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  1. I tried both the phone numbers in your posted ads, but for whatever reason they don't work. I'm quite interested.

  2. I sent you several emails regarding the bike. Possibly check your spam folder? (Or maybe you've chosen to ignore me?)

  3. Why is it that people are so judgemental towards others.  I have experienced some discomfort from others in the area.  I am female.  i am sixty years old and living in Ajijic on a disability pension.  I look and sound like a man.  I didn't have a choice in the way I was born, yet many people judge me wrongly before even getting to know me.  I am constantly trying to make friends here, but I find it difficult.  My favorite say is "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover".   I have Aspergers Syndrome but I still try to make friends.


  4. Wookie, I guess I didn't get your email.  If you try again, I will look for it.  I am enclosing a picture of me.  I am female but don't look it.


  5. If there are any people who are lonely or just like taking pictures, I would love to meet with you. I have been a wildlife photographer for a long time. I can help people learn more about their cameras also. I have had the chance to work with wild animals and travel to several countries. I live in the village of Ajijic. My email address is adw2011@live.com. I look forward to meeting anyone who is interested in photography. I am including a picture of myself.
  6. Ken, I really am a lousy painter but a great photographer.  I would love to meet you an your students.  When you get back, email me at adw2011@live.com.  I am trying to reach out to as many people as I can so that I can develop a network of friends.  I hope that eventually, this network will be able to join many lonely people on the North Shore.  I am attaching a picture of me.  I am female, but I do not look it.


  7. I volunteer at The Ranch taking care of dogs. I have also been to the LCS office. I am trying to find others like myself who are lonely and want to meet new people.
  8. My name is Amanda Wilson and I live in Ajijic. I am retired, single, and lonely. I am looking for others in my situation. I was born with Aspergers so I have a difficult time making friends. I have been here for five months now. I would really like to meet new people and spend some quality time with them. If you are interested in making a new friend, please email me at adw2011@live,com I enjoy bicycling, wildlife photography and the outdoors but am open to new experiences. My phone number is 984-131-7094.
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