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  1. CCleaner can be run from a USB without installing. Just sayin'.
  2. URGENT! I NEED A HOME A.S.A.P! My name is Canela and I am desperate for a good home. I am sweet and smart, fully vaccinated, fixed, and completely house trained. I was rescued by good people but they have to return to the North and can’t keep me up there. The lakeside shelters are all full, and really I just want to be your home dog. There are pictures of me just below. I am in great shape, and people tell me I am pretty. All I need is a good home. If you are interested, please reach out as soon as possible. My rescuers must fly home on Tuesday September 5th. CONTACT INFORMATION: Tom and Linda Frezell 376‐765‐3719 essext@hotmail.com
  3. Yeah seriously, if you have anything on that computer that you want to keep, call someone professional to help you. The cost will be negligible compared to the potential loss of your data. Keep your computer off of the internet in the meantime, meaning if it's connected via ethernet physically pull out the connector and if via WiFi then turn off WiFi or disable your wireless network card. Not only will a decent tech be able to solve this mess for you, they will help you implement some best practices to keep you and your important data safe in the future. It's not just hacks you need to be concerned about, 100% of hard drives will fail eventually and most of the time you get little to no warning. From the sounds of it this is a very amateur and toothless "attack", but the next one may not be. Get prepared now or start stretching daily so that you may better kick yourself when disaster strikes. Also, for anyone suffering from an actual "WannaCry" attack, the only known solution (besides paying) is a neat little trick that can only be performed if the computer has not been powered off since initial infection. In other words, if this was the real deal leave the computer on but disable internet connection(s), then call for help.
  4. OK, you're not in such bad shape. Norton is no help, but if you can still get to a web browser, you can lick this in the bud. Download a program called MalwareBytes here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ Install and run a full system scan. There's some crap in there, and we hope MalwareBytes will find it. If/when it detects problems, tell it to fix them. If it found problems, restart your computer, then either way do the same thing with another program, SuperAntiSpyware here: http://www.superantispyware.com/downloadfile.html?productid=SUPERANTISPYWAREFREE Again, install and run a full system scan. Elect to fix problems if it finds any. Restart your computer. If that didn't take care of it, you need professional help. Whatever you do don't follow the instructions that the malware gives you.
  5. It's not too late. A good place to find streams is Reddit, people will post a ton of links and you can always find one that works. Just Google "Reddit _______ Streams", where the blank is whatever sport you are looking for. In this case googling "Reddit MMA Streams" gets you this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/MMAStreams/ Then you click on the link for your fight and you will be taken to a long list of links, usually with the best towards the top of the page. Note that they will all have ads, so use an adblocker in your browser or on your entire network, and do not be fooled into installing some crap or signing up to some site. Not needed. Also note that links starting with "acestream://" are for a special program called AceStream, which works well but requires a bit of setup (still free). Find a link that works, maximize the window, and you should be good to go. This one works OK, give it a minute to load: http://ripple.is/mma/412-ufc-212-aldo-vs-holloway
  6. I can tell you how to watch it at home for free, would that help?
  7. That particular data breach was (still is) the largest in history, and was followed by another breach of Yahoo the year after affecting a mere 500 million accounts. In both cases Yahoo waited over two years to publicly admit it. For a bit of fun, anyone curious enough can check their email address(es) against a database of publicly known breaches at a website called https://haveibeenpwned.com/ , though you may not like what you find. If nothing else it's a good lesson as to why you never use the same password across multiple sites.
  8. For what it's worth, I helped a guy last year that kept having problems with a prodigy.net.mx email account and ended up having Uptime Robot send me emails when either site (prodigy.net.mx and mail.prodigy.net.mx) went down or came back up. They both go down a LOT, prodigy.net.mx (down right now) more so than mail.prodigy.net.mx but enough to warrant just switching email addresses for sanity's sake.
