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  1. Wow, really and where you came from people didn't steal?
  2. O.K. , first I am trying my best to be polite, if you do not have an answer, please, oh , please resist posting, I am begging you. I am so stressed out and the last thing I need is someone answering my question with another question or some unnecessary comment. Please, remember how stressful it was for you when you moved. Please, recommend a provider or providers for the following: internet landline TV - would like to see American football, TCM and I need HBO for the Game of Thrones. If you all could recommend some providers, I will see if they service my area, just need a jumping off point. Also, side note, if anyone out there is a GOT fan, maybe we can get a little group going to have GOT viewing parties. We had one here and it was wayyyyyyy fun.
  3. What internet service do you use?
  4. What are topes? Newbie here.
  5. Can someone explain who these guys are and what is the scam? Newbie here
  6. Can you tell me of the pros and cons of living in Brisas de Chapala? Just need some insight on the area. Thank you
  7. Hello, We need to purchase a twin or full size bed, for company, where is a good place to do so? We , also, need the frame.
  8. Looking to avoid the ATM fees that we are hit with. We bank with Chase and those fees add up, we don't excessively use the ATM. Alright you got me, I am cheap. I hate paying ATM fees, even here in the U.S. I avoid them every chance I get. If I have to stop and get cash and get charged a fee, I admit I whine , for bit. So I have been doing my research. Charles Schwab has an online bank and I am wondering if anyone uses them? I talked to several Charles Schwab specialists and they all give the same information: no minimum balance, insured by the FDIC , they do not have international Debit card fees you can use any ATM anywhere in the world, transfers online are free. Supposedly, you pay whatever the ATM fee is at that ATM and at the end of the month they reimburse you all of those fees. Now, I asked a million questions and I have seen it in writing, but I would like to know if anyone else uses them or have used them?
  9. (I will be moving to Ajijic in mid-September, and am willing to consider sharing a mailbox.) I sent you a private message. I am ashamed. Usually, I am so thorough.
  10. I called and that is where I received the conflicting answers.
  11. I am not there, yet. My husband is but he has a ton of things to do. I was just trying to help him out.
  12. I tried and tried to find an answer on my own, but received conflicting answers. Does anyone know if Sol y Luna allow people to share boxes , like iShop? If so, does anyone know anyone who would want to? We would like service but will not be using it enough to justify the cost. Thank you
  13. I think many responders on this site could benefits by lighting up a fatty. LOL
  14. Trying to decide on a mail service and these two places are the ones that keep getting mentioned, ishop and mail and Sol y Luna, if there is another place , please, let me know. Which is the better one to use? We are looking to do the following: Receive mail from the U.S. Receive Amazon ( I know not all suppliers ship to Mexico but will make sure they do) Receive Amazon Mexico shipments Send letters and small packages to U.S.
  15. WOW, you are quite intelligent but a little uptight here are few things everyone needs to understand. Drones are new. Older people might not understand them. They are extensively used for filming. They are ,also, used by HOA's to spy. They take amazing and beautiful cinematography. Drones are used to invade people's privacy. Not all Drone users invade peoples' privacy. Some people would like to see shriveled gringos sunbathing. Shriveled gringos sunbathing is not everyone's cup of tea. What I am trying to say is that there are positive and negative points to each side. Why not have a DRONE class, maybe at LCS, and educate people about them. Give demonstrations maybe even have drone enthusiasts exhibit their work. I, personally, would love to see how one works and film and post on my Facebook to make all those to scared to move out of their comfort zone, see the beauty of L:ake Chapala. Just a thought.
  16. Ummmm, I am assuming, my fault, that since the pet is being relocated it is healthy ( heartworm pet will be denied a health certificate) did not think that needed to be explained.
  17. Vets can use Revolution or something similar, it very common treatment.
  18. It has to be on the health certificate. The vet needs to include what was used and when. It has to be done not longer than 6 months. Check the airline they are coming in on, some say this treatment needs to be done fifteen or thirty days before.
  19. OMG!!!!! I grew up in Brooklyn and that was what I thought was A/C for longest time. LOL!!! But, it works, thank you, I forgot about it.
  20. LOL!!!! You guys/gals can be rough but you all are very informative
  21. Our phones are GSM. Our phones originally from T-Mobile which Telcel (according to their website) is compatible. Thank you, so much.
  22. Husband went to Telcel ( sorry if spelling is wrong) to get a plan, many of you said it was the best choice (thank you). We have an unlocked phone, an android, and they said he needed to buy a new phone from them, in order for the plan to work. We are under no contract from any other company NOB and the phone is a newer model, so no outdated system and common enough so the system is not too new. When signing up for cell services do you need to buy a new phone, in order for the plans in Mexico to work? Something does not smell right.
  23. Thank you, Solajijic. I appreciate your time and knowledge.
  24. OK. Didn't you all read the Moderator 5's message. He was trying tactfully to let us know enough is enough - TAKE THE HINT!
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