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  1. About 5 years ago condoms where in locked boxes at Walmart. Now every "tienda" sells them. I was at Costco about 2 weeks ago and they had boxes pilled high of the SICO brand (Sico, what a great name for a condom..). Times seem to be changing for the better, as far as STD is concern anyway !
  2. What got my attention is the fact that the Chinese are locking down cities bigger then Guadalajara. Try doing that in North America......
  3. lakeside7, I bought several shares of TSLA stock back in June of 2016, which was about 6 months before the launch of Model 3. I took a long view and expected to double twice in 10 years. Things are going much better then expected, but.......this damn Corona Virus has shut down TSLA Chinese production and for how long ? Hope to own or it least drive a TSLA before my time is up..
  4. MC that is not a TSLA in the picture you ported.
  5. Just as a side note on corruption. In October of 2018 when I went to Chapala for my smog test there was about 7 cars in front of me. Just as it was my turn, an old pickup came in and jumped the line. After a couple of minutes it reversed in to one of the parking spaces. My car which is a 2015 Nissan Tsuru was then tested twice. One smog sticker for me and another for the pickup. At the time it was funny but now not so much as I have to breath the current polluted air.
  6. 12 years is fine that's about the end of my life expectancy. Also made a mental note to start living off my credit card in about 10 years (your comments seems to suit your name quite well).
  7. Actually if I was not tied down with difficult to sell real estate, I would consider moving to Tapalpa. The air is still clean. The town is clean and its quiet pretty much from Monday to Thursday. The wealthy from Guadalajara show up on weekends and Holidays.
  8. Many years ago I came across a cartoon which was basically a painting of the earth which you could not see because it was covered with people. At the top of the globe you could see the pope with his hands raised with the caption "go forth and multiply" and this goes back to maybe the seventies...
  9. Battery technology has come a long way. Its amazing how you can now store electrical energy. Many electrical utilities are now using battery storage as opposed to having to build peaker plants.. So give it time. I would call the current period a "Transition Period". Luckily there is still people with a vision.
  10. Thanks for being a TSLA cheerleader. (stock has gone from around US$ 250.00 to US$ 650.00 in the space of about 4 months).
  11. Well I believe AIDS is a virus and correct me if I am wrong but to date there is no cure for it and it killed more then a couple of people and its been around for a long time.
  12. Well maybe then can also install a fingerprint reader on the ATM. This would probably then require you to have your fingerprint on a data base. You can also try running around with someones finger.....
  13. I see your planning your drive in August, your car will need a good working air conditioner because it will get really hot by the time you reach Laredo, TX.
  14. Guess they must have watered down your bill !
  15. Not really, if you pay your water bill with a credit card rather then cash there will be an additional charge.
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