android 6.0.1 box running Kodi 17.6 I would like to maybe go to Kodi 18.0 and update the addons to be able to watch movies with subtitles Thanks please text me at 33 10 24 06 78 Mike
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1622311224530688/ Thanks for the lead to local table tennis - it's a good sport too but I still prefer badminton
  3. Anybody interested in playing badminton? I have (plastic) birds and 4 racquets. Some/many days, I think that the wind is weak enough to be able to play outside. If there is enough interest, I will investigate using some pickleball courts (same size) and try to figure out how to raise the net OR worse case - just hitting on a tennis court for practice / exercise
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