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  1. https://consmiami.esteri.it/consolato_miami/en/in_linea_con_utente/prenota_appuntamento/
  2. try this site...https://consmiami.esteri.it/consolato_miami/en/in_linea_con_utente/prenota_appuntamento/
  3. medicare b pays 80% of their approved amount, that being said normally a dr charges more than the approved amount so you normally pay more than the 20%
  4. if you look on the front of your tag renewal postcard it reads effective 07-01-2018 only rear plate will be reissued, just by looking at the way it reads one would think that they went to only one plate for the rear like a lot of southern states do. she said it was worded wrong and very confusing to people. this is only for things like car clubs that want put their club tag on the front. if you need it explained further you will need to call them. Adios btw when did you start censoring posts?
  5. i would be interested in a doctor that does stem cell for copd
  6. At one time on this site or maybe another there was a post that started from the US border it told you which route to take, what exit to get off and on. Plus it had which motel to sleep at and what restaurant to eat at, anyone seen it or have it written down to share, thanks monkey
  7. Thanks yes that answers some of my question, if some of you old timers remember there was a listing of all routes, restaurants and motels on this list it even gave which way to turn and things to look out for, wish someone would have kept it.
  8. ii would like to find the list that was used years ago, so i can make reservations. my plans would be to drive no more than 8 hrs perday.
  9. I assuming the answer would be that a motel you enter your room from the out side and a hotel you enter from the inside, trick question?.
  10. https://www.10tv.com/article/golf-carts-will-be-allowed-ohio-roadways-starting-2017
  11. Thanks, telsz4, I was more interested in the list of motels that are on the way to Chapala.
  12. My spouse is Mexican and will be hauling with her truck, not sure if that will make difference., or if there will be a way around the law.
  13. I will be bringing a new 5x8 enclosed down in April, probably to late for your timeline right?
  14. Years ago someone posted directions and the name of motels to stay when coming from Nuveo Laredo to Chapala, I can't seem to find, anyone know where it might be or give me the direction. Thanks Monkey
  15. And if you decide to wait and start it later they will charge you more per month.
  16. I've been trying to find out the same, I have checked on the net. There is around 4 or 5 private schools but it looks like two are for high school age kids. Octavio Paz: Has a campus in far west Ajijic and in Rebires del pilar Chapala (split by grade). https://www.facebook.com/ColegioOctavioPazChapala Terranova: West Ajijic. https://www.facebook.com/institutoterranovaajijic/ Tohui Mocel: West Ajijic. https://www.facebook.com/Tohui-Mocel-863824447044321/ Loyola: San Antonio Tly. https://www.facebook.com/Instituto-Loyola-de-Chapala-435183513210154/ Decroly: Chapala (west end of the boardwalk) https://www.facebook.com/CENTRO-ESCOLAR-DECROLY-136614416370529/
  17. You might want to put a can of lighter fluid in with it, I've seen shoe men use it, but not sure why.
  18. Could you please explain what a international certificate is and how do you get it, sounds like something I might need when I move down. Thanks
  19. Does your new doctor prescribe oxicotin or codeine or do you know one that does?
  20. Why didn't you spends them before the dollar dropped?
  21. Buy your chicken in the Plaza in Chapala, fresh daily
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