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  1. now I stick to Sonora or the back of a pickup truck delivery at the meercado, for a fresh beef tenderloin. This board is ,as clearly stated, about the lake Chapala,Guadalajara and Mexico in general. So since the OP by rafterbr and subsequent post be geeser effect none of us one iota can you two not find another board to moan and groan about US,Aussie beef producing, where your like minded persons could give a hoot about. I belong to a BSA a7-a10 group and we don't discuss Triumphs. You are sadly mistaken if you think the price of beef lakeside will not be effected by the prices in
  2. When I retired from government 25 years ago I started ranching and was getting 50 cents a pound for calves. Four or 5 years ago I got $1,500 a calf and I thought happy times are here. Last year I got around $650 a calf and not making much money after expenses. My expenses are the same whether $1,500 calf or $650 calf. Prices have started to go back up and maybe I will make some money this year. I understand in Australia calves are bringing over $1,000 a calf, straight off the cow which is how I sell them.
  3. My aljibe has a pump. When we first bought casa it did not have a tinaco.
  4. rafterbr

    Beef Prices

    Beef prices are starting to really go up and if you eat a lot of beef now is a good time to stock up. Australia use to be the largest exporter of beef in the world. Due to droughts and bush fires their cattle numbers are really down and now their beef prices are the highest in the world. It will be years before they build back up again. With record prices the ranchers cannot afford to keep heifers back to build cattle herds. It takes 3 years from the time a calf is born until she in turn will have a calf. Ranchers who were forced to sale their cows now cannot afford to buy them back. C
  5. Do you remember how much they charged? Gracias
  6. Excellent advice from all. Now does someone have name and phone number of someone to clean it. From the aljibe one line goes to outside faucet and T's to go to Tinaco so I believe the garden water doesn't come from Tinaco but I am sure you are right the Tinaco and aljibe need to be cleaned.
  7. Over a year ago, we put a new tinaco on the roof of our casa. We returned to the states planning to come back to Mexico in 6 months. Covid prevented this but we are now vaccinated and ready for return. My concern is the water in the tinaco is now over a year old. We have a gardener and he has been watering the garden but I am sure this water comes directly from the aljibe. I wonder if the water in Riberas is treated in any way, if not I am afraid the water in the tinaco will be full of algae and other pollutants. Any suggestions?
  8. You are taking a risk anytime you eat a raw hamburger. In Oklahoma, health department rules preclude a restaurant from serving a raw hamburger. I never did but many restaurants still do. Every year in the states there are massive recalls of hamburger meat because a company's mincer/grinder got infected with e-coli. The meat from a company is usually shipped over a several state area so you are in danger no matter where you are. A lot of the grocery stores grind their own beef but they buy the meat by the box and the meat in the box could have been contaminated at the packer. With a stea
  9. Check with your propane company. Many have a "sniffer" which will find the leak location.
  10. I shudder at the thought. You will not get the flavor a flame fire heat will induce, be it gas, wood, charcoal or even from a pan fry. All the good steak houses I know use a flame kissed preparation of a steak. Charcoal also works well and I used charcoal with a kiss of flame at the end when I had my steak house.
  11. If you have an iron skillet a pan fried steak is hard to beat! I think it is a lot better than an electric grill.
  12. Thanks, Excellent food and nice patio, They will be number 1 with me.
  13. Cocinart one of my favorites but Unless it has changed does not have outside dining.
  14. I agree with you, about decided not to shoot anymore but the meat is really good!
  15. Since they were a Spanish posession for many years, this is not surprising.
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