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  1. Thanks for your posting Mainecoon. TOB basically called me "naive" for investing money with a Mexican Bank (Bancomer) even to the point of saying that I had put my life savings in to it. Well I never put my life savings in one basket, a big chunk is in real estate. I am fluent in Spanish and so I can handle my own transactions without the need of a lawyer (a notario yes).
  2. I use the Doctor which is associated with the pharmacy outside of Soriana. My Mexican friends all tell me he is a well respected surgeon. I pay 60 pesos a visit and get the same service as a 800 pesos doctor. Yes you need to be able to communicate in Spanish. If needed he will direct you to a specialist.
  3. I have GNP with Bellon. The deductible is per event and not for the year..I understand that this is common practice in Mexico. Also, after reading the fine print, I would have to pay the first MXP 120,000.00 per event. Thinking of canceling after paying in for the past 5 years and going with Seguro popular. We all will die at some point may as well do it with a Gin and Tonic !
  4. You can also go directly to the Qualitas office in Chapala which from memory is close to the towing company's head office on the main drag. I switched to them after Bellon ignored me several time when it came time for renewal.
  5. Thank you both for your feedback, looks like its easy to find.
  6. Hi, does anyone know where the Fedex office location is at or near the airport. Thank you
  7. Currently I have 2 masons working for me. They have been with me for the past 9 months. In the beginning I had a "construction manager", he paid them 1,800.00 pesos a week (Monday to Saturday 1 pm). Laid off the construction manager after 4 months and gave each a guy a 500.00 pesos raise. After about 13 years on and off in Mexico, I figured out that costs in mexico are about 1/5 the cost NOB. I also speak good enough Spanish which is a big plus.
  8. peteben is correct. In addition, if this was your home for over 5 years (I think, but needs to be checked) then you should not have to pay capital gain tax. Your best bet is to blow a couple of pesos with a lawyer who should be able to confirm.
  9. I go to this park often with my dog and am always amazed to see people coming in with 8 to 10 dogs. I then watch them as they poop as the owner is to busy controlling the pack to notice who is pooping. It is just a matter of time before city hall steps in. I always have several poop bags with me just in case. Its sad that just a few will spoil the early runs of one owner and his dog. ( and there are several in the early hours of the morning).
  10. Got gas this morning at the BP on the libriamento. Only waited about 10 minutes. As I was in line, I saw a semi Pemex tanker headed towards Ajijic. May be hope...
  11. Being a Swiss national, I can tell you that if a car drove down the main street of Geneva powered with a big V8 engine, the entire population would stop and look. The only type of engine in European cars are 4 cylinders (or maybe 6). Yet the upcoming Detroit international car show seems for FORD anyway to showcase gas guzzlers (pickups and SUV's). Luckily there is still some brain left in the US where many are hoping to own a TSLA. I was in the US in the 70's when sh..t hit the fan, it was not pretty.
  12. Around 11 am Centro Laguna area closed Chapala near center closed Heading out of Chapala closed What got me a little nervous was that some of the tiendas I shop at were closed. I can get by with out gas but food shortage no. I have a half a tank left so my car is now parked until things change.
  13. Fully agree. I bought several shares of TSLA stock over 2 years ago. They are now a real car/storage/solar company. If I had the money I would buy a Model 3 and a house with solar TILES and a power wall.
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