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  1. Sorry I have not been following this thread after I found what I needed. I went with Gustavo as he was an old neighbor of mine. It took a little longer to build than I/we thought it would just about 6 weeks. Water is not a problem being the smoker is under a roof. I've used it now for almost one year with good results. It would not be economical to use wood only for heat and smoke as the correct wood is expensive. So I went with propane for heat. The end results are this: When I was using electricity it cost around $10 American per smoke. When I used wood only it was about $5 American per smoke. Using propain it is some place around $1 American per every time it smokes. Not to bad when you smoke things for 8 to 16 hours.
  2. I just went there last week. My wife, 6 month old son and 9 year old daughter went before school started again. It's a very, very nice park. I think there might have been 800 people or so on the day we went but the park can hold about 3000 people easy. All of the pools are open not just a few at a time like here in Ajijic. The place have BBQ pits, tables chairs all over.... in the sun or shade whatever you need. We got there at about 10AM swam had fun and at about 1PM a crew (line up) of workers walked across the park with bags picking trash up after people. They went one end to the other doing this. Also a lifeguard is never more than about 20 foot away from you being any place in the park. Don't expect this to be a place that you can let your children run and not have to watch them. The L.G. will walk around and ask where is your child or as the child where is you parent or guardian. No boom boxes allowed! So you will not need to deal with 100's of radios playing 50 types of annoying music! All in all this is a very nice place for a family outing. Yes they have food on site and also sell beer. 21 pesos per can of corona light. (less than local bars) Go and enjoy. Don't be so paranoid of a video we are not living in LA. Detroit, Chicago, Miami or New York! This is Mexico and not everyone wants to take your child or is a molester. In truth I'm more concerned about the Gringos buying and sell marijuana oils at the Ajijic Plaza! You can see (and smell) these people smoking the crap in there E-cigarette pipes. I would be more concerned about the local cartel having issue with Gringos moving in their territory and doing something about that than someone kidnapping my child for body parts. Just use common sense.
  3. Kyle, sorry for the late reply! We are at the Ajijic Plaza just across from the school. http://la-media-luna.webs.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LaMediaLuna1/ https://www.google.com.mx/maps/place/Parroquia+1AC,+45920+Ajijic,+Jal./data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x842f46ab41244abb:0xa6d4aee24f3a494f?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj4tseGhe3SAhVjylQKHcduA5sQ8gEIGzAA
  4. Sorry but we don't bake just don't have the equipments or the knowledge. We're starting out slow sticking with smoked meats and in the future some other things that will have to do with cured and/or smoked meats.
  5. Thanks to all who contacted us to volunteer we have all the people needed and have contacted them to make arrangements. We'll see how this goes and maybe in the future was can offer this type of smoked meats. :-)
  6. I'm not familiar with tortoise. At La Media Luna our main focus on food is smoked (some cured) and then use to make sandwiches. We're thinking sometime in the future we'll be offering to take home smoked heat and serve ribs and chicken. In a few months we'll have Coppa, Culatello, Pancetta and starting next December we'll have Prosciutto. Although it is not typical some of the products aren't normally smoked we should have smoked and none smokes varieties.
  7. So far we've got two great volunteers. Both have eaten the product that we are wanting to duplicate. We'll keep looking until we find the other two. :-)
  8. At La Media Luna we are thinking about offering Montréal Style Smoked Meat (Sandwiches.) We are looking for 4 true connoisseurs of Montréal Smoked Meat. Specifically people that have eaten it many times or has grown up eating it. (The purpose of this is to see if this would be a good addition to our menu.)Once we find the volunteers, later in March we will invite them to La Media Luna for a free lunch with refreshments in exchange for an honest opinion and critique of the flavor and the presentation.We will also discuss the size of the sandwich, the price point that is thought the local expats would pay and compare it to the cost of making the sandwich. So discretion is a must and would be greatly appreciated. Please PM us for consideration and let us know how familiar you are with Montreal Style Smoked Meats and how many times or years you’ve eaten it. Once we find the four volunteers we will keep you informed and make arrangements for the day and time of the lunch. Sincerely, La Media Luna
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