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  1. We are in the village, also. Definitely would like to contact him.
  2. OMG!!!!!!!! Thank you, that makes great sense. If you have someone in mind please PM me.
  3. WOW!!!! I was warned about how nasty you are RVGRINGO and you just showed your true colors. I hope I never , ever have the displeasure of ever meeting you. I am sorry your life did not turn out as you planned.
  4. Of course. Now here is a question, NOB they have Merry Maids that you can call and they provide a house cleaner, do they have such places in Ajijic and if so, can anyone recommend a service?
  5. First of all, I have never said anything derogatory about Mexico or Ajijic, you guys provide enough negativity to chase away even the most positive of people. It just seems that a few and I mean a few of you are always set to pounce. Life coach? I think you meant a personal assistant and I have contacted two places that say they provide that type of service, but nothing yet, but one of them I heard has an emergency back in the states. If you know of anyone who could help my husband get his footing , I would really appreciate it, I will not retire until May 31st. He just needs a thorough " get to know the place" tour, maybe a few days at the most, not looking for free help will compensate.
  6. LOL. I understand about getting the last word in, couldn't help yourself. Sorry for being so blunt.
  7. Is there a "New to the area " , "have no idea what we are doing" and "need help" support group?
  8. Hmmmmm, that is very interesting! I never thought about it that way. We are in town(Ajijic) does that make a difference and I have no idea what the footage is, it is upstairs/downstairs and a 3/2 ? Do you pay holiday pay and vacation pay? I want to respect the custom of where we are at , so whatever you can share will be much appreciated.
  9. Thank you, I appreciate this, and apologize.
  10. Do not be sorry , be accurate. Answer the question asked. All he did was complain and be negative, that is not helpful. Also, those whose advice I have taken know exactly to whom I am referring and it is not to those who have nothing productive to say. Why answer a question or give advice if it does not pertain? By the way , why don't you become one of those who are unwilling to give advice, thank you. Also, I know Mexico is different and part of getting accustomed to a different place is asking about it and getting relevant answers. How does telling someone they go out of the country for what I am looking for help? Please, do not answer, it was a rhetorical question. Sorry for being so blunt.
  11. Ok, rephrasing! We would like a housekeeper to work about 15 hours a week, maybe 3 hours a day MWF. If that is not the norm, please, tell me how they do it SOB. I expect a housekeeper to clean; dust, sweep , mop, clean the bathrooms and kitchen. We are very , repeat very clean people, so her job won't be tragic just maintain from her last visit. Windows will need to be done but that will be once in awhile and extra compensation will be given.
  12. Now, really how did that help? I love this web board but some people just reply to hear themselves talk.
  13. What happened to Cynthia? I found her website and was hopeful that she could help my husband with getting the shopping down and helping get the prescription refills navigated.
  14. OK, last one!!!! (at least for today). Need the protocol on how to find and pay a housekeeper and maintenance person. Will need a housekeeper about 3-4 times a week, a couple of hours each time , reliable maintenance person when needed. Our housekeeper NOB liked to be paid weekly and our HOA fees took care of maintenance . Any suggestions or recommendations?
  15. I have noticed that people on this page like to express their opinion and offer suggestions, so I am going to take you all up on this. I am going to list a few categories, you do not have to reply to all of them, just the ones you feel strongly about. I thank you all for your input, I have posted before and received some awesome advice. My husband is in Ajijic, I will be joining him in June, he is a little overwhelmed and needs some advice. Now where do you suggest I get the following, for the best price and quality, would like to stay away from Walmart (unless it is the best place ): A. Meats B. Fruit and vegetables C. Cell phone service( looking for unlimited plans) D. Cable, internet, home phone E. Hygiene products ( toothpaste, hair care products) F. Prescription refills E. Dog and cat food
  16. Go to your Home page, click on friends, to the right of their picture it says FRIENDS, click on that and it gives you the option to unfriend.
  17. Hi Again, If we have prescriptions that need refilling, blood pressure and such, where is the best place and do I need to get a script from a Mexican doctor?
  18. Can anyone suggest where to get some kind of cooling apparatus? We just moved down to Ajijic and are finding it a bit warm, even with the ceiling fans. I am sure we will acclimate to the weather here, but right now we need something. Any suggestions? Do you know someone who might be selling one?
  19. My husband just flew Volaris non stop from Orlando to Guadalajara, I do not know what people are talking about,we checked four bags, one medium size carry on and that cost $110 and that is reasonable in today's market. At the last minute, we added another checked bag , online, and it cost only $18. This is a discount airline, you get what you pay for. If you go on their website you can pull up their baggage fees. If you add a bag at the counter that is your fault, everyone knows you do not do that. Instead of griping, why don't people feel blessed that they have the opportunity to retire to such a wonderful place. Life is too short. P.S. Spare me your "witty" replies, they are quite boring.
  20. I want to thank all the positive people who reached out and offered help. A wonderful couple made available their home, for my husband, took him around and showed him some of ins and outs of Ajijic life and even recommended him to their friend, who had a rental. So, now, we are renting a 3/1.5 for a fantastic price and in the center of everything. It was a bit of a rough start but it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, especially ibbocat , couldn't be where we are at without your kindness and help!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Be arriving this June, we will be living in Ajijic fulltime. The pension check will direct deposit to a Chase Bank account, this can be changed, if necessary. My question is what is the best way to do banking? Should we open a Mexican Bank account ( my pension can not be direct deposited into one that is not American based the DOE will not do that). Should we open aa account with a bank that is virtual, State Farm Bank has no physical locations, it is an all online bank? Any suggestions.
  22. OMG!!!!!! Thank you, so much. You are the first person that gave me a concrete answer. I appreciate your time and effort.
  23. This site has incorrect information, according to the USDA and Mexican customs. This is the problem , depending on the day this information changes. The dog does not need but ONE shot and that is rabies and from day to another you either need a health certificate endorsed by the USDA or not.
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