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  1. It was specifically requested by the hematologist that it must me B+. My question is : is there a donor with B+ blood
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I posting this request on behalf of my friend who is scheduled to have surgery in 10 days. Her blood type is B+, hard to come by. The San Javier Hospital is short of blood. They asked my friend to find a donor . Is there anyone qualified to be a donor in this blood type.? Anyone willing to donate blood in this blood type? Can you please spread the word? Thank you very much. Please PM me.
  3. Don Juan 045 333 971 0630 . He usually comes within 2 hours max. Has ben our gas delivery man for 22 years.
  4. The new facility next to Tio Sam does not belong to Quality Care .Quality Care opened a new office 2 doors down from the current office.
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