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  1. Thank you. This is for a friend who is moving to Spain and needs an FBI criminal report apostilized in order to get her visa for Spain. It is not a state document. I had thought there was somewhere in Chapala that did this.
  2. I there a place Lakeside where I can get a document apostilled?
  3. foto519


    I just discovered an adorable, new little restaurant between 7-11 and the garden store in Riberas, called Zabor. They apparently just opened a couple days ago. They have a little bar where you choose your own ingredients from a variety of fresh vegetables and meats that the waiter takes to the kitchen to be stir fried. It was really delicious and healthy looking, similar to a Mongolian grill. There were a number of flavored oils and sauces to add before cooking. My friend had the chile bowl and a lovely salad which was also delicious. As a vegetarian, it was nice to see some vegetarian and vegan options included. They have wine and beer. I will definitely go again.
  4. I went last week with several friends and had a great time . I'm not much of a dancer, but enjoyed listening to the band. They played covers as well as their own music. It was nice to hear something different, and it wasn't so loud that you couldn't talk. I had already eaten beforehand, so I didn't try the food, but what I saw looked delicious, and I heard some very positive comments. I'm planning on going back next Thursday.
  5. Unfortunately, not this week. They are coming next month.
  6. My 2 grandsons, aged 18 and 20 are coming to visit for a week. Any ideas as to things in the area I could do to entertain them?
  7. I'm not usually one to eat fried food, but went with a couple of friends to Poutine Place and decided to give the fish and chips a try. Actually, they offer the option of fish and salad, which I ordered. Very delicious! The fish was light and crispy, and very tasty, and the salad was not the usual iceberg lettuce with a couple of pink tomatoes. It was made with fresh mixed greens with lots of other colorful veggies. Enjoyed it very much. Would definitely go back.
  8. Is it possible to go from temporal to permanente before the 4 years are up? If so, what is the process?
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