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  1. We were the 3rd customer to the restaurant and they had no gas so we had a long wait. The maji maji fish was fine but I didn't like the chips. They were a good size but not fried in oil. I asked if they were frozen but they said they were freshly cut. Tasted like they were baked in an oven. They were cooked all the way through and very dry. Its possible this was just opening day problem. Someone else here said they got some excellent fries the next day. I will try the french fries again, and my wife got an excellent chili en nogada. The chips and salsa were also very good. I like the restaurant and we will eat there again.
  2. Same answer no shot record required but they will need visa, passport and covid test.
  3. You must show passport and proof of covid test dated within one day. You do not have to show your vaccination record but there is talk about making vaccination proof to fly on airlines.
  4. Supposedly several of the Banemex workers came down with the covid virous and they closed the bank. There has been a run on the ATM and they have not refilled it
  5. There is a rumor the Chapala Banamex is closed because many of the workers have the covid. Guadalajara Banamex locations are open. My wife has account at Banamex while mine is at Santander. We are not really worried about account but may change once everything settles down.
  6. As Linapolo stated the name of the restaurant is Membrillo. Entrance to restaurant is on Marco Castellano.
  7. Thank you for the information. We are now trying to get an appointment. Hopefully they will have vacancy before we go back to the states. Also thanks to everyone else who have provided much appreciated information.
  8. As I walked along the carretera yesterday, I noticed a new sign for covid tests. It said Covid 19 Antigen Test for $249. Results in 25 minutes. It was at Laboratorio Clinico Epsilon, address carreteraoriente 58 int. B Ajijic. This is west of the Wednesday Ajijic Tiangus.
  9. We got there around 1 pm and were the only customers. Later two women came in. After we ordered, they later came and told us they had no gas but truck was on the way. It was about an hour before we got our order. They had a temporary menu to order from. Waitress showed us the new menu's but said it would be next week before they could be used. My wife had the chili nogada and I had the fish and chips. She said the chili nogada was very good but my fish and chips were only so so. The fries tasted like they were frozen chips but they said they were freshly cut so they did not cook them properly. They were cooked all the way through which I do not like. The atmosphere was pleasant and the tables and chairs new. The staff was very attentive and gave us some extra goodies, and drinks were free since we had to wait. Over all we enjoyed the restaurant and will be back. I just won't order the fish and chips. They also said they would start serving breakfast in a week or two.
  10. My wife just returned from Germany. She traveled from USA to Germany and from Germany to Mexico. When arriving in Germany they could not open her QR code since their scanner would only read EU QR codes. They looked at her paper CDC shot record and Mexican passport and knew she had a QR record even though they could not read it and she had a paper covid test result so they let her in. Later in Germany, she had another covid test and now she had on her phone a current covid test they could read. When she went to restaurants she showed her Mexican passport, the paper CDC shot record and they could look at her current EU QR code for covid test. She did not have problem getting in stores and restaurants. All the stores and restaurants checked the people before they let them in. Coming back she had to get a new one day covid test because her connecting flight was in Dallas.
  11. QR code from Mexico may not do you any good. The QR code from the Euro countries uses a scanner that will not open the USA QR code and I doubt if it will open the one from Mexico.
  12. We got some donuts and bagels at Vicky's yesterday. They were both very good. In fact the donuts are the best I have had lakeside. There goes my diet!!
  13. Thanks for all the information. Just two other questions, please. In documents there is no mention of photos. Did you take new photos there or did they take photo in their office. Also how long did it take to get the passport. Gracias
  14. Gracias, for the inputs. What will she need besides her old passport.
  15. My Mexican wife needs to renew her Mexican passport. Does anyone know where in Guadalajara she can do this and what documents she might need gracias
  16. Russets are grown in Mexico but the dirty potato's sold around here are a close relative of the russet. I looked at Pancho's russet's and I don't think they are russet's from the USA. Just like many other vegetables like onion's the soil it is growed in and the climate make a big difference. Russet potato's are great for french fries and for baking. Much superior to the white/yellow potato found around here.
  17. I bought the brown onions at Pancho's and they are not a sweet onion. They are a lot better than the white ones and about on a par with the red ones.
  18. I don't think that was called for.
  19. Thanks I will try the brown onions at Pancho's.
  20. If you are out in the community, I don't see where you will ever have spare change. You have the beggars at the Ajijic Tiangus, Superlake, and the main street of Chapala plus poor nino's. In fact I have to limit it. One beggar at the tiangus, one at Superlake and one in Chapala plus the nino's. I try to keep a few pesos back for the autobus but its hard.
  21. I enjoy onions with most of my meals. Here in Mexico all the onions I buy are hot. Does anyone know where I can buy sweet ones. In Oklahoma I buy Peruvian onions which I understand are the vidalia onion from Georgia planted in Peru. It is not quite as sweet as the vidalia from Georgia but it is more firm and is just right for my test buds. I also buy sweet Mexican onions in Oklahoma but I have not seen them here. They are not as sweet as the Peruvian onion but not bad.
  22. The hearts look very good. My favorite parts of the chickens are fried hearts, gizzards and liver. Many of the quick stops and small grocers sell them to go in Oklahoma.
  23. I saw some Borax at Pancho's. I got a case of borax from amazon in USA. Don't know if amazon mex has it or not.
  24. We are a long ways from buying pork belly but this is my two cents worth. I love pork shoulder steak, I like it as good as a fine beef steak and I have raised and had butchered many beefs. I like the pork shoulder steak grilled or fried, I think the bone gives it a better flavor. I like it better than the butt portion which is usually boneless with less marbeling. As for the shoulder roast, I do not like it deboned. I think it cooks better and has a better flavor if the bone is left in.
  25. Don't know about Uber but I just got a airport taxi at midnight. From airport to Riberas 450 pesos. Don't think Uber will be much cheaper than this.
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