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  1. I have a Wells Fargo card and the same happens each time and at eat ATM and no matter what amount of money I ask for. I leave HSBC, go around to CI banco and get money in whatever denomination I want. It is an HSBC problem. I just go to CI Banco now after multi attempts.
  2. Lake Chapala, I have lived both places. Both have some great dentists, but would choose here.
  3. Maybe no one found gas. That is sad also.
  4. Had lots of gas the past few days in Ixtlahuacan, but today long lines closing the entire rt lane coming in from Guadalajara to the gas station so I am sure it will be out soon.
  5. We still are having some mosquitos where we live. They are not all gone. KInd of strange.
  6. We always have driven to DEl Rio Texas and crossed as we felt it safer. The El Paso route across to Chihuahua is VERY desolate.
  7. I will be in Texas the last of September also and would bring back for you, just let me know.
  8. Thank you for the recommendation.
  9. Are there any endocrinologists lakeside? Any recommendations? Thank you.
  10. I hear that in this area, Seguro Popular is is much better than IMSS. I would go to CHapala and sign up and there is no yearly fee.
  11. Carlos speaks some English.
  12. I have a guy I love named Carlos, excellent handi man and plumber, just changed out my water heater, name, Carlos, his number is 376 765 4174
  13. And so if we ban plastic straws we need to ban all plastics in the grocery stores like yogurt containers, butter tubs, plastic bags containing chicken that is frozen or vegetables, plastic and styrofoam with meats, plastic plates, forks, baggies etc, just to name a few........This could turn into a ridiculous proposal, but if you are going to ban one thing, then you need to ban another in my opinion.
  14. FOr clothes there is also Terry's tiangis as you enter Chapala on the left. She has grat clothes and good prices and does consignments.
  15. Take the DIrecto bus from Chapala to Guadalajara. It takes you to the old station. I think they leave on the 1/2 hour Walk out of the bus station (bus is 55 pesos with assigned seats) and catch a cab as a cab to just about anywhere in Guad is 100 pesos. My best advice. Have done this trip many times.
  16. The store next to the Guadalajara farmacia in Ajijic used to have them, have not noticed lately. I do not know the name of the store but they have water heaters etc.
  17. Dr. Santiago Hernandez. Perfect English,
  18. I would go to Mel's restaurant west Ajijic and talk to Francine for SHAW.
  19. There is a young ENT female at Maskars clinic one or two days a week, I cannot recall her name, but she is really good and I am a healthcare professional. I recommend her. Just ask at Maskaras.
  20. Cotulla Texas to Colombia bridge. I too would recommend this route.
  21. Saw the same thing about the same time in San Antonio, Lower Chula Vista area.
  22. I second Hotel Perico. Good monthly prices. A little out but they are willing to take you into town and there ar also buses that pass but not sure how frequently.
  23. SAT probably San Antonio Tlyacapan (spelling??) Just a guess.
  24. My modem went out on Friday afternoon. I called CD/MX 800 number, they did the usual and gave me a request for service number and said within 3 days they would have me a replacement modem. Yesterday about 12:30 they showed up at my house (yes, on a Sunday) with a new modem. I was shocked and thankful. It was a guy in a telmex delivery truck I had never seen before.
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