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  1. Happy to see you fit in that age group. ☺️ (what keeps you for ever 21..)
  2. Sorry, I do not drink Tequilla, but I think the point made is valid. Take a look at lake mead (spelling) which is created by the Boulder dam which holds back water form the Colorado river. Its so low that they had to reduce the power output. The demand in water has increased drastically because of the way Los Angeles and Las Vegas have expanded. The world can only support so many ☹️
  3. Many thanks for this information. Its funny, because intuitively, I cut back some of the branches with the thinking that if the roots had less "family members" to feed it would recover and it did. ☺️
  4. About 2 months ago I had to relocate a large bush/tree which has beautiful green and mixed yellow leaves. I did my best not to damage the root system and immediately replanted in a pre dug hole. Within a half an hour all the leaves sagged. within 2 days it looked dead. But with the current rain it has started to sprout new leaves. I had no idea a plant could react so quickly to a change.
  5. Thanks Whipstock, am still in tears reading the responses....
  6. Can you be more specific. Friends of mine would like to have actual arrival times. (they are safe, they wear face masks..☺️)
  7. Tell me about it..for the past 7 weeks have had 2 bricklayers working for me and still have another 2 months or so to go. Never thought that between me, them, the hourly forecasts and thousands of pesos of tarps and drug induced creativity ideas would enabled me to maintain my renovation schedule. ☺️
  8. I just wanted to add one last piece of information on greening the planet then that will be it. I forgot to mention in my earlier post above that Nikola Motors is currently building an assembly plant in Arizona on a 400 acre piece of land (161 Hectares), that is big. In addition, they have built a joint venture plant in Germany with IVECO. (trial assembly has started). Its interesting, because the US truck manufacturing industry has pretty much been taken over by European manufacturers (Volvo and Mercedes Benz), but now with Nikola its a reverse, they intend to grab the European market.
  9. Okay, a first time offender will generally get one year in jail, after that not sure since I never heard back from those caught a second time. (its a slow day in Santa Maria ☺️)
  10. You could almost write a book on your experiences storing your car (its not funny but am still laughing ☺️)
  11. They also have security cameras that cover ever inch of the property. (but then again if you want to store 1000 kg of crack, people can be bought..☺️)
  12. Actually, one of the men killed is a neighbor that lives 2 blocks from my home. I use to have a conversation with him when waiting for the bus. The girl that cleans my place said that they already removed all the cooking gear from the side walk that his wife used every evening. There was an article a while back by the red cross about the reduction of injuries/deaths during the police vial crack down. 2 weeks ago there was a Domino Pizza guy down in San Antonio, he was alive but he was also warring a helmet. Last week near El Chante the brick layers that are working for me said that a motorcycle crashed near the bus. He told me that blood immediately started running out of his mouth. (yes no helmet). The government should be handing out helmets free to those who can not afford.
  13. Have a tree company come and cut off any branches overhanging your property.
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