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  1. I highly advise not staying at this hotel. We had checked in at October 27th, 2018, We had chosen Hotel Corinto because in the past we had stayed there, this hotel is ran down, but for the price at which the hotel advertises for any traveler on a budget the hotel is ok at this price, I had stayed here 9 months prior in the exact same room that I was booked in on October, 27, 2018, the price of the room at this time was 660 pesos, however we had gone to this hotel, on October 27th, 2018, and we were told by the staff the 660 peso room was unavailble and we were given a nationality based price d
  2. what if you have something in your past and they already gave you temporary residency. what will happen when you switch?
  3. The car now officially had a title in Maine, never once has it ever gone through an inspection process, never has an insurance agency who issued the bond or the car insurance, ever said anything. At one point i was asked to take pictures of the vin on the dash and on the doors, and the car, (i took the plates off the car before proceeding.) Also the plates, went on the car, before it was ever driven back to the USA (US PLATES). The car was from mexico, did not have emission stickers under the hood.
  4. I did NOT under any circumstances lie to the insurance company I went through a company that does bonds, and told them I specifically bought a car without proper paper work. Registration Company - http://haskellregistration.com/wordpress/vehicle-registration/ Bond Company - http://blog.suretysolutionsllc.com/suretynews/maine-bonded-title I went through these companies, but it's important to call them and find out if anything has changed as this was some time ago. Also I under no circumstances asked them to ship anything to mexico as this would have been a red flag. The reason I
  5. I have to say this i was able to skirt the entire situation. What I did was simple I bought a porsche 911 in Mexico for $69999pesos ($35,000 usa) It was a great deal, now the tricky part (don't lie to an insurance company, buy a bonded title in maine, maine does not require inspection, it cost me $300 for a bonded title, I went through an out of state registration service and I was able to obtain maine plates through the mail I sent them to my friends house, he forwarded them to me, when I got to Tijuana I put them on the car, and I put the mexican plates in the trunk, I was stopped,
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