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  1. I love the look of rammed earth homes, but I think here lakeside I would opt for an accent wall, landscape wall, etc. rather than structural walls given the general lack of experience and history of that building method here. Just my .02
  2. That is good to know -- I just opened accounts with Capital One because I'd heard they were good for expats.
  3. Thanks for all the info, RickS. At this point I'm leaning heavily toward the Nissan X-Trail. Subaru Outback would be my first choice here in the US, but it seems like an uncommon car in MEX and I'm concerned about availability and cost of repairs and maintenance as well as it potentially being more of a target. The RAV 4 from what I understand is likely going to be too small, but I've got it on my list to test drive anyway. Sure wish I could test drive an X-Trail here.
  4. I'm not familiar with the HRV; I'll have to check on that. You can fit 2 dog crates in the back with the seat up?
  5. I don't *plan* on off-road exploring, but you just never know. Still, I'll give AWD a second thought. I've heard lots of people mention S&S and I will definitely be getting in touch with them when I'm ready to buy!
  6. Interesting! I understand that prices include all taxes and fees other than the license plate, so that's good.
  7. I've heard that about the Mazda - hence not on my list. The Xtrail looks interesting. I'm going to check out the US version here (Rogue?)
  8. And still have the backseat up for people?
  9. I'll be looking for a slightly used (2014 or newer most likely) SUV or crossover for around $15-20k USD when I arrive this fall. I figure I might as well do my research and test driving here in the US where my language skills aren't woefully lacking. Aside from my general requirements I think there are some things I should be considering: Easy to get parts for and have worked on Vehicles that are perhaps less conspicuous/likely to draw unwanted attention ??? what else should i be considering ??? Other non-Mexico-specific considerations are, in no particular order: 4WD/AWD room in back for 2 medium dog crates whilst still keeping back seat available for human passengers decent fuel economy reputation for reliability Vehicles I've considered so far: Toyota Highlander (pricey and not great mileage without the hybrid setup but a sweeet ride!) Jeep Compass or Cherokee Mitsubishi Outlander (not seeing a lot of those listed around GDL) Subaru Outback (not seeing a lot of those listed around GDL) Honda CRV or Pilot Nissan Murano or Rogue (Xtrail in MX, I think) ??? what am I missing ???
  10. Oh how well I know of their sneaky ways! I got my first basenji 15 years ago, but never got seriously involved in showing or competing until fairly recently. Right now we have two, a r/w 6yo female (Ch and just a few points away from GrCh) and a 1yo b/w son who is being shown by their breeder. One thing I love about so many of the homes in the area is the solid walled yards. Do you still have basenjis?
  11. ::shudder:: This is the part I"m least looking forward to. Other than exterminators and keeping food secured, any other tips for minimizing indoor crawlies?
  12. I can definitely see where the infrastructure would be an issue. Can you say more about "useless police and legal system"? Any tips other than the usual common sense stuff (don't leave things unlocked, no valuables in site) regarding burglary/theft?
  13. Can you say a little more about this? I'm not sure I follow.
  14. What is the best way to find info on houses for rent in that area? When I look at the online rental listings I rarely seen anything like you're describing for under $1k/mo
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