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  1. Does anyone know where lakeside you can buy tomato and pepper plants?
  2. My wife, a Mexican citizen received her first Pfizer vaccine shot today. The Chickasaws, my tribe are now vaccinating tribal member spouses. She complained it hurt her arm but after buying her blueberry pancakes, the pain went away. They are now saying the first shot Pfizer vaccine can be up to 90% effective. Many countries are now planning on giving just the one shot so they can do double the number of people vaccinated. Johnson & Johnson is advertised as a one shot vaccine but it appears one shot from Pfizer is more effective than J&J.
  3. Many years ago Cincinnati, Ohio closed there old septic plant and opened a new one. Someone got a bright idea and bought the old one. They cleaned it, filled with water and stocked catfish in it. They opened a restaurant on the site and advertised you could catch your own meal. You would catch a catfish, the restaurant would clean it, fry it and serve it to you while you were enjoying drinks. Great idea but unfortunately no one could get over it being the septic system at one time and they had few customers.
  4. I think what you probably saw was a badger. They are somewhat similar and there are badger in Mexico. I don't think a wolverine would be this far south.
  5. Current electricity problem is due to Gov. Abbott of Texas order to not sale natural gas to Mexico. This meant Northern Mexico cannot produce enough electricity to support the region. Don't know when Texas will recover enough energy to restore sales. Not sure this is legal.
  6. I don't see how the organic chicken can have a shelf life of a year without some preservative.
  7. Coldest in Oklahoma since the 1800's. It was -6F this morning and supposed to be -12F in the morning. My water in the house is frozen despite letting it drip and it will be Saturday when warm temperatures arrive again before it thaws out. Cows are having to eat snow for water but I did put out enough hay for them. Baby calves being born are freezing to death and my outside dog who has never been inside the house had to be forced in. Now she won't eat or drink water. Thank god we still have electricity. I had stored water for the banyo's but by Wednesday I will have to melt snow for them.
  8. Actually pozole is a native american dish to a great many Native American Nations including the Pueblas, the Navajo's and the five civilized tribes. My tribe the Chickasaws serve it at all their feasts, so yes you will find pozole in Kansas. Just like in Mexico there are several ways its prepared by the tribes.
  9. I'll admit it was a slow day and I thought I would give you something to think about. The subject is real and I do like them. I assume there are turkeys in Mexico so my inquiry is not clueless. Inquiring minds want to know. They are located under the wings of male turkeys or so I have been told by butcher shops.
  10. In my wanderings around the lake so far I have not found a restaurant that offered Turkey Fries. This midwestern USA treat usually has to be special ordered in the states and is sometimes hard to get. When fried like chicken they are delicious. I wonder if any of the local butcher shops offer them?
  11. We are stuck in Oklahoma until my wife gets her vaccination shots, maybe late February. Here in Oklahoma we are in the midst of a record Artic blast. Temperatures have been below freezing for a week and are expected to stay this way for another week. Monday we are expecting a foot of snow with a high of minus 5 F for the day. I must break ice for cows to get water every day and baby calves are freezing when born from a freezing fog and ice covered ground. Highways are froze over and travel is extremely dangerous. Yes, I will be glad to get back to our paradise in Chapala.
  12. We recently decided to buy a rent house or two in the Chapala area. When I first came here 8 years ago they were readily available for $40,000 to $60,000 US. Even 3 years ago there were some available for this price. Now there is none, I don't know about the higher end but the lower and mid-level real estate has definitely seen a rise in value. I thought the virus would have an effect but not so. Maybe the people from Guadalajara are buying for weekend retreats?
  13. The auto restrictions in Mexico City are for age of car. Older cars are allowed to only drive certain days.
  14. I agree Farmacia Guadalajara is very reasonable but beware of background. It was to dark for one couple and photos refused by consulate.
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