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  1. To my knowledge they do not deliver but I see people picking up pizzas to go. Their pasta is excellent home made and is my favorite place for pasta. I wish the pasta came with a salad and this would make it truly great.
  2. Speaking of poop. I rarely see anyone picking it up. We live on a corner lot in Riberas and every day I find these small and large presents left for us. We have a tall perimeter wall so I don't see when it is done but when I am out walking I see people walking dogs and it is the rare person who is picking up the poop. I am not anti-dog as I have a good one at the ranch but I am anti-dogs in restaurants and pooping on my grass. It would be nice if these dog walkers took care of the poop but the ones I've seen don't carry the essentials to do this.
  3. I had my teeth whitened at Dental Express. The woman doing it used so much force covering my gums she cracked a crown and I had to get a new one. The whitening lasted about 6 months and gradually faded away. I have my teeth cleaned every 4 months and this certainly affects the whitening.
  4. The Monarch butterflies have started their trek North and its going to be a tough one. When they reach Oklahoma and other southern states, they stop to lay their eggs. A single Monarch will lay one egg on a milkweed plant and may lay over a hundred eggs on different milkweeds. This year it has been a cold spring and milkweeds are not growing. When a Monarch cannot find another milkweed for an egg, it will go back and lay another egg on the same milkweed. This milkweed may accumulate 20 or more eggs from the same monarch. When they hatch there is not enough milkweed to sustain them. Many will die and predators will eat many. From the time it hatches until it becomes a butterfly is usually 4 or 5 days. Without enough food it may take 20 days and few will survive this length of time. My tribe the Chickasaws and other civic groups have planted milkweed gardens for them but this cold weather has really stunted their growth. Cows will not eat milkweeds and prior to my knowledge of their relationship with the Monarchs, I eliminated all of them from my pastures. Now I am thinking of seeding some back. With all of their problems, I don't know how much longer Monarchs will be around for us to enjoy.
  5. rafterbr


    Was told LetraCH was the best restaurants in Chapala. We ate there and found the portions served surprisingly small. One of the few restaurants lakeside I have left still feeling hungry.
  6. I appreciate all the restaurant reviews I receive and I am glad people take the time to write them. These reviews have saved me from several costly mistakes I would have made. Thanks Anthony!!!
  7. This is exactly the same thing Mediterraneo restaurant just down the road serves. Hoping for something different.
  8. Has anyone found out what the new restaurant in the old 7 -11 building in Riberas is going to be. Hope it is just a general restaurant with a variety of offerings.
  9. I spoke with my expert on the Mexican usage of words, my Mexican wife. She said, she can immediately tell the difference between Canadians and Norte Americanos and would not call a Canadian a gringo. She like a lot of Mexican's believe the word gringo came from green coat go home. Actually the US army did not wear green coats so this is wrong. I find it hard to believe it came from a song the US army sang (green grow my lilies). However its origin, it refers to USA people. In her mind there is some disrespect attached to it. The same for gordo, polite people do not refer to someone as gordo or prieta.
  10. From the Chapala plaza about two or 3 blocks north is a small butcher shop which has great ground beef (hamburger). Some of the best tasting I've had lakeside.
  11. You are being way to technical. We have Telmex which furnishes us wifi and a landline. We never use the landline as the mobile phones from the states work fine here. You can phone both the the states and make Mexican phone calls on one. I use Cricket as a provider and have no problems here. Laptops are cheap in the states now and I recommend you buy a new one in the states and bring here. Selection of laptops is not great and they are more expensive in Mexico.
  12. Store is East of the Pemex in Riberas, About 5 stores east of Pemex. Good selection but prices are terrible. Pancho's is cheaper and not far from the Garage.
  13. There is a cultural change lakeside but its not toward bicycles, its toward autos. Every Mexican lakeside feels he should own an automobile. Number of Mexican's owning autos has grown tremendously in the last few years which has led to traffic jams. Sure the tapatios and new arrivals have added to the problem but it is the additional home grown drivers who are adding to the traffic problems. As for the cycle paths more and more people are using them for walking paths. Every day I see people walking there dogs on them. It's just a matter of time before a e-bike hits a dog and we will see what happens. If its a Mexican dog, wellll.
  14. You are correct should be am but who at 1am can think straight!
  15. I got an airport taxi to Riberas 3 months ago. The taxi driver did not know where Riberas was but other drivers told him it was between Chapala and Ajijic. Cost was 450 pesos and I tipped him another 50 pesos when I got here. It was 1 pm at night and I was surprised at the number of taxis they had. Out1 directions are good but I paid with pesos as there is exchange office beside taxi ticket office. Exchange rate they give is terrible so I only got a few pesos.
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