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  1. Having owned a furniture store and several antique stores I am not exactly illiterate on the subject. If applied to the bottom of the furniture the kerosene does not really show and will evaporate in a week or two. The kerosene gets the poison deep where the larva is and will kill it when it eats the wood. The preferred way to kill the larva is in a kiln as they cannot survive when the temperature gets above 120 degrees F' In Oklahoma when the temperature got over 100 degrees outside, I would put the furniture in my car with all the windows rolled up and parked in the sun. 30 minutes is supposed to take care of the problem but I always left for several hours. If a person can figure how to get the temperature over 120 degrees on the furniture for a sustained time the problem will be taken care of.
  2. An old fashion remedy which works well. Mix an insecticide with kerosene or turpentine and spray the infected areas. The kerosene will deeply penetrate the wood and the beetles will be killed and the larvae as they eat the wood.
  3. We are in Oklahoma at the moment. Depending on virus when we return in the fall. My wife is a psychologist and had a television show in Mexico City. I am sure the wives would like to meet. She has already made several good friends in Riberas. Hope to meet you in the fall. If you have any questions I might answer feel free to PM me.
  4. We live in Riberas also. In fact my wife also comes from Mexico City. Several months ago we went to the Telmex office and were told we could get an accelerated 20 MB package so we ordered it. A woman working in the office told us she lived in Riberas and only got a max of 10MB. Our installer told us we would only get 10MB from the system.. He said when they tried to accelerate it they had outages all the time. I hear iLOX is good but we had a long wait period.
  5. Once I had a half bobcat cat. She would only play with mice but would climb the tallest tree to get a bird. She even got on top of my barn trying to catch birds as they flew by.
  6. I assume you are repairing a flat roof. I put a membrane roof on one store I had. It was installed using a torch to seal the edges. One advantage is it is easily repaired. However if it was me, I would contact 3 different contractors and see how they say, they would fix it. Most of the measures you are receiving are temporary measures and will have to be redone in a few years. Sealer to me is not a viable option. A membrane roof with a slurry coat might be your best answer.
  7. This article has made me hungry for it. Is there not a restaurant lakeside who serves good corn beef. I must admit I like it with sauerkraut and on rye.
  8. If I go to yahoo mail first, usually the new mail format appears. If so I go to my yahoo home page and click mail from there. The old mail format than appears. I think there are differences depending on computer and software. I'm no expert but I am getting tired of yahoo changing the mail format all the time.
  9. Scientist say there is no difference between a brown egg and a white egg. Having been raised on a farm, I don't believe them. In a brown egg, the yolk is more orange and the egg tastes better.
  10. The water smells a little soapy from the soap in it but the smell soon goes away and is not unpleasant to me.
  11. My grey water tank has a easily removed lid. When the water level gets high I simply drop in a small submersible water pump and pump water on the garden for an hour or two. Good to go usually for month or two.
  12. I suggest you talk to conractors about black water, grey water tanks. They will do what you want at a much cheaper cost. A lot of contractors don't use cement underground construction here because rocks are harder and will stand up to underground movement better.
  13. The best medicine for a virus is sunshine and warm temperatures. Hopefully it will go into hiding until this fall when we can be better prepared.i
  14. Hey mudgirl, read again. He said leach tank not leach field. The leach tank is the second tank in his drawing.
  15. When the effluent goes out the outlet where does it go? You might consider a dark water and grey water system. The dark water would hardly ever have to be dumped since it is such a small quantity and the grey water can be pumped on your garden when full. This would require two separate tanks, as your design would still have some dark water characteristics.
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