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  1. For some yet to be understood reason some people think they are doing the dogs a service by keeping them caged up. Some of these dogs are street dogs who were running free and happy. The animal lovers take them in and lock them up. Makes no sense to me . Barking dogs are pollution plane and simple and should never be tolerated.
  2. Actinver They treat you like the other banks should.
  3. I have been told that the guy who goes to the rehab place behind the Ajijic clinic/hospital is a pro. I agree with wide sky.
  4. Buy a " Sharpie Permanent Marker" and go crazy.
  5. Interesting how someone who lives close by does not hear the barking but can say they don't bark all the time. Or do you have selective hearing? Way too many bleeding hearts out there. A needle is fast and effective and inexpensive. All the spay and nutter is not working.
  6. If only someone could find a way to stop the #$%^&*()buffering.
  7. For rain problems with Telmex check on the roof where the line comes in from the street. You should see a plastic box, "connections inside" check it and make sure it is not allowing rain to enter. Worked for me .
  8. Tastes like brown sugar very sweet.
  9. Happiness Care residence for elderly.. Call Dra. Rebeca 333 137 9604
  10. Call Dra. Rebeca she runs Happiness 333 137 9604 Excellent staff and care.
  11. No problem at all the only thing is the farther you go cars will follow close so they can read your plate. 8 mph over the limit enjoy the ride.
  12. Go see or call Ana at Telcel 376 765 3485
  13. Great place except for ignorant dog owners who think barking is exercise.
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