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  1. Go to Charter Club Tours (IMHO the best travel agency here) and take the 1-day tour around the Lake -- it is well worth it and gives you a real overview of the Lake Chapala area (starting early in the morning in one of the poorer pueblos and ending up on the other side of the Lake where the pelicans feed around 4 pm if there are still any around). It is a great tour stopping at a nice restaurante for lunch (not included in price). I personally would not advise driving rental car in Guadalajara -- just my opinion. Good for getting around Lakeside though. Balenarios in San Juan Cosala for the day is a must. Have fun....
  2. Gracias kbleitch for explaining this process to me -- I haven't traveled internationally since becoming Permanente and I do appreciate this straightforward and ez explanation....dancing queen
  3. For what it is worth, I spoke with a long time reputable realtor the other day and she said she has sold more homes in January and February of 2017 than the entire year of 2016. I asked her point blank "does it have to do with the Orange One" and she said that all but one of her sales was with Canadians and they are paying a 30% premium now. She felt it had to do with the Baby Boomers and more of them looking for alternatives.
  4. oops, i leave for texas on sunday -- anyone know the proper procedure as of now for leaving -- i am permanente and picked up the forms at Immigration Office at Aeropuerto the other day anything new i should know?
  5. Gracias so much for this info and video. I have visited PV numerous times since 1977 and feel that since they are building 9 highrise condos in Old Town that a few more visits is all I can take. I will definitely check this out next time I visit -- most likely late April to early May. A few years ago I did a walking food tour of Napa (California) when I was visiting and it was stupendous. I thought I knew Napa, but got my eyes opened. I
  6. Great project, luv Agustin and what he does thru his Operation Feed, but no date -- hard to plan ahead
  7. I would suggest you contact some of the real estate agencies that have rental departments; i.e. Hernandez, Roma, Coldwell Banker and Century 21.
  8. Will definitely be interested, if true, of your upcoming Queretaro Hotel opening and van trips...
  9. Mark and his wife and employees are doing a great business there. Do try their homemade meatloaf (just like my abuelita used to make) with real mashed potatoes, little salad, and complimentary liquado of the day -- 110 pesos and well worth it. Their salads are huge and fresh. Soups always tasty. Great big chocolate chip cookies for 20 pesos in the red, green and clear plastic containers. They also have a very busy coffee bar. These people are keepers IMHO.
  10. OK -- I'll out in my 2 cents worth -- the blue cheese tip for the carrots and celery is nothing SHORT OF AMAZING -- the owner tells me she makes it fresh each day they are open and it is the best I've ever tasted. I told her she needs to bottle it and sell it. Go try it out....
  11. Eureka Moonhill -- you've hit the jackpot. I have been living in Lake Chapala year around for 7 years and house/pet sitting for 6 years. I love what I do and although I maintain a 2 bedroom/2 bath casita in the Raquet Club, I am sitting 9 months out of the year with a number of clients just like you -- they rely on me. Like any longtime reliable house/pet sitter, I do get booked up months in advance and many of my regulars actually plan their trips around my availability -- how lucky am I. After all, I am their fur babies' Tia Stace. Would luv the opportunity to discuss this with you in person -- and if you send me in a PM your email, I will send you a published article I wrote a few years ago about being a Lakeside Sitter and how I consider it such an honor to take care of people's pets and homes. Looking forward to our connecting. Stace -- the Dancing Queen
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