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  1. I was in town yesterday morning around 9 am near the FC Calzada hardware store with the 2 bricklayers that work for me. Even know the rain screwed up part of my day, I stopped my car for a while just to watch the water cascading down the stairs near by it was cool to watch. Not to mention the main drag that turned in to a river.
  2. I guess my question would be "are all organs damaged". Its just a question out of curiosity since I am under the impression that this virus attacks mainly the lungs.
  3. I bought a product called "CANNIBAL" on mercado libre (I also saw it for sale at the Chapala monday market, just make sure its not a fake). The girl that cleans my home applied it to various areas in my kitchen (its a paste). The next morning a lost count of all the dead cockroaches. This was 2 years ago and have not seen one since.☺️
  4. On a side note, the US is shipping millions of vaccine doses to Mexico. Also does operation warp speed ring a bell ?
  5. Ferret, yes and no, because somewhere I read (maybe on this board) that ultra violet lights had promising results in nuking the virus. So thinking outside the box, and if this was correct, you could UV organs before transplants then it would help a lot of those in need of a transplant, because quite frankly, if you are waiting for an organ transplant, your odds of surviving are very slim because there is just not enough donors. I tried to be a donor with my Mexican Drivers license but was denied because I am over 60.☹️.
  6. What has the USA have to with it (other then giving free vaccine to Canadians in need).
  7. I you repeat the same lie over and over, people will believe it.
  8. Well a good start would be to harvest organs from people that dies from COVID, "de covid" them and transplant to those in need. (It would not work for me since I have a living will that says to donate my remains to the medical department of the university of Guadalajara. (they can have fun taking a Swiss made body apart, maybe even find some moving parts ☺️).
  9. John Shrall, sorry if I confused you, I own and rent 7 apartments.
  10. As long as you have a rental/lease contract....
  11. Thank you for this information. Looks like Pfizer is the one to go with. On a lighter note, I was watching a program about the reintroduction of baby crocodiles in Florida. They were about 1 foot in length and they were being injected a microchip to track them during there entire adult life. So if you have the Sinovac vaccination maybe its best that you buy Chinese food at least once a week in order not to upset the great leader. ☺️
  12. In my next life I want to be a dictator and I will control my subjects using their smart phone.☺️
  13. Thank you for this information. Am ordering gas today for all of my stationary tanks.
  14. Out of curiosity, who is the Vaccine maker that currently has the best rating.
  15. Funny how Mexicans can cross the border and start on a job the same day. ☺️
  16. This is the only thread I enjoy reading, so yes please keep the politics out of it. Thank you.
  17. They used their Chapala address, using the CFE bill which is in my name.
  18. Yes, they are a bunch of.........(you would think that being a Mexican citizen would suffice )
  19. Their INE card shows an address in Nayarit and the CFE bill in my name is in Chapala (but they are Mexican citizens 😒).
  20. My neighbors wanted to get their vaccination this morning but were denied because their ID shows they live in Nayarit. They rent an apartment from me so they had a CFE bill showing their Chapala residence. Sad that Mexico does not remove this red tape to get their citizens vaccinated. 😒
  21. Happy to see you fit in that age group. ☺️ (what keeps you for ever 21..)
  22. Sorry, I do not drink Tequilla, but I think the point made is valid. Take a look at lake mead (spelling) which is created by the Boulder dam which holds back water form the Colorado river. Its so low that they had to reduce the power output. The demand in water has increased drastically because of the way Los Angeles and Las Vegas have expanded. The world can only support so many ☹️
  23. Many thanks for this information. Its funny, because intuitively, I cut back some of the branches with the thinking that if the roots had less "family members" to feed it would recover and it did. ☺️
  24. About 2 months ago I had to relocate a large bush/tree which has beautiful green and mixed yellow leaves. I did my best not to damage the root system and immediately replanted in a pre dug hole. Within a half an hour all the leaves sagged. within 2 days it looked dead. But with the current rain it has started to sprout new leaves. I had no idea a plant could react so quickly to a change.
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