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  1. Hi ibbocat, Maybe my English is not so good. I was not complaining to "us" but rather wondering if this is a common problem with crowns made from this so called Zirconia material.
  2. Hi, Last week, I had a Zirconia dental crown fitted. The next morning, I was flossing my teeth and it fell out. I paid 10,500.00 for it and was wondering if this was just bad dental work. I have not bothered to return to this dentist as amongst other matters, each time I have to sign a waiver...
  3. Hi RWH, looks like Jose is the guy am looking for. Will give him a call to make sure he can handle the imbedded portion. Thanks
  4. Thanks TelsZ4. I plan on getting the coax cables pulled before I get the floor tiled, just in case...... I will check to see what the electrician comes up with before making a trip to home depot. Mind you hanging out at home deport is always a lot of fun!
  5. Thanks. Will touch base with Arturo and take it from there.
  6. Thanks Mainecoons. Any suggestion for a good electrician ?
  7. Hi Mainecoons, I have not yet removed any plug covers, but if there is no pull wires, I can get a "snake" at home depot that theoretically would do the job. I would need to find an electrician that has coax cable termination tools as well.
  8. Hi, I need to have a TV cable installed in a new apartment. The builder installed the various outlets and installed the imbedded conduits (hopefully not blocked). Any recommendation to get the cables pulled and connected. Thanks
  9. I went by there shop this morning and Jaime will be coming by tomorrow to measure up. I will stick with a fine mesh as its for windows only (no patio). This is a new apartment so do not plan to move in until all is ready (in the mean time the mosquitos can have their way!) Thanks again for your input.
  10. Hi jrod, Thanks for the recommendation. Any chance you could give me a land mark or a cross street near ViLuMa. Thanks
  11. Hi, am looking for recommendations to have mosquito window screens custom made to fit existing windows. Thanks
  12. Thanks to all. You can go ahead and close this thread as my question has been answered.
  13. Many thanks for all of your comments to my question. Myself , I have permanent Mexican status, but I will strongly advice to my friends that they have a chat with spencer before purchasing any real estate. One other thing that springs to my mind is that I do not believe one can open a bank account with a tourist visa, then again I could be wrong.
  14. Thanks Spencer, Will pass this information on to my friends who are spending their first winter in the area.
  15. Thanks zerbit. Just one last clarification, did you buy your house before or after the change on immigration rules (November 2012).
  16. Hi, Can a tourist visa holder purchase real estate or does that person need to have temporal/permanent status. Thanks
  17. Hi bmh, Again many thanks for your great information. I now have plenty to go by to have a great road trip. (sorry for the late reply but I was tied down for a root canal !)
  18. Hi bmh, Many thanks for the detailed information. One of the hotels I found in Orizaba that is dog friendly and also looks very welcoming is the Hotel del Rio. I also "Google Traveled" the area and it looks very inviting so I already plan a longer then one night stay. Any chance you could recommend a dog friendly place in San Cristobal. I plan to be there for about a month to get a feel of the place. Thanks again for the information.
  19. Thanks you so much for the feedback. Will try Cordoba first as its about the half way mark.
  20. Hi, am planning a road trip to San Cristobal de las Casas together with my Golden Retriever. Searched the web for dog friendly hotels along the route with little success. Any input would be welcome.
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