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  1. Sounds like you may not have such a bad problem. If you have two tanks simply use biodegradable soap and buy a small submergible pump. Every few months water your lawn with the grey water. Saves on water usage and is easy to do.
  2. Are you talking about the store near Huerto cafe in Riberas or the one near Paninios in San Antonio
  3. I need to change out the pulls on my kitchen cabinet doors. Does any one know where I can buy new ones Lakeside? Gracias
  4. If you are on septic system using clorox or other strong acid can kill the bacteria in your system and cause many septic problems. The bacteria converts your waste to liquid in the tank making for easier disposal.
  5. Is there anywhere to buy printer ink lakeside besides Walmart. Walmart is out of the ink for my HP 135 series printer and I can't wait for an online order.
  6. I noticed there was a topic on the Manix Christmas dinner and thought I would comment on our experience at Scallion. I'm doing a separate topic so as to not offend the topic police. My wife was skeptical about going to Scallion because they did not offer the traditional turkey or ham. We had not eaten at Scallion so decided to give it a try The 3 offerings were pork tenderloin, chicken or salmon. Our reservation was for 5 p.m. and when we arrived there were several people at the outside tables but almost no one inside. I ordered the pork tenderloin and my wife the salmon. The advertisement said soup and salad but we were told this was a mistake and we could only have one. We opted for the salad and it was small and a better choice of lettuce could have been made. Given the number of people present, I thought the meals took an inordinate amount of time. The waiters checked on us frequently so I was pleased with this. My pork tenderloin was a tad tough but had a good flavor. It came with sauteed small potatos with red cabbage on top. There was also green beans and sliced carrots but the carrots were dry. Overall I would rate my meal as good to very good. My wife had the salmon with rice and asparagus and she rated her meal as very good. The meal came with apple pie and ice cream. Surprisingly the apple pie was terrible. My wife would not eat hers and I combined the ice cream with my pie or I could not have eaten mine. The apples had cooked way to long before hey were put in the crust for baking. I also believe the wrong apples were used. As you know there are eatng apples and baking apples and I suspect eating apples were used. I still liked the meal and we may go back for New Years.
  7. In Riberas Del Pilar just west of the Huerto cafe on the lake side is a shop with many large pots to choose from. I have bought several large ones there. They use to have many small talavera figures on the wall when you looked in but they have taken them down in preparation to painting the walls. Good prices.
  8. I agree sourdough takes longer but it is usually started the day before and most bakery items do not use sourdough.
  9. Don't know the size of their confection oven or how many they have but if they start at 4 in the morning, many items should be ready by 7 a.m. The bakery I am most familiar with, starts at 4 in the morning and has most items ready for sale at 6 a.m.
  10. Threat is to children not adults. If you have ever seen children playing with straws in restaurants, sword fighting, etc. or babies suddenly nodding their heads, you can see the dangers. Starbucks has issued a recall of all steel straws because of injuries to children. All the stainless steel straw manufacturers I know have issued warnings, they are to be used by adults only.
  11. Quite often your pilot will get fuzz, and other matter around it. This will cause the pilot to go out. A natural gas employee showed me by getting a regular straw and blowing hard on the pilot you can eliminate most of the fuzz and the pilot will stay lit. Tried it in my rent houses and it works. He told me all the gas employees in the state carry straws in their trucks for this purpose.
  12. You do not use steel straws in restaurants or anywhere there is children present. Even though you may instruct staff to never give a child a steel straw it still happens. It is not worth risking a childs eye for this.
  13. I would answer the question but I am afraid the OPR would think it was a bunch of BULL.
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