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  1. I would prefer the historic downtown in Morelia although I do not know much about it yet, I will be doing a trip in the near future. If all of us interested in Morelia would join the FB group expats in Morelia maybe we could post our findings as we visit and can collectively gather more information. It has a major airport, from what I gather it is an easy drive to CDMX and Guad, 3 hours to beaches in Michoacan and the weather seems fairly close to the weather here lakeside.
  2. I would like more info on Morelia also, also an interest of mine. There is a new FB group called Expats in Morelia, not any activity on the site yet but hoping some of us with interest can get some feedback and answers to our questions.
  3. Morelia, good weather, great colonial city, less expats. may happen one day.
  4. No personal experience, but worked in an office where we gave ketamine treatments in the US and they were very successful from what the patients told us. DId it mostly for PTSD and other depressive disorders. They use them at many VA hospitals in the states also. That is about the extent of my knowledge and I do not know anyone in the area that does such treatments.
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