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  1. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    Ayocotes it is! Thanks so much. I really didn't want to just go randomly making chili with different kinds of beans.
  2. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    Yes I've been to Walmart, Soriana, the supermarket on Madero in Chapala. If I even know what they are called I can ask about them. Someone on Facebook proudly showed me a photo of a can from Walmart and informed me they are " frijoles.". Duh.
  3. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    I haven seen them in stores locally and don't know what they are called. Would be grateful for name and source. I made sweet potato chili with Flor De Mayo beans, but they seem too delicate to me. My husband finds black beans indigestible, or I'd use those.
  4. Just finished the process. About 5 weeks to fingerprinting, then less than 2 to get the card.
  5. elisabeth

    Cream of tartar - where to find?

    Computer Guy, here it may be more expensive. NOB, I or it without the aluminum often found 8n commercial baking powder.
  6. elisabeth

    Cream of tartar - where to find?

    Thanks. I will try herbs and spices section in superlake. That's what I needed to know.
  7. elisabeth

    Cream of tartar - where to find?

    I'd like to get cream of tartar, which as far as I know is crema de tártara. What store? And what would it be shelved with? I am still learning how grocery stores group things here! Alternatively,baking powder, but I prefer making my own with cream of tartar. Thanks.
  8. elisabeth

    Asus 10 inch tablet detachable keyboard

    Still available? Is this the Windows or Android version?
  9. elisabeth

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    Seriously - call for an appointment as soon as you sense a need. I took the first available one in Chapala, and it's in September.
  10. elisabeth

    Bagels anyone?

    They can tell you when they will deliver and turned up right on time.
  11. elisabeth

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    I need regular glaucoma monitoring and will contact her, based on the posts here.
  12. We need to send money to the US and these are the only forms of payment they accept. We do not have a bank account here. Thanks!
  13. elisabeth

    Process for extending TIP

    Thanks all. We paid via credit card, and Spencer's office is handling it for us. We were given a slip of paper in English when we crossed the border which I found remarkably confusing.
  14. Can anyone tell me what the process for extending our TIP is? I have heard we need to go to customs at GDL, but recently immigration in Chapala was unable to tell some applicants what to do. We have just arrived and are applying for RT and RP status. Thanks
  15. Anyone know how to reach them? I have some questions as I set up an account, but they didn't answer the phone this afternoon, nor have they responded to an email I sent yesterday. I must say that's the flakiest website I have seen in a while but they appear to make most sense for us as a mailing services.