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  1. I am interested in what you have learned about the design features of that contribute to general comfort in the climate and milieu - things like ceiling height, open floor plans (or not), orientation of the house, layout.  So I am not looking for reminders about noise, neighbors car dependence etc.  Having looked at many photos, I see lovely bright houses with lots of tall windows (which I suspect is expat, but also perhaps modern comfortably middle class Mexican style), and dark interiors (which I suspect is a traditional Mexican solution to heat and sun).  One book I read mentioned poorly designed newer houses for the expat market (which I took to mean that expats want houses that incorporate features they are used too, even if not suited to the local climate and building materials)_.

    An example would be: shade on the south side of the house.  Not: I would hate to not have a bathtub (though in fact I would hate to not have a bathtub!).

    FYI, we are planning an exploratory visit this summer. If we feel this is for us, I anticipate renting rather than buying, starting summer 2018.  So right now, this all goes into the information hopper.  But it's fun for me to speculate and learn more.  I have already learned so much from comments on this board - like how much less  storage space there is compared to most NOB houses built after about 1960.  Thanks to all in advance, Elisabeth


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