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  1. Thank you for sharing that difficult news. After her first visit with Dr. B we concluded he wasn’t right for my wife.
  2. We are in need of recommendations for a gastroenterologist in Guadalajara. Someone who is a good detective on intestinal issues. Thanks for your help!
  3. I have done both, and received contradictory answers; hence my question.
  4. Costalegre Wednesday salmon question: (I.e The fresh cuts you can order be picked up every Wednesday) Does anyone know if: 1. Is it farmed, or sometimes wild? 2. Has it ever been frozen?
  5. Our little dog needs knee surgery. Has anyone had experience with luxating patella surgery here? Thanks
  6. I’m looking for borates or boric acid to keep the pH from rising in a saltwater pool. Has anyone used in their pool? And if so, where would I find it? Thanks!
  7. Pfizer Second dose update: Delay boosts immune response. Good news for some of those who may have missed the 3/4 week timing on getting your second dose. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01299-y?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=ac23da77ef-briefing-dy-20210514&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c9dfd39373-ac23da77ef-46250630
  8. SunFan— maybe they’ll add back an extra day, like they did in Guadalajara last week. Keep an eye on the Secretary of Health Facebook page
  9. Sorry to say but today was the last day. (Yesterday afternoon they changed the schedule.)
  10. Jackie— thanks for all the details and support. We arrived today 8:58 in line. Got a shot at 10:15. Wheeeeew!!!!
  11. Thanks. Just to clarify—you left at 8:30 and arrived about 9:30?
  12. Today, Wednesday May 12th, we arrived at the Drive Up site at 1:15PM. They'd run out of doses!!! (and still a long line of cars hoping....) (Four weeks ago we went to the same location at 12noon, no wait.) Tomorrow (much earlier) springs eternal.
  13. What documents did you need other than ID and proof of first vaccine dose?
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