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  1. CCleaner can be run from a USB without installing. Just sayin'.
  2. URGENT! I NEED A HOME A.S.A.P! My name is Canela and I am desperate for a good home. I am sweet and smart, fully vaccinated, fixed, and completely house trained. I was rescued by good people but they have to return to the North and can’t keep me up there. The lakeside shelters are all full, and really I just want to be your home dog. There are pictures of me just below. I am in great shape, and people tell me I am pretty. All I need is a good home. If you are interested, please reach out as soon as possible. My rescuers must fly home on Tuesday September 5th. CONTACT INFORMATION: Tom and Linda Frezell 376‐765‐3719 essext@hotmail.com
  3. For what it's worth, I helped a guy last year that kept having problems with a prodigy.net.mx email account and ended up having Uptime Robot send me emails when either site (prodigy.net.mx and mail.prodigy.net.mx) went down or came back up. They both go down a LOT, prodigy.net.mx (down right now) more so than mail.prodigy.net.mx but enough to warrant just switching email addresses for sanity's sake.
  4. Well, there's a lot of variables in choosing a specific router, like budget, router speed (anything with "ac" is the current gold standard, "n" is slower, "b" and/or "g" are really old), dual band (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) or just 2.4GHz, etc. If I was to guess based on what you have written, I would suggest a dual band "ac" router with VPN capabilities built in so you don't have to mess with the firmware (bit of a pain). There's a decent and up-to-date review article here with good suggestions: http://www.pickmyrouter.com/best-vpn-routers/ As for replacing the Telmex modem, that's where we have to get into the difference between a modem and a router. They overlap a lot, but a modem (MOdulator/DEModulator) handles the actual signal from the internet service provider, i.e. the RJ-11 connection in the case of Telmex or the coaxial cable connection in the case of cable internet. You need their modem, or at least you need A modem and since Telmex doesn't charge a monthly fee for using theirs you may as well keep it. It does the "modem" part of the job just fine, it's the "router" functions that suck grass. So pick a good router, connect it to the Telmex modem, set it up, and the router will do all the heavy lifting from then on. If you move or change internet providers, just connect your purchased router to whatever modem they give you and you're up and running again, no settings changes or anything.
  5. The personal router idea is a good one. You get a better quality router for home traffic (the modem that the ISP gives you is worth its weight in tortillas) and you don't have to bother with VPN settings on any device in this new network, ever. You just put your VPN account info into the router and everything connected to it will appear to be in the chosen location. The only thing I would add is that there are a LOT of cheap routers (you may already own one) that can run custom firmware like DD-WRT or Tomato, adding the ability to use VPNs on the router as well as a bunch of other stuff. Free, of course. You can check if a given router is upgradable here: DD-WRT: https://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices Tomato: https://www.enginoor.com/list-of-tomato-compatible-routers/ You can just buy a router that supports VPNs (look for VPN ready or VPN compatible in the documentation), but this might be a cheaper solution for a lot of people and cheap is good in my books. As for using a smart DNS service e.g. Unlocator, that's a fair option (similar cost, similar results, works a bit easier because almost any device will let the user change the DNS settings quick and easy) except that now all your traffic is travelling unencrypted and vulnerable. Not much more vulnerable than if you didn't have any service at all, but a big plus of a VPN is the encryption/privacy, not just the ability to change locations.
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