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  1. Yep looks like they could be 84 year old feet.
  2. Steve B 376 108 5574 331 081 7437 Great service
  3. It would change if we had a POLICE Dept. Mexico = Drive at your own risk... Sad but true.
  4. Next to the old Oxxo................
  5. Tequila for the inside. Alcohol for the outside. Mask for nose and mouth. Unfortunately that is how it is going to be for a long time.
  6. Happy Birthday to all who just turned 59
  7. This is all well and good but why in the name of sanity is the use of MASKS, used properly not mandatory? No one should be allowed on the busses without one or in any shop. Time to stop this MACHO BS.
  8. Jackie welcome to the land of "the three monkeys" and the old farts on this board.
  9. Hard for the tax man to follow cash easy when you use plastic. They ain't rich for nothing.
  10. Just make sure that when you put on a light that you can not be seen from outside. Dress rehearsal first.
  11. It's magic alright Walking- Driving -Parking
  12. The old one did not see much service why would a new one? the twenty coin is a thought. the new 200 is not being used the nor is the 500 or the 100... But this is Mexico love it or leave. Viva Mexico You can be sure that somewhere down the line someone is making $$$$$$$$$$
  13. Go to the poste office in Chapala and make donation.
  14. So all this BS name spelling is going to change WHAT?. Just be thankful the lake has water in it. Time to change boards frankly this board is boring.
  15. Mother nature will decide the lake level not a bunch of bitching old farts.. Get a life.
  16. CDMX licence are legal until you are involved in a serious accident. Period no if's ands or buts.
  17. For some yet to be understood reason some people think they are doing the dogs a service by keeping them caged up. Some of these dogs are street dogs who were running free and happy. The animal lovers take them in and lock them up. Makes no sense to me . Barking dogs are pollution plane and simple and should never be tolerated.
  18. Actinver They treat you like the other banks should.
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