  9. Yeah that would be better, and free to boot. I didn't think of that and it would work for the vast majority of TVs.
  10. You could get a cable meant for splitting audio and just turn it around so it combines audio from 2 different sources but this will require that your Shaw box be turned off when you want audio from the Roku and vice-versa. Also there is a chance that even when turned off the device will introduce resistance/impedance that dicks with the sound signal's strength and quality. Instead go for a selector, a little box that takes multiple inputs and sends only one signal to the output depending on what the selector switch is set to. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Fosmon-Technology-Selector-Splitter-Connecting/dp/B00HNCPR92/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1494814768&sr=8-3&keywords=audio+switch This one will accept RCA video as well, but will work fine for just audio. The closest I can find at Steren is this: http://www.steren.com.mx/switch-abcd-de-audio-y-video-con-conectores-rca-y-s-video.html Again it has RCA video, but this one also has S-Video (useless these days). Costs more but would still work. There is such a thing as an audio switch without the extra video crap, but I can't seem to find one for sale here. In the US you can get one from Amazon like this: https://www.amazon.com/Dophee-Switch-Selector-Splitter-Adapter/dp/B014GSX0ZI/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1494815997&sr=8-26&keywords=audio+rca+switch
  11. Looks like a registry fix is one solution: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-security/error-code-0x800704ec-windows-defender-wont-turn/04bb6f33-65b6-47f7-bee7-f3f1680f7e95 Microsoft does still support Windows 7 for security updates until January 14th, 2020. Keep in mind that Windows Defender is an antivirus/antispyware, so it would not run if you had another antivirus program like Avast installed and enabled. One or the other.
  12. I'd be happy to help, but do you mean in person or by written instruction?
  13. Hi elpind, Just to clear up a bit of confusion, your Roku (and any device for that matter) will use either WiFi OR the wired connection. It is very rare indeed that a device would use both wired and wireless, and that's why now when you look at the settings page of the Roku it does not say whether it is using 2.4GHz or 5GHz: those are radio frequencies and it is using neither. All the data that was previously being sent via radio waves is now going directly through that ethernet cable, and as soon as your Roku senses that cable connection it says to itself "perfect, to hell with the WiFi" and ceases radio communication. A wired connection is ALWAYS better than a wireless connection, we just invented WiFi because running cables is sometimes difficult or impossible. A wired connection is much faster, is not subject to any interference or over-the-air hacking, and leaves your WiFi free for other uses, so whenever it's convenient tech guys will use wired connections. As for your router, the company does not seem to have a decent manual available. Telmex has this overview which doesn't show any settings pages or procedures, but I did find a few videos on YouTube like this one. Long story short, the settings you wanted (but don't need anymore since it's wired) are found like this: Log in to the modem (go to in your web browser, User Name is TELMEX, Password is written on a (yellow and blue) sticker on the modem and is probably what you are using as a WiFi password (by default) On the left hand column, click "LAN Inalambrica" Again on the left column, click "5G" On the right side you now have a window full of options for the 5GHz band. Click on the drop-down box titled "Modo Inalambrico", which is what you want to change. It will probably be set to "802.11a----c" but you want to change that to a mixed mode. There may be a few different mixed modes available, I can't tell from the video, but take a guess and select one that says mixed mode in the title. Click the "Guardar" button at the bottom of the page. If you got the right mixed mode,the Roku should work wirelessly. If not, try another mixed mode and save again until you get it right. This is just for the future, right now you are golden with the wired connection. Just relax and watch a movie.
  14. The easiest and most complete solution, since you have the modem so close to your Roku, would be to just connect the two with an Ethernet cable. No interference at all that way. If you really want to use WiFi for whatever reason, it seems that the Roku4 is quite particular about what mode your modem/router is using to broadcast signals and you need to ensure that the modem/router is set to NA-mixed (or closest equivalent) before the Roku will work on 5GHz. This is a simple settings change but I can't give exact instructions without knowing what model Telmex has given you. Generally you want to go into the modem settings by entering its IP address (probably or but could be different) into a web browser on a computer connected to the same network. You should find yourself at a login screen with the Telmex logo and a User Name/Password field. The user name should be TELMEX in all capitals, the password should be the password printed on the modem itself. Then find the setting for WiFi broadcast mode and change it accordingly, save and exit. If you want exact instructions, post the model number of the Telmex mdem. As a side note, "smart" TVs are wholly unnecessary for people using devices like Roku or KODI boxes. The device needs the internet, your TV does not. TV just needs an HDMI connection for picture and sound, while the "smart" stuff is handled by the device. If you know you will be using such a device, save a bit of money and buy a non-smart (dumb?) TV.
  15. Here's a pretty detailed explanation: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/smartphones-for-travel/ Long story short, if you are talking about cell phones you want a quad-band GSM smartphone that's unlocked (if you signed a contract it is probably locked, if you bought outright it's almost certainly unlocked). Then you buy (and keep) a different SIM card for each country, pay-as-you-go ideally unless you want a bunch of contracts and bills. Note that Europe is different and you may be able to have one SIM for all or most of Europe. They have all kinds of agreements for mobile phone roaming, and you will get a text message when you have crossed a border explaining the details. In North/Central/South America and Africa/Asia, the roaming agreement is generally that they agree to charge you an arm and a leg. I recall a lady in South Africa on holiday downloading something via roaming data and being charged around $2,000. Pay-as-you-go would have prevented that, as it would just quit when you have expended your credits.
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