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  1. So if I have had over 8 different types of vaccines in my lifetime does that qualify me as an antivaxxer. (currently getting a quote to have my car fitted with multiple layers of seat belts...).
  2. Sorry for the confusion, but it is on line (I was reading it this morning 😊) at www.informador.mx
  3. And T.B is planning to tax those not vaccinated (hope to be dead before this BS hits Santa Maria).
  4. Funny, most of neighbors have either just the fist shot and then had side effects that caused them not to have more jabs or never bothered with this vaccine in the first place. Had no idea they could vote for Mr T.
  5. It was in this mornings paper. See Mostlylost comments above. (personally, I would not bank with them).
  6. If you Bank with CitiBanamex, you may want to consider changing banks as Citi has sold off and Banamex is up for grabs. (not a good sign, read more from todays Informador)
  7. That would explain why they where cleaning the chairs at city hall each time a person got up to pay property tax.
  8. Sorry, it was really meant as vaccine humor. πŸ˜€
  9. You mean to say that you are not vaccinated for Hepatitis B 😊
  10. Just on a side note, SIMAPA has moved their offices back to City Hall.
  11. Coming in to Chapala, Soriana is on the left and if you keep your eyes pealed you will see on the right a shop that makes hydraulic hose lines (from memory its just before the football field (or just past the chicken grill place). Just Edited: Google map has it called MC Mendoza Mangueras y Conexiones.
  12. I think to say "if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem" is kind of scary πŸ˜’
  13. Just wade across the Rio Grande and claim refugee status. If pressed tell the Mexican border guards that you lived in Chicago and feared for your life....
  14. Happiness is owning a business where people line up to get in before opening time. 😊
  15. I understand that the next variant will be called "Pi" because it never ends. ☺️
  16. I believe that is the year I went to Barbados for the winter and I got a T-shirt that said "When the going gets tough the tough drink Rum". ☺️
  17. Will do. Going sometime next week.
  18. I tried with no success to find the address in Ocotlan that does the car emissions test. (I tried several Spanish versions). Anyone happen to have this information, thanks.
  19. Just curious, are you really talking about Mega Watts ? (one Mega Watt is one million Watts so its seems like a lot to me.)
  20. Then again Pfizer may just buy the patent on this "new" vaccine and then shelve it. πŸ˜‰
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