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  1. Again, shut your mouth. I do more than my part. I feed 12 children who otherwise would go hungry. I have rescued over thirty cats and dogs and placed them MYSELF in loving forever homes. I refuse to volunteer with you people. I have never had the displeasure of meeting such bitter and vicious people in my life. I , truly, hope I do not age like you guys. I am 52yrs. old and yesterday I was only really afraid of rats but now I am afraid of turning into one of you guys. I realize I will be banned from this site and that's fine. At the beginning of the month, we are relocating to Bahia de Banderas because this place sucks the soul of you.
  2. Ohhhh darling, just got back from Dr.Memo with the dog my husband and I just rescued from deplorable conditions. Also, stopped on the way back to buy three more huge bags of dog and cat food to package up and keep in the car to feed the homeless pets. So hush all your mouths, I don't open my mouth unless I am doing whatever I can. Unlike some of you, who sit behind your computers waiting for a post to pounce on.
  3. What?????? Euthanasia?????? So killing the puppies is an option for you? Message me and I will come get them. You are a horrible person to even think that, shame.
  4. We rescued a pit bull puppy ( about three to four months old) from a very bad place. We need to get him his shots any suggestions where we can get low cost shots?
  5. Just brought two cats from Orlando, no problems. I flew Volaris. Follow the rules that are set for entering Mexico, google them, but especially know what your airline wants!!!!! i had no issues because I followed all the rules and I had my paperwork organized. Also, buy spacious and well ventilated carriers. I ordered mine from Amazon.
  6. Flew on Volaris from Orlando, I had two cats ( belly of plane and one dog on plane), they were treated with great care. I did buy the best of the carriers for the cats, they each had a fan ( not battery operated - charged ) and I had the dog certified as emotional support ( CertaPet) it was so easy, so she got to sit on my lap. I know people might say I was wrong for certifying the dog, but too bad. There a fee but the paperwork was not questioned. At the airport, in Guadalajara, they inspected the pets ( looked in the carriers and petted my dog) ,my paperwork was so well prepared and in order that the experience was very quick and pleasant. Follow the rules not only that Mexico has but the airline. Make sure you follow the airline.
  7. Yes, I did get a reply from Jaime. Jaime ,also, sold us a car, that's why we need a rental. This car broke down five days later. The mechanic said that he doctored the car to disguise the engine problems and he was surprised it lasted five days. We had it checked out by two mechanics before we purchased it and they didn't see anything glaringly wrong, but they had no idea what was inside the engine. Now, the problem is that on the paperwork it has Mark's name. Actually,Jaime signed Mark's name,in front of my husband. So we are planning on taking legal action but want to talk make Mark aware that he is going to be involved because his name is all over the paperwork.
  8. Have you met Mark? If you have can you describe him for me? Does he have a partner?
  9. Where can I rent a car ? I called the place in Ajijic , starts with an L, is there any other place?
  10. We just moved into our beautiful new home in San Juan Cosala, Raquet Club. A satellite guy came to our home and offered us two options; A. Shaw TV - total to start up $1200 US. It included receiver blah, blah and first three months. He gave the price in pesos but that's what it was in US. There's a satellite dish on the roof now. B. DISH - $120 a month and he said that we needed to pay a year upfront. Was he for real or just trying to get over? We don't mind paying more in order to have American channels and HBO, so can I have some serious input on our next move, we are willing to compromise but would like some American channels.
  11. Why would would I buy something I already own? He is holding a referral hostage, either buy an over priced vape pen or I won't give you the information.
  12. How much to refill a cylinder tank
  13. O.k.. our gas is included in our rent. I went to cook dinner, no gas. Called the realtor who is the representative of the landlord and he said they forgot. He said he will have someone out there Monday. So does anyone know anyone who delivers gas on Saturday?
  14. My husband use to see a acupuncturist in the states and as part of his therapy she sold ( legally) him CBD oil as part of his treatment. I know it's legal here in Mexico, has been for awhile, but we can not find where to purchase it ,locally. We went to that shop in Ajijic that sells adult items and paraphernalia and he knows where but won't say where unless we buy the vape pen from him, too expensive, just need the oil. Anyone know where to purchase?
  15. We bought a car and in the process of getting it registered. We need to get car insurance,any suggestions?
  16. I apologize, I asked this before but people misunderstood. I have a computer but not a printer/scanner,yet, so I need to a place where I can log into a computer,print a do and then scan it. Please, do not say do it with an app., I need a paper copy for my files.
  17. I apologize, I asked this before but people misunderstood. I have a computer but not a printer/scanner,yet, so I need to a place where I can log into a computer,print a do and then scan it. Please, do not say do it with an app., I need a paper copy for my files.
  18. Ok , I guess I was not clear. I need a place that has a computer that I can print from and then scan it
  19. We have not bought a printer/scanner for our computer,not sure if we are going to, but I do find myself in need to scan and send a form for my retirement. We live in Chapala, where can I go to do this? Thank you.
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