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  1. Why thank you for the advice. However, this question is a little more specific. have a great evening.
  2. We are 50 and 52 and moving to Ajijic in May. I have read a lot about insurance and it seems that the IMSS is not the way to go. I have started to read about Seguro Popular and I think that will be alright as back up , but I would like something more. We have no preexisting medical conditions and both of us are healthy. Any suggestions?
  3. OMG!!!! Ajijic_ Hiker that is awful to say, kind of funny but awful. The"in" crowd is a bit older, so that is why we are going to rent and see if we like it. We have a few other places in mind if we do not like the Chapala area (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and even Costa Rica). MC we are moving from the Orlando, Fl. area ( Winter Springs, to be exact). I am a retiring teacher and my monthly pension is a nice amount. We planned on getting catastrophic insurance ( a good one) and cash for regular doctor visits, any suggestions? Also, we do not intend to bring a car, if we have to we will, but any suggestions on areas to live? We have been looking at the La Floresta area.
  4. I have in the Guadalajara Reporter that there is some talk about ramifications that expats "might" experience.
  5. Excellent question, did not think of that, both. I just added that to my original question. thank you.
  6. My husband and I will be moving to Ajijic in May. I am a retiring teacher and we are looking for a better way of life, and a more affordable way of life, considering we are 50 and 52. I am just wondering with all the crazy things the current administration ( in both America and Mexico) are doing and are trying to do effecting how things are in this area, or if they are effecting anything? Any advice or insights?
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