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  1. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Thanks for the information gringal
  2. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Good morning gringal, I will take your recommendation and get an appointment with Dr. Eloy Barragan (any chance you could give me the location of his office) Cedros, gringal figured out who she is but here is one more clue: think sweet. One last comment since I have now been burned by 3 dentist is this: once they start getting to much business they start to get "sloppy". I have had similar experiences with doctors. Finally and in my opinion, in Mexico its not what you know, its who you know
  3. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Eric, Appreciated your comments and the pun and sorry your wife had to go thru hell. Now I first had to go to Guadalajara to get a 3 dimensional picture of my jaw to ensure the bone was suitable for a regular implant and it was. As for due diligence, I was burned twice by local "dentists" so I chose a dentist based on the great reviews she was getting both on this and TOB. Now here is the kicker, when both implants became lose within about a week, the dentist had a look and decided to send one back to the lab for a refit and the other she just torqued back in to place. This should have been a red flag because I am a millwright by trade from Switzerland so working to a hundreds of a millimeter is a standard so when 2 parts have to mate perfectly and for what ever reason become lose the first thing is to separate them, remove any debris are carefully mate them. In this case I probably have food stuff between the implant and the anchor. Her brother whom I believe is still in dental school was in charge of taking a print for the implant. Before taking the imprint he spent about 15 minutes with an "angle grinder" messing with the anchor. Probably damaged some threads because he had one hell of a time getting a rod screwed in to the anchor for the purpose of the imprint. And yes I will never get a refund. If it was something more serious and costly and would simply apply the Mexican law...... just kidding on this one !
  4. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Nope, will go back until she does a proper job. She tells all her patient that her work is guaranteed. (I may end up asking for a total refund and forget about this entire mess).
  5. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Yes I plan on making an appointment to have it screwed back on, but I find it weird that I have now had 2 issue in such a short time (good thing I am a permanent resident)
  6. HoneyBee

    Tooth implant issues

    Well I believed that she is a specialist and also, the "anchors" were set in the bone 6 months prior and neither anchor is moving. As for the cost it was 15,000.00 each.
  7. A couple of months ago I had 2 teeth implants "installed". Was all excited on finally getting them. Then within weeks they both became lose. Had them reset and today one of them simply came off. The dentista comes highly recommended on this board. Is this simply a "teething" issue or is it welcome to Mexico ?
  8. HoneyBee

    Funeral home contract

    Yes you are correct, because after a couple of shots of brandy, I seem to get the impression that I am just fluttering around !
  9. HoneyBee

    Funeral home contract

    One last observation. They are selling you a service which, if you are lucky, they will not need to provide for say 15 years. So look at the inflation rate and do the math. I replaced the frequent flyer discount with frequent death discount, seems to be more in line unless you have booked a seat on the raptor flight....
  10. HoneyBee

    Funeral home contract

    Well I paid 6,500.00 pesos (I probably still have the receipt buried away in my mom's documents). Also, it was handled by the nursing home La Casa Nostras, am guessing they have a discount a "group" discount.
  11. HoneyBee

    Funeral home contract

    Wow, when my mom passed away in November of 2012, the total bill from San Francisco was 6,500 pesos. That included cremation and the ash container ( no notarized documents, only my signature on the nursing home documents and a doctor had to sign off on the death certificate).
  12. HoneyBee

    Garbage pick up

    Yes in St Catharines the garbage is picked up once a week and the same day another truck comes by for the recyclables. Each household is allowed one large garbage bag a week if you needed more you had to buy a garbage tax sticker for about 3 bucks per bag. The idea is/was to encourage recycling. Now when I used to put my garbage out for collection, I would say that the recyclable out weighted the garbage by at least 2/3. In addition, you are not permitted to put hazardous stuff out, they have a special place to take it. So back to the 1 per week versus 6 days a week I think you could apply the 2/3 ratio, so 3 times a week would be about right in the Chapala area. Mexico is in the process of destroying the environment they live in, I have no children and if I am lucky, I will leave another 10 years year, so sad for the younger generation. I wish the new government would get involved starting with schools.
  13. HoneyBee

    Garbage pick up

    In Lomas De Santa Maria/chapala they came by twice last week using the regular city equipment. Now I remember reading about this 25 year contract several months ago in the reporter and at the time I could only shake my head as how you could award a contract for that duration. I realize now that that is most probable to fund the retirement of the current president. Also and sadly they no longer bother to recycle. I was waiting for a parking spot in Riberas and was just behind a garbage truck and watched them collect several large transparent bags loaded with empty plastic bottles that were tossed in the compactor together with ordinary trash.
  14. HoneyBee

    New "Limited" US-Mexico Trade Agreement

    The Canadian steel that I am aware of is produced by US Steel in Hamilton, Ontario. The other large employers of Ontario are Ford, GM &Chrysler who in turn buy a lot of parts from a Canadian company (forget the name, the daughter was in politics for a while). Caterpillar moved their operation back to the states. Quebec has home grown industries like Bombardier and SNC Lavalin. I believe tar sand oil exports may start to suffer because its a so called dirty oil (yes I have shares with TSLA...)
  15. HoneyBee

    More CFE outages in Riberas

    One of my neighbors works for CFE. He goes to work every morning on his motorcycle around 7:50 am. At around 8:30 am I see him come home with a CFE pickup truck. At around 10:30 am he leaves again but seems to show up again around 2:00 pm (maybe its time to privatize...).