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  1. Prefer better roads to twisting through the mountains with crazy drivers - advice? We live in Chapala. This question has been asked before but would.like.advice based on recent experience. Thanks.
  2. elisabeth

    Christmas Dinner

    Yes, Manix is advertising a buffet. We went at TG, fantastic!
  3. elisabeth

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    It seems to depend on your carrier. With many cell phones, the lists of substitute area codes works, but not for us. Have put $ into a Skype account though haven't used it yet.
  4. elisabeth

    Insurance Agent / Broker

    Oh dear, I was going to look into Too Corp because they have the only uninsured motorist coverage I know about.
  5. elisabeth

    New US Non-Stops Serving GDL

    Wow I haven't seen the fare on the direct Atlanta flight that liwsunce the spring. We've had to pay closer to $800. Or we could make an 18 hour trek using Frontier, which I am not willing to do. Wondering why Atlanta fare rise so much - others have gone up, but not like that!
  6. elisabeth

    Mercado Libre... signing up

    However if you have to cancel a purchase for any reason ( like in my case an uncommunicative seller who didn't sendd didn't respond), you only get your money returned if you have a Mexican bank account. Otherwise they just apply it was credit to your net purchase.
  7. I heard it. I think, more cohetes, earlier than usual because this is last day of the fiesta.
  8. Tai Chi in Cristiania Park starts next Tuesday, October 10, at 1:00 in Cristiania Park. Cost is 100 pesos, payable to the teacher. The park also charges admission which I am told is under 10 pesos. Please come early and have small change for admission - we want to avoid everyone showing up at once needing change. I just set this up because I didn't want to go to Ajijic for Tai Chi. I can answer questions but will be in the US for a funeral over the weekend, and not monitoring constantly.
  9. Thank you for clarifying Spencer. I have heard all kinds of irresponsible speculation on Facebook all day, but this actually makes sense. And could we drop the issue of the information posted about the attack several years ago? It was confusing but well meant. I would be grateful if y'all could let it go; any further discussion of that is just confusing the present issue.
  10. Thanks everyone. We are talking a rental car in this case. A few credit cards insure for liability, most do not.
  11. Now that we don't have homeowner's or renter's insurance, I'd like to know what people do about liability insurance when renting a car in the US. It appears to me that you can buy supplemental or extended liability insurance without buying the collision damage waiver. I know I can get much cheaper insurance for damage to the vehicle if I buy third party - I just want to be sure that I won't have to buy collision damage from the rental company in order to buy their supplemental liability insurance. Any experience with this? TIA.
  12. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    Ayocotes it is! Thanks so much. I really didn't want to just go randomly making chili with different kinds of beans.
  13. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    Yes I've been to Walmart, Soriana, the supermarket on Madero in Chapala. If I even know what they are called I can ask about them. Someone on Facebook proudly showed me a photo of a can from Walmart and informed me they are " frijoles.". Duh.
  14. elisabeth

    Looking for dried kidney beans

    I haven seen them in stores locally and don't know what they are called. Would be grateful for name and source. I made sweet potato chili with Flor De Mayo beans, but they seem too delicate to me. My husband finds black beans indigestible, or I'd use those.
  15. Just finished the process. About 5 weeks to fingerprinting, then less than 2 to get the card.