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  1. Or you can buy a couple of those re-usable bags. ☺️
  2. Thank you for causing confusion. Do you expect me to read every local paper now ? ☹️ (you would do so much better on TOB).
  3. Post a Newbie titled empty post say a thousand times. That should do the trick. ☺️
  4. I think the smart phone has since replaced Kool Aid. ☺️
  5. I rent 6 apartments, one to a gringo the 5 others to Mexicans. Out of the 5, 4 have lost there jobs when the shutdown started. These are all young people. You feel at risk, stay home.
  6. I would recommend VELOZ/Salvatore in Jocotepec @ 331 752 0091. He is fluent in English and has every tool you could possibly dream of. Several years back he rebuilt my Toyota Tercel engine (sadly I had to take the car out of mexico)
  7. My Golden Retriever always likes to drink a couple of pints of Guiness before getting here teeth cleaned. ☺️
  8. Your getting in to politics. About 6 weeks ago I asked the owner of the TOB to delete my registration because he let politics infiltrate his entire board and not just the "political" section and in essence turn the whole thing in to a fish bowl debate. So please take your Canada versus the US stuff to TOB. (and just to let you know I am Swiss but have lived 11 years in Ontario, Canada). 😑
  9. Wish you a Happy Birthday with many more to come. ☺️
  10. Thank you More Liana. I also plan on some bus travel so this is good news.
  11. phil in mexico, where did you get your ianpan card ? Thanks
  12. I feel your pain John Shrall as I am in the same boat. From what I am reading, the interest rates will most probably drop further.😩
  13. Thanks you Mostlylost and Shag. Will give it a try next week and will report back. Dan Hodge, sounds to me that there is an official that has a grudge....
  14. What office do I need to visit in Chapala to get an old age discount card (INAPAM I think its called) and do discounts apply from 60 years onward ? Could have use it when I renewed my drivers licence. 😭
  15. Guiness, out of curiosity how do you know that only American expats are traveling back and forth ?
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