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  1. I have had an account with Bancomer Banco Patrimonial for about 6 years. I use to have a mix of CETES and Bancomer investment products. Then several years ago I got rid of the Bancomer products and purchased Tesla shares (TSLA.mx). Sold them recently and bought shares of Nikola motors (NKLA.mx) and increased my CETES holding. But the interest currently paid by CETES bonds is much less then the current inflation rate 😒. In other words, your money will lose value over time. (enjoy it while you have it).
  2. If I told some of my Mexican neighbors the costs listed above to live in a retirement home, they would probably offer their entire family to look after you and at a fraction of the costs. ☺️
  3. They were buzzing around the street light last night and this morning my car was like another color there were so many laying on it belly up. (asked my neighbor if they were edible..☺️). bmh just noted your point above about eating them, guess my neighbor was serious after all..
  4. Yellow in Chapala means its pissing rain. ☺️
  5. Thanks Chillin, will check out the place tomorrow.
  6. Thank you for the clarification, but I am sure you understand what I was looking for. Now that that has been clarified any chance anyone could recommend a good Optometrist. (Without checking, I am pretty sure that in French its called an opticien which is pretty similar to the word optician). ☺️
  7. Yes but the place looks pretty run down ☺️
  8. Looking for a good optician for my Mexican neighbor as she has never had her eye sight tested (she is only 24 years old, but she seems to have trouble reading text on a computer screen). I was thinking of Dr Pinto, but from the looks of his business both outside and in, I would guess that he is no longer in business. Thanks.
  9. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me), my apartments are now all rented, but I thank you for the referral. ☺️
  10. My neighbor, and please keep them. ☺️
  11. Where is the pueblo of Palenque ?, its not coming up on Google Maps (or is it really that ugly).
  12. The only confusing thing for me is how "independent" parties work. As an example, the President of Jocotepec who is from MC lost against a party called "Futura". Likewise in Chapala there was a party running under the name "Hagamos" which I believe did fairly well. If it was not so dangerous, I would give it a try myself ☺️
  13. Well I am aware that you know a lot of people in this area so maybe you could tell me how he funded his political campaigns over the years. One item that caught my eyes 3 years ago was the police trucks he gifted to the local police but then moved to his uncles storage facility on the Libriamento because he lost the election to Moy.
  14. Ok, lets just call it a family business. ☺️
  15. That is interesting because as you probably know, he owns amongst other things, the local towing company and I have lost count of the number of impound yards he has. The last one he built is the one on the Libriamento. All the dirt that was removed (and there was a lot) was trucked across the street were the hardware store and steel structure business is. It was used to make a huge lay down area. I mention this because the steel structure provided and installed for the new hospital on the Libriamento was provided by the said business. He owns this business (under a different name). So wanting to built a regional hospital in Chapala makes sense as he will most probably get the construction contract since he is experienced in building A hospital ☺️
  16. If you want I good laugh, go to the informador web page and scroll down. There is a picture of 5 black dudes in underwear and a white blond girl sitting on a sofa with the caption "all political parties and the citizens ready to vote" ☺️
  17. Well at least I know why I keep on spilling my glass of beer all over the place, its the damn axis of the planet that keeps on tilting..☺️
  18. Also, on a corruption note, on Wednesday evening, I went in to Chapala to get an ice cream. The Cascada area was jam packed with MC supporters (I believe they were all locals). On the main drag PRI was getting ready with for their parade, fairly large crowd and in the side street across from Soriana, Hagamos (what ever party they are) were also getting ready (fairly large crowd). BUT what caught my eyes was the number of buses parked on the Soriana feeder street which tells me that some political parties are busing in supporters....
  19. Just on a side note, I live in an all Mexican neighborhood and have been asking many young people (early twenties) if they will vote on Sunday. Sadly many say their vote would not change a thing so they will not bother to vote. ☹️
  20. Glad I am not the owner of your car. ☺️
  21. Sorry to hear this sad news. She was my go to doctor for many years.
  22. Probably not. As an example, Ifibra would not string lines in to Lomas De Santa Maria in Chapala where I live on the basis that they were not allowed to go from building to building or over a small stream. (They eventually agreed to give me a line). Then came total play and I have lost count of the number of lines they have installed to date. (I installed a special anchor point on my building to help Total Play as well as to prevent them from covering my roof with fiber optic as I plan some day to make a roof top patio). ☺️
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