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  1. They sell lake fish in every publo. Don't ever buy fish that is in plastic'' it is from China' Ask if the fish you want is from the sea/ coast Why the fishermans union allowes in fish from China is #$%^&*()_
  2. No but how many people are going to look it up..... Guilty
  3. If you know where the post office is in Chapala make a left and he is on your right. Take a picture or diagram. English ???
  4. Happiness care residence for the elderly Dra. Rebeca 33 31 37 96 04
  5. Teri/Terry 333 390 2409 Lives in Chapala if you have problems her daughter speaks English Her husband also does upholstery...
  6. San Francisco Cynthia Guzman 376 765 2053 100% professional
  7. CURP starts with the first two letters of your LAST NAME. Is that too easy to understand?
  8. Enough for every ### hole there is a roll . I said she said . Stop the BS
  9. Shop early and stay home weekends. Blood pressure normal.
  10. Yep looks like they could be 84 year old feet.
  11. Steve B 376 108 5574 331 081 7437 Great service
  12. It would change if we had a POLICE Dept. Mexico = Drive at your own risk... Sad but true.
  13. Next to the old Oxxo................
  14. Tequila for the inside. Alcohol for the outside. Mask for nose and mouth. Unfortunately that is how it is going to be for a long time.
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