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  1. I keep hearing how expensive it is to get them once you are in Mexico.
  2. Interesting! I don't want to pay for too many apostilles, but don't want to be caught short either if any agency want to keep an original.
  3. I wonder how many originals of each apostilled document I need to bring? I am applying for permanent residency and my husband for temporary. I believe we don't need them at the consulate but we will need them once we arrive in Mexico. Or will photocopies of the original apostilled documents be sufficient? We will get an apostille of my husband's divorce decree, but I wonder how anyone would even know that he was married before, unless we tell them. On this, I'm just curious. We will obtain and bring the recommended number of apostilles of the document. Thanks!
  4. David RC, my husband and I, both 65, are planning to move in the spring. We are planning to keep Medicare Part B, probably with Medigap, until we have been on the ground for a while to get a feel for how long term we will be there. We don't want to pay penalties if we return to the US within a few years, since we are still relatively young. I have met people there who keep Medicare and go back to the US once a year for a month or so to get major things taken care of, but clearly that would not work in an emergency. They seem to either go back to stay with family, but I know one couple with apparently no close family who have a cheap place in McAllen Texas that they visit for 4-6 weeks yearly. Another couple considering the move threw out the idea of two or more couple sharing a place in somewhere like McAllen, since each would only use it for a month or so. Those are some things we are considering. I think I picked up the idea of keeping Medicare at least for a trial period of a few years from someone on this board, but I could be mistaken.
  5. Numbeo is cited as the source for these figures. A note on the Chapala page says there have been 9 different contributors of data in the past 18 months. Even with so few data points, this seems highly suspect. According to the author's bio on Investopedia,, she writes regularly on retirement planning. I am embarrassed that a network-related media site would "publish" such poorly researched work. I don't see a way to comment there or to contact the writer.
  6. Is Spencer's example (posted in 2013) still the same?
  7. You will find a number of younger people in the Facebook groups; there are starting to be so many I can't list them all (or even remember them all) but search Ajijic and Chapala. Facebook tends to attract younger users than webboards.
  8. What is the most biodegradable TP available? NOB, Consumer Reports has said Angel Soft dissolves fastest.
  9. My husband and I are planning to relocate in the spring, and I have been on this board sporadically (I have a learned a lot, and I highly recommend browsing back in time and reading what interests you, because you will get questions answered that you wouldn't think to ask . . .). We visited in the summer and I am on Facebook, where you really see the magnitude of the influx this year. So I would say housing has gone up a lot just this year. It's hard to predict how many will stay (some seem awfully unprepared, but that works for some people) and whether the rate of influx will stay steady. This could either be the start of the long-predicted Baby Boomer flight, or it could be an election bump. Over 5 years, you will see what happens. We are coming to Chapala (the town) first, where we've already made some friends - but I am also planning on considering other places once we've made that first transition. Specifically, Morelia, Queretaro, Guanajuato, and Tequisquiapan. But there are some wonderful people in the Lake Chapala area, so it's hard not to consider it "home" after just one trip.
  10. If you are interested in staying in Chapala, we had a great time at El Pequeno Suites which I know has weekly rates. There is a shared kitchen on each floor for the 2 suites on the floor. Highly recommended!
  11. Interesting, because according to USAA they are no longer reimbursing foreign ATM fees. Perhaps they grandfathered in existing accounts. Although we use other USAA services, we have never banked with them. Good to know that the fees are low, and worth considering the point that they are great to deal with and worth a few extra dollars. Thanks all.
  12. I know some of you bank with the SDFCU; are there any free ATMs to use Lakeside (Chapala especially). Looking on the SDFCU website, I saw locations as close to Chapala as Ixtlahuacan, and one on the Jocotepec - Chapala Libramiento - but is seems like if there are several locations in Ixtla. there should also be several in Chapala. Any insight? We were going to go with USAA but I have read they will stop reimbursing for ATM fees outside the US. Ally is another bank of interest - if any of you use it, what are the fee-free ATM options? Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm the OP, still here, and still very grateful to everyone for their contributions. I have learned so much from you all and look forward to meeting some of you. We visited in July, stayed about a week each in Ajijic and Chapala. Chapala definitely suits us, and we hope to move in April when I retire.
  14. So enjoying the story of the happy ending. As for Max, he' ll come around if all he us doing now is sulking, and he gets the usual attention and a bit more. I've had it take 3 months.
  15. Sorry, didn't see this had been posted. The posts for this forum don't show up on my phone with most recent first, unlike other forums. Sorry!
  16. Someone on Facebook needs to rehome a Maine Coon she recently adopted, a spayed adult female. The cat seems to be used to a larger space with a garden, so she's not adapting well, and the woman who adopted her says the long fur is triggering bad allergic reaction. I will make a connection for anyone who can help.
  17. Would love for anyone who has lived in Morelia to tell me about living there. Would like to consider it, but am afraid we might find it too distant from easy air transport as we get older. One advantage of Lakeside is the easy proximity to GDL.
  18. So much great info here. Thanks to all. We are also here scoping things out, in Ajijic this week and Chapala next.
  19. I am starting a visit for a similar purpose on the same day, so I can't make recommendations, except for this one: browse the lists of posts on this forum (also the immigration section) going back at least a year, and read up on the topics that interest you. I gained an enormous amount of information that helped me ask better questions. We may run into you! Elisabeth
  20. Wili. another option is to work with someone who is not a realtor but who specializes in services for people who are settling, or thinking of settling, Lakeside. I "met" two on Facebook and can get contact information, if you would like me to send you a private message. I assume you compensate them for their time in some way.
  21. Perhaps make your own from beans adn vodka? Then you know what's in it. Google it, there are plenty of instructions out there.
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