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  1. Great detail! Thanks. Prompts another question: were you able to pay with a US credit card?
  2. Thanks. Were you able to use a US CC? (Not AMEX)?
  3. Thanks. That prompts even more questions! Delivered to your house or Mail Box? Delivered by what carrier? Was it packed inside a non descript outer box? Was there some kind of delivery confirmation required. How long ago? Big thanks for your help.
  4. Tried Halls about a year ago. They misdiagnosed a laptop and told me it was toast. IshopMixup in the Galleria Mall correctly diagnosed a bad battery.
  5. Has anyone had any recent experience purchasing an Apple computer in Mexico: either online or in Guadalajara?
  6. Love the link, and the story. Thanks.
  7. How often do we need to water our mature bougainvillea hedge during the dry season? Most of the time it’s in full sun. Thanks!
  8. Just curious. Does your "med slush fund" include coverage for major cancer surprises?
  9. Per Weexpat Insurance agents: Cutoff can be a high as 75
  10. Do you still continue to use Salvadore? Know others who use him? Would you still recommend him?
  11. Did not receive your PM. You can also email me at davidmelody 77@gmail.com
  12. ISO a dog/house sitter from May 22-28. It’s our first time away and we’re looking for someone to stay at our place in west Ajijic and take care of our little love buddy. Please reply if you’d like more details. Thanks!
  13. Anyone had experience using parota slabs for countertops? Source? We’re in the midst of designing a powder room with a sit atop sink. Thanks!
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