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  1. Not sure I want to see a bunch of seniors walking around nude at the Monday market ☺️
  2. Are the beaches open from Monday to Friday as I am thinking of going to Melaque week starting November 9th. Thanks
  3. I get a phone message each time an amount is debited from my Bancomer (BBVA) account. (Did not know TD Canada has been around for that long, just kidding...☺️).
  4. Yes Lakeside you are not alone. One year I had to get my sticker laminated......☺️ (and kept it in my glove box)
  5. Then again you get get some pretty good real estate deals...☺️
  6. And Puerto Vallarta has a different schedule.....😑
  7. Thanks for this detailed post. On a different note, I had no idea the virus had a schedule....
  8. Yes I read about it. I hope they come back as I use to check them at least once a week to get a gauge on the level of cartel violence and government corruption.
  9. I tried to reset my golden retrievers stomach with no success ☺️
  10. You can get a faster rate, you just pay more. With Spiderweb I am getting 3 Mg's and its actually fine to watch Nexflix. The reason for switching is that the signal tends to cut off to often.
  11. Yesterday I signed up with IFIBRA (fiber optic). They have an office in Chapala, I think the street name where their office is located is lopez cotilla. They have several packages available. For 490 MXP I will get internet 8 MG and 150 TV channels (in Spanish). Unfortunately, they are very busy and will need to wait over 2 weeks before they can connect me.
  12. Wish they would stop messing around and agree to one standard time. (do not recall they cows in Switzerland messing around with their milking times....).
  13. Schools are closed but bars/cantinas are open, makes a lot of sense. (I wish I could go back to my student days and this time I would take the bar exam...). On a different note, I sponsor several students and they are lucky to have access to the internet. Many in my neighborhood do not and this will spell disaster for their future, if any.
  14. At 87 my mom was so sick and tired of the various aches and pains she had that she asked me to get her some marijuana to see if it would help. Sadly she died before I could arrange a joint for her. ☹️
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