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  1. The problem in the United States is the use of ethanol in the gasoline. By law the petroleum companies must use so much unless they can get a waver. In the states the ethanol is usually made from corn. At the time of the law, corn was a very low price and oil was getting scarce so they decided the adding ethanol usually 10% would be a good thing . Chillin is correct the problem is the carburetor. New cars have carburetor's that are designed to accommodate the ethanol. Your one cycle engines like for weed eaters, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc do not have carburetor that will accommodate the ethanol. The ethanol forms a varnish in the carburetor and they will soon cease to run. You can still buy gasoline in some station's without ethanol and I buy it for all my equipment and old tractors. My new truck I use the ethanol gasoline and so far no problems. Corn is at record prices now and there is sufficient oil so there is an effort to do away with the ethanol law. Once a law is on the book sometimes its hard to change it but there is a world wide shortage of corn and it is needed for food and feed.
  2. Does anyone know if you need a covid test to fly domestically in Mexico?
  3. In Chapala I have been getting a regular size hamburger on sesame bun with veggies and French fries for 60 pesos. The hamburger is good and the potato fresh fried. My total bill with coca cola was 83 pesos. It is located 2 or 3 stores East of Santander bank and is called the Black Kitchen. I have been paying double this price for hamburgers not nearly this good.
  4. In Oklahoma after a few cold nights and just before the first freeze my wife harvested all the tomatoes and made some great chow chow with the green ones. Frijoles, cornbread and chow chow is hard to beat on a cold winter day!
  5. I buy all my drugs in Jocotepec they are much cheaper there away from the gringo influence.
  6. I give up, $500 pesos for it now!
  7. rafterbr

    Al Meraj

    I agree the only food value place at the mall is the Indian place. Their food is not bad and generous.
  8. Two weeks ago called Uber from Ajijic and they said $350 pesos to Guadalajara but they had no cars. We rode bus to Guadalajara and taxi back. Taxi was $500 pesos. Suspect you can get Uber from Guadalajara to Lake side but can only get one here if there happens to be one in the area.
  9. rafterbr


    Went to Hacienda de Don Pedro today for quail and rabbit. They told me they could cook nothing as they were out of gas, also they had no rabbit. We went to eat at Linda's and had a good meal but Cocinart is still my favorite
  10. How long for air travel is the Antigen test good for?
  11. Does anyone know if the Telmex office in Ajijic is Open? If not, I would appreciate a phone number for the office. It appears they are double billing me for the service. Gracias for the help!
  12. I know of many foals raised by goats. It's easier to buy a goat with milk and let the foal nurse it. It does not take long for both to get use to idea. I knew one race horse who refused to travel anywhere unless mother goat was with it.
  13. In Oklahoma we cover the French fries with chili and cheese. Guaranteed not to prolong your life!
  14. Thanks, I spent 3 years in Australia and 3 years in England where I enjoyed hundreds of fish and chips at dozens of restaurants and I don't remember a bad one, although some were better than others. At one restaurant in Australia you had your choice of 5 different fish. I usually got the whiting. Of course, cod is the universal choice. I am surprised here Lake side with the abundance of seafood there is not better fish and chips available. It starts with the chips and we are somewhat limited by the small potatoes here. Chips should be large, long and juicy with a lot of salt. Next the batter, for the fish, there are a few ways to make it, but I enjoy a beer batter with some malt vinegar in it. The fish is very important and so far, I have only been served a cheap fish which is crumbly instead of flaky like it should be. Gracias for the suggestion, I will try Lake Taco.
  15. After the good reviews for Letra CH we tried to try it today. We decided to walk from the Chapala melacon to it, a lot further than I thought. Upon arriving we found they were closed from 19 July to 28 July. I had looked at the restaurant reviews and they said they were open. We next decided to try La Pacena, another mistake. After we arrived around 2:30 the band started playing, making it difficult to talk. Three of the four dinners were good, as usual mine was the only bad one. I had fish and chips, which use to be good there but not anymore. I'm trying fish and chips at all the restaurants we eat at and surprisingly so far the best has been at Abulita's.
  16. I use cow manure to make tea. I go to restaurants and collect their used one gallon vegetable cans. I cut both ends out and place one over a tomato plant. This protects the plant from the wind and concentrates the water to the plant. Next I get some cow manure and. Put it in 5 gallon bucket. I than fill with water and let it set over night. Next day, I feel the cans with my tea, I only have to do this once. The first time my Mexican wife objected to my putting the tea in the tomato cans. So I said alright we will use the tea on half the tomatoes and the other half we won't. Next year, she wanted to know when I was going to make the tea! I have my own cows so I don't worry about disease from the manure.
  17. I have listed on this forum an Adroid TV Box for $800 pesos. You can watch about anything on it. I watch both Canadian and English shows as well as Mexican and USA.
  18. We have some visitors from Mexico City and they wanted to see the peacocks so we ate at the Peacock Restaurant yesterday. After being seated we found one of our party had stepped in poop. We found there was two significant piles of it, either from a peacock or probably a dog. We were moved to another table and later another couple came in and were seated at the same table and again one of them stepped in it. When we left over an hour later it was still there for people to step in. Menu wise one man reported his steak was very good. All of the rest of us reported our meals were less than satisfactory. I had fish and chips and they were some of the worst I've had lakeside. I don't think I will ever be returning to this restaurant.
  19. If it is a large tree most if not all these suggestions are not correct. You have to be careful if you kill a tree in Mexico you can be fined since all trees belong to the country and permission must be granted for their removal. I don't think this is a matter to be discussed publicly.
  20. In the states, I have a water well and the water pump only comes on when I use water. Here I have a aljibe and a tinaco on my roof. The tinaco drains back into my aljibe constantly and every 10 or 15 minutes my pump comes on to refill the tinaco... Is this how the system is supposed to work?
  21. We have upgraded to fire cube and no longer need the android. Will sale for $1,000 pesos. Gracias This is a H96 Pro Ultra HD TV Box. I am now reducing price to $800 pesos. You need a good Wifi signal for it to work properly.
  22. We had lunch today at Cocinart . Arturo welcomed us back and we had a great meal. We looked at the garden but opted for the dining room. Not a single fly, the first meal I've had here where I did not have to guard my plate. I had the seafood plate and my wife the shrimp salad. They were both very good. Cocinart has to be one of the finest restaurants Lake side.
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