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  1. I had a problem with 2 implants by Dra Candy. She fixed both of them at no costs. I think she is a very good dentist and she also changed the supplier for implant material due to some technical problems. Implant material now comes from a Swiss supplier.
  2. Yes, but that was an hour ago ☺️
  3. That is a lot of trips to a body shop ☺️
  4. I just went by the Chapala office to ask what will happen with my mail. The Ajijic postmaster was there and told me that my box will be transferred to Chapala on Tuesday and that I will keep the same mailing address that I had in Ajijic as well as the same box number. I am very happy with this change as the only reason for me to go to Ajijic was to check my P.O box number (no more dealing with the crazy traffic situation).☺️
  5. I still have a P.O box in Ajijic (probably one of the last active one...). Could some one tell me where the Chapala post office is so that I can clarify if I will have a box there. Thanks
  6. Do you have a phone number for Los Altos. Thanks
  7. TESLA will be building a factory near Austin, Texas. Maybe the winds are changing..☺️
  8. The problem in Mexico is that engine brake silencers are not required by law (or maybe its just not enforced). In the US and in Canada they are. Have you ever notice when driving NOB you never hear them.
  9. Well I buy e-pura (formally Santorini) because the water used by the local bottlers did not taste right. In addition, they use old bottles discarded by the large companies. Also, I always have this vision of some small kid peeing in them. ☺️
  10. So I guess there is no "rich" Canadians. ☺️
  11. I open my office window every morning. Its amazing how refreshing it is. ☺️
  12. I am surprised that some are still talking about a vaccine. I am still waiting for the one that will protect me from hepatitis C and Aids. 😒
  13. Had you left the wording "license" and "legal" out of your question, then in Chapala they are a dime a dozen. ☺️
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