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  1. Thanks. I will try herbs and spices section in superlake. That's what I needed to know.
  2. I'd like to get cream of tartar, which as far as I know is crema de tártara. What store? And what would it be shelved with? I am still learning how grocery stores group things here! Alternatively,baking powder, but I prefer making my own with cream of tartar. Thanks.
  3. Seriously - call for an appointment as soon as you sense a need. I took the first available one in Chapala, and it's in September.
  4. They can tell you when they will deliver and turned up right on time.
  5. I need regular glaucoma monitoring and will contact her, based on the posts here.
  6. We need to send money to the US and these are the only forms of payment they accept. We do not have a bank account here. Thanks!
  7. Thanks all. We paid via credit card, and Spencer's office is handling it for us. We were given a slip of paper in English when we crossed the border which I found remarkably confusing.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the process for extending our TIP is? I have heard we need to go to customs at GDL, but recently immigration in Chapala was unable to tell some applicants what to do. We have just arrived and are applying for RT and RP status. Thanks
  9. Anyone know how to reach them? I have some questions as I set up an account, but they didn't answer the phone this afternoon, nor have they responded to an email I sent yesterday. I must say that's the flakiest website I have seen in a while but they appear to make most sense for us as a mailing services.
  10. I told my adviser at Shwab that I am moving to Mexico, and she said pretty much, don't tell and we won't ask. I was really asking about their international account. But it appears from this that she might be misinformed. Like others, it's not practical for us to use friends or relatives. We have accounts with USAA but I find their investment services very limited. We are in the process of moving now and haven't decided. But RVGringo rightly pointed out that there are people who RV full time in the US who don't have physical addresses either. I understand the concerns about money laundering very well, but there still should be a legit solution for people like us. However, we are not a sizeable group (in political lobbying terms) and really not any elected official's mandate to take care of. Sigh.
  11. I thought I saw a trip to Tlaquepaque posted somewhere. Can't find trip info on the LSC website. Where is the best place to find out what the schedule is?
  12. And please read all the info at the link sent by Angus McTavish so that you understand the implications of the different scenarios. It's possible to actually speak to someone at Social Security and i have found them very helpful. But I would read what's on the website first and call to ask about specific things that are incomprehensible.
  13. They give me advice at no charge, and I do not pay them tomanage my investments ( they charge if they actively manage a portfolio, i.e. stocks instead of mutual funds or ETFs). I am maintaining a US address for the present, and the issue of buying ETFs won't arise until I want to change investments ( I can maintain the investments I already have). For info on ETFs you might see if Morningstar or one if the money magazines rates them.But as I said, whenever I have wanted advice on mutual funds I just call and talk to someone. If you call to tell them you want to set up an account, I imagine they will give you some advice to get started. But it's vworth researching on your own too unless you want to pay them to manage.
  14. I've had an IRA with Charles Schwab for over 20 years. They know I am moving to Mexico and have no problem with it. I will not be able to trade mutual funds, which are apparently restricted to US residents, but I can trade ETFs.
  15. http://www.haciendadelcarmen.com.mx/en/rates. It does look lovely.
  16. As someone who is moving down in 6 weeks after having spent a year in intensive research (and yes, visiting), it feels good and bad to have others saying what I have been thinking. We will land in Chapala, and then we will see. We can be comfortable in Chapala for several years, but then might be priced out. But my husband really wants to get settled somewhere he can live long term (as in, the same house), and I don't want to buy there; it just ties up too much capital for me to be comfortable, and too hard to get it back out if things go wrong. So my plan is to look around; Morelia, Queretaro, Tequisquiapan, and lately Xalapa have caught my attention. However, it also jus tmight be over the hills to Ixtlahaucan. Prices in Jocotepec are already starting to inflate in the last few months. Lakeside has some advantages that are still attractive: the proximity to the airport, big city culture in Guadalajara, and the plethora of activities Lakeside, several of which are really important to my husband. The large number of English speakers has sparked development of English language services that will make aging easier - assistance with healthcare and bureaucracy, for example No place else has quite the same mix. And yet - I look at development and think, environmental disaster not too far in the future; not to mention crowds and inflation. I have often heard complaints about incivility on this board but I have to say I have not encountered it. I have asked some newbie questions, but not the most egregious ones I hope, and received some very thoughtful answers. Occasionally people start their own little dialog but I can ignore that. So I want to thank the many, many of you who have already helped us. Anyway, compared to Facebook web boards are models of polite ,drama-free communication. I look forward to meeting more of you in person next month, after the last month of my working life has driven me to the edge. My husband retired last month; I agreed to stay on to manage an important event which now has me tearing my hair. So I will need a week to un-frazzle when I get there - but then, Mexico is good for that, if you have the right attitude. regards to all, Elisabeth
  17. Has anyone stayed there? Pet friendly; new on Booking.com and doesn't have any reviews yet. I've read the reviews of Las Palmas, which some of you think is rather old and tired, and was looking to see what alternatives there are about halfway from Laredo. Thanks!
  18. Lisa, I am moving this spring. One of the best things I did for myself early on was to go back through the posts on this board about 2 years, reading the ones that seemed like they would help me understand. I think that helped me ask more specific questions.
  19. Thanks, Liana, that's very helpful. Making a note of that!
  20. Looks like I have found someone for immediate help. Would be interested in collecting names possibly for the future; you can PM me if you prefer.
  21. HI folks, We are coming down in April to look for long term rental, but I just became aware of a house I am interested in which is available now - on a block that I know well. So I am looking for professional help - the type of person who calls herself (usually it's a her) a concierge, to look at the house and give me more pics and information about it, and help with a contract if it seems suitable. I have contacted a couple people on Facebook but either everyone there is busy now, or involved with Carnaval (or out of town for Carnaval?). Any contacts would be appreciated. (If I didn't know the location well, I would not consider doing this long distance).
  22. We expect to come with a Temp Residency visa for my husband and a Permanent one for me. He doesn't qualify for permanente yet, and he is attached to his car, so it works out. However, I have seen different information: I know I can't own the car, but can I drive it? Will he have to be with me? I have consulted Sonia's website but still feel confused.
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