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  1. Obviously Mitch is not your friend. ☺️
  2. Bellon is very personable. I had a health insurance policy with him for 2 years and then canceled because it made no financial sense. I also had car insurance with him but also canceled because one of his associates would not renew it since I was dropping full coverage for third party only. No problem, have been with the Qualitas office in Chapala for 5 years now. ☺️
  3. Actually, where I live many keep guns at home, but a quick draw holster ? but then again I have a closet door that opens real quick ☺️
  4. The key word in this article is "lawfully" ☺️
  5. Given the dispersion of immigrants that would be a very good idea.
  6. You must know a lot of people. 😒
  7. Just on a side note, US and Canadian trucks are outfitted with Jake brake silencers or mufflers. This was made mandatory sometime in the 80's. I think Mexican drivers probably like the attention it brings...☺️
  8. Well he did invite the president of Cuba as a guest of honor 😒
  9. This is a horrible accident. Sadly, I expected this to happen as I have been watching these 22 wheelers coming down this steep grad loaded with sand or stones. The local paper said that the truck lost its brakes. For me the driver is a hero as he ditched the truck rather then continuing in to Chapala which would have most probably caused a blood bath. On a side note, when ever I am at this red light or the one across from Walmart I always keep an eye on my rear view mirror, because this is not the first time and sadly not he last as from what I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong, but Mexico does not have the same level of truck inspections that say the US or Canada has. (I went by this accident about 5 minutes after it occurred)
  10. Out of curiosity, how come natural immunity is not taken in to consideration for those that have it ?. On a side note, the lady that use to run a sandwich/taco/hot dog and hamburger outlet just a block from where a live died suddenly. I talked to her about 2 days before she died and she looked fine. Her daughter told me she had a bad reaction to the second vaccine dose and died of pulmonary complications. The young girl that looks after my apartments had a terrible reaction to the second dose and is now taking all kinds of meds. 😒
  11. In other words, walk until you drop. ☺️
  12. I am starting to wonder if the inflation numbers reported by the Mexican Central Bank are really a true representation. As one example, today I had to go to a hardware store with one of my workers and just happened to look at the price of stationary gas tanks. The 180 liter was listed at 8,770.00 Pesos. 2 years ago I bought the same tank for 4,500.00 Pesos (yes, almost double). These tanks are manufactured in Guadalajara so go figure. On a minor note, the Costco Hot Dog price increased a little over 30 percent. Have wages gone up to reflect this ? I doubt it. 😒
  13. where do you come up with "two used brushes" ?
  14. Glad to see someone missed him rather then who is going to replace him. 😒
  15. The reports may be in Spanish but all you need is to read is the numbers for each test to see if they are normal levels or if outside then you need to speak to your doctor. That is why I love Mexico as you do not need a doctor to get blood work done.
  16. Yes its hard not to notice it. A super luxury façade amidst regular buildings close to the Jocotepec Plaza.
  17. Yes you are correct. I live in an all Mexican neighborhood, I believe I am now the only non Mexican living in the Cascada/Santa Maria area. There used to be one other non Mexican , but it looks she moved back up North. So this is my story. I have been living in this area for over 4 years now. Every one knows my name even know in most cases I have no idea who they are. I do all my shopping and eating out locally. Now about 2 years ago I was really sick, I called the girl that works at the Taco stand just down the road. She came took one look and then called her husband. He came then called a doctor who arrived within a half hour. He prescribe and intravenous drip. They called another friend who could set it (they strung a rope between my closet and the window to support it). Then they and there 2 young children spent the entire night (sleeping on the floor) to ensure I would be alright. (total cost about 500 Pesos). So to make a long story short, I learned that they both had to drop out of the Preparatorio because she got pregnant. I made all the arrangements so that they could attend a special program in order to get their diplomas. I then arranged a tutor for the girl for one year, Monday to Friday, 2 hours each in order for her to be able to take the entry exam for the teachers school in Atequiza. She was late getting her papers so she will now take her exam in February of next year. But not to lose a year she enrolled in a Nursing school. One day a week for 2 years. I made arrangements for her husband to take electronic classes in Guadalajara every Saturday for 2 years. So why do I tell you this is because I now know that I will spend the rest of my life in my own home surrounded by people that I know and love. They used to all sleep on one large mattress with a curtain as a door. I gave them one of my apartments (the title is in her name) and made out a will benefitting them. Like wise, I have a living will that clearly spells out that a) only give me pain medication as it goes and b) give my remains for medical use. On a final note, yes I speak Spanish, but if your willing to go the extra mile you will find similar support. Mexican are the most caring people I have ever encountered. Most care givers do not have any diplomas, they just know how to care.☺️
  18. The weather this morning is great, its nice and cool. ☺️
  19. If you are watching FOX or CNN to get your news well..................enjoy your "news".
  20. Ok, so now you are getting god involved, I see your problem now.
  21. Please correct me but are you referring to Mexico or New Mexico ☺️
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