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  1. As a minimum they should at least test your eye sight (a helped 2 bricklayers working for me get their drivers license, before getting it one told me that the vision for one of his eyes was completely blurry. Dr Pinto, yes he was back fixed the problem )
  2. On a more serious note, I am a little concerned about possible food shortage caused in part by fertilizer shortage and this as the planting season is soon to start.
  3. My urine seems to have the same color as a Modelo 😊
  4. Am surprised that you can not get an apps on your smart phone (this from a person that has no understanding of smart phones. 😊)
  5. Next year my Golden wants to go to Naolinco in February, its her kind of weather.😊
  6. Orizaba is on my list to visit. I keep on putting off the drive because its more then a one day drive which makes it difficult with my golden retriever. There is a pet friendly hotel in town so I would be set once arrived. Also, I have been checking real estate prices in the area but they seem quite high, maybe because the town is somewhat close to Mexico city. In any event if you do visit, please send me some feedback.
  7. June 18. (By the way this area does have 4 seasons. They are cold, hot, rainy and great.)
  8. It actually happened a few blocks from where I live (across from the casino blanco). This one was reported because it happened during the day, but sadly it happens much more often then I care to mention. Couple of weeks ago several CNJ trucks where parked about 2 blocks from my home. This was at night and they where stopping all the kids on motorcycles. 😉
  9. I used Erick at cell # 3331578826. He is based in San Antonio but mainly does house calls for around $ 600 pesos. He is also licensed to do acupuncture and electro stimulation and it fixed a hip joint pain I had. And he is fluent in English.
  10. They where in my neighborhood yesterday in Santa Maria and vaccinated at least 6 "street" dogs and some at home dogs (I suggested that they also vaccinate some of my neighbors 😊).
  11. This is sad news. Dra Teresa was my primary doctor for many years. I was referred to her by a retired emergency room doctor as I was tired of the local "gold diggers". I always enjoyed my visits to her clinic as we always ended up chatting about things completely unrelated to health issues. What was great was that she had a "turn key" office with a lab operated by her husband and a pharmacy as well as several recovery/small surgery rooms. She will be greatly missed. (I asked her once why the front door was kept locked, she explained that at times bullets were present in the street).
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