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  1. Am I understanding correctly that securing a rental in advance shouldn't be necessary? Just show up in town, and there will be plenty of options available in April? It would be nice to see a place in person before committing!
  2. I second that! Thank you IMBurnen for the advice and for thinking of my dog. Fortunately fireworks and other noises don't seem to bother her, but I might check out Riberas del Pilar for my own peace. Are the street dogs territorial? Do they form roving packs and pick on loners? If my dog goes for a sniff will there be trouble? Mine has never initiated a fight, but I worry that she is a bit naive. Even in a good neighborhood in Seattle she and I were attacked by a pack of dogs while jogging. Not a pleasant experience for me, but it didn't seem to phase her and weighing 75lbs she did just fine defending herself. In fact after we escaped the area she acted like it was all great fun. Now, tussling with hardened street dogs might be another story!
  3. After 20 years working as an engineer and manager in the U.S. I have had enough of corporate life and am contemplating early retirement. Thus I plan to spend the month of April experiencing Lakeside life as part of a scouting mission to Mexico. I could use some advice on good neighborhoods to get the most out of the visit and perhaps some help vetting a rental before I commit to a whole month. Online listings and photos don't tell the whole story, and I'd hate to find myself in an undesirable part of town or next to a jackhammer testing facility. On the other hand, I am doing my best to stay within my early retirement budget and expect to make some compromises. I will be driving down with my dog, so off street parking and a garden/courtyard area would be nice. Good internet service would be helpful. Although I will have a car, it would be nice to be able to walk to restaurants, etc. It's just me and the dog this time so I don't need a large house... I would rather be paying for location and quality than size. Tips on where I should focus my search would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if this is a tiresome subject on this board. Feel free to message me directly.
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