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  1. It was specifically requested by the hematologist that it must me B+. My question is : is there a donor with B+ blood
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I posting this request on behalf of my friend who is scheduled to have surgery in 10 days. Her blood type is B+, hard to come by. The San Javier Hospital is short of blood. They asked my friend to find a donor . Is there anyone qualified to be a donor in this blood type.? Anyone willing to donate blood in this blood type? Can you please spread the word? Thank you very much. Please PM me.
  3. Don Juan 045 333 971 0630 . He usually comes within 2 hours max. Has ben our gas delivery man for 22 years.
  4. What are the days that the Internist comes to Quality Care? Thank you for your help.
  5. The new facility next to Tio Sam does not belong to Quality Care .Quality Care opened a new office 2 doors down from the current office.
  6. I just paid my Telmex bill - the $389 package.
  7. Hi JayB. Did you go to Toronto?
  8. Up-date I reported to Telmex on March 3/17 that my wi.fi speed was very low . I also called the 01 800 123 2222 to report the problem. I had to make several calls ,but since yesterday I finally have a wi.fi download speed of 9.99 / 9.86. So, if you live in Brisas de Chapala and do not have the download speed that you are paying for ,you have to report your problem.
  9. Kurtvidal, you need to report your line to Telmex so they can check it .
  10. CG Brisas de Chapala update. It is week three with the new modems. On March 03/17 four neighbours reported to Telmex that our speeds were very low. Within a few days ,three of us started having speeds of 9.9, 10 and 11. My speed is still low. I was told that by next Wednesday it should be fixed. This morning my speed was 0.39 , at 6 pm it was 3.01 . It was never this high. Now I am waiting for it to go up to 10.
  11. HI CG, I just came back from Telmex. I explained what is going on with my down load speed and this is what I was told. When they made the connections to the new wires some mistakes were made, and the signal did not work as expexted. They will reconnect the wires again. 7 - 10 days to do that. Also ,we should have mínimum download speed 5. So, if you live in Brisas de Chapala, and have problems with your download speed ,report it to Telmex. And then ,wait and see.
  12. At the connection icon. I am going to Telmex this afternoon. My neighbour,s download is 2.8 - 3.00, but the internet cuts in and out. Same at my house.
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