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  1. I do not believe there is a marina in Melaque, however there is one in Barra De Navidad about 10 minutes down the road. I was there both in September and in October last year and there was at least one charter fishing boat available. The one I could see was docked at one of the restaurants overlooking the Laguna. Am sure they would love your business as when I was there, I was the only customer at the restaurant and the only guest at the Sands hotel which overlooks the Laguna (very old hotel but very welcoming and at 350 pesos a night...).
  2. Maybe she needed direction from CFE back to her home 😊
  3. And you forgot about the 10 barking family Chihuahuas....☺️
  4. Its a free world (as long as you are not over 60). ☺️
  5. I am surprised that Costco is checking ID's since its a club. Thanks for the traffic update.
  6. The nice thing about the new CURP cards is that they are bar code readable.
  7. Yes Tingting I to need to make a run to Costco. Its mainly supplies for my Golden Retriever. I can get the same stuff at Pancho's, but his mark up is about 40 %..(I checked it once for chews).
  8. Dear chapalatooregon educator, I was fortunate to have parents that taught me common sense. You see I have not changed the way I go about my daily business other then to take basic protections (mask, distancing and hand washing). Of course I am aware that over 60 can have more sever medical consequence if they are already dealing with pre existing conditions. But you see, if your in that category then yes stay home. Do you remember the AIDS pandemic ? I took notice when it spread to the non gay community. So guess what, I simply stuffed my wallet with a couple of condoms. Was it nece
  9. What is the reasoning for preventing people over 60 to enter ? Do we carry larger viruses ? Do we carry more viruses ? If anything this is turning in to a "nanny state" situation. (Welcome to Socialism).
  10. On a side note, I was at Home Depot this morning to buy some stuff I just cant find in Chapala and the store was basically empty (of people). There was a big sign at the entrance stating among others things that no one over 60 is allowed in...
  11. I would like to have mine on the rocks . ☺️
  12. I always wonder how they come up with a 95% effectiveness rate. Do they take 100 people wearing this mask and then expose them to the virus and then carry out A COVID 19 test where in theory 5 should be infected ? ☺️
  13. As of tomorrow and until the end of the month I will be 59 years old. If questions, I will blame my old age looks on Tequila breakfast, lunch and dinner shots. ☺️
  14. Just out of curiosity, I notice that the countries with the stricter lock downs seem to have the highest rate of mortality. This is based on the information from the website COVID19info.live which I have been looking at every morning for over a year now. (this is just an observation).
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