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  1. Thanks for all the feedback! Will find a pool close by and enjoy the lake view from the hills! In a previous life, I have owned a wine bar/restaurant. Any interest for this in town?
  2. Thank you for the great info bdmowers. Makes much more sense. So much has too due with the shallowness of the lake.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! Our situation is getting worse up here. So much rainfall, the water treatment plants are overwhelmed. Many backups and overflows. I would not swim in the Bay or ocean here. Understand the shallow waters there. So much misinformation and fake news always about Mexico. I have traveled all of Baja and the mainland from Acapulco north on motorcycle with few problems. Hope to come down soon for a visit. Thanks again.
  4. Good morning from the rainy SF Bay Area! My wife and I are contemplating a move to Ajijic in the future and have questions regarding the water quality of the Lake. What is the current and near future quality of Lake Chapala? Every photo I have seen gives it a green tint. Is there a waste water treatment plant Lakeside or is the sewer discharging into the Lake? I understand it is fed only by rainwater and constantly being utilized as a water supply for Guadalajara. Would appreciate any info concerning the near and long term efforts to insure better quality. Currently, it appears nobody
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