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  1. In Australia in the fish and chip shops you are usually given your choice of fish among several for your fish and chips. I liked the whiting which is a different whiting from what is found along the north american coast. Straight from the ocean it was great.
  2. drill's are not allowed in carry on's as they can be used as a weapon. Put a drill or sharp object in one and hold to someones neck. They will certainly consider it a weapon.
  3. In England they have a rule you cannot honk your horn in a build up area (houses) after dark. Never understood this one as I thought horns were a safety factor.
  4. I recently had a soft drink at the Chickasaw Cultural Center and the cup was corn plastic. The cup was very sturdy and marked to be biodegradable. I did a little research and found corn plastic has been developed to do virtually everything regular plastic is used for. It uses no oil and is biodegradable in a few months. Almost no greenhouse emissions are made when it is manufactured and when burned does not emit toxic emissions. This would appear to solve the plastic problem. Don't know about cost and how soon Mexico might have it as it requires a genetically altered corn.
  5. Excellent explanation. We poor people in Oklahoma could never afford the dry method.
  6. I have never heard of anyone aging prime rib for two months, I don't know how you could do it? Aged beef carcass usually hangs for 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. Very easy to make one. Simply get an empty 1 liter soda bottle, fill half way with sugar water. Place small funnel on top. When it smells throw away and start new one. Funnel is reusable of course
  8. I would like to make a list of restaurants in the Lake Chapala area who don't allow dogs. I will start to use this list for my dining. Would appreciate input from the forum. Thanks,
  9. The ones I bought were from two men but I am sure it is same operation. Old truck with loudspeaker and I believe this is the price I paid. I got seis but didn't like them all that well. This was about 9 months ago.
  10. Last time I got tamales they were from a tub in the back of a truck in San Antonio. Very cheap but you get what you pay for. Will definitely try these. Thanks.
  11. La Pacena has excellent fish as does Lety's another San Antonio fish restaurant.
  12. rafterbr


    I agree, With ribeyes at $10 a pound and hamburger $5 a pound, I don't quite see them using ribeyes for hamburger meat. Supposedly some hamburger meat comes from sirloin steaks a much cheaper steak. However some fat must be added to the sirloin as it is a lean cut of meat.
  13. I have eaten there several times. The food is good but during fly season they are very bad with adjoining fields having much livestock.
  14. rafterbr


    In the old days they would put suet on the griddle and cook the hamburger meat in it. Just before the meat was done, they would brush melted butter on the bun and briefly place buns on the griddle. With lettuce and tomato this made a great tasting greasy hamburger which will kill you. In Australia most hamburger meat is around 90% lean. When you order a hamburger you order it with a salad (lettuce, tomato, onion. Most people order a hamburger with the lot. A hamburger with (the Lot) has the meat, salad, slices of beet root and on top a fried egg. I don't like beets but I grew to like this burger. In one of my restaurants I had the best burgers in this part of the country. I have a cattle ranch so I would have ground up a whole cow for hamburger meat. From a 1200 pound cow you get around 400 pounds of hamburger meat. Our hamburgers were 1/3 pound. Each morning we would hand form the meat in balls and place in wax paper. When ordered we would form into patty and as it was cooked we used a bacon press to flatten it a little for the bun. As soon as the meat was no longer pink inside we served it with fresh lettuce, tomato, onions. I only used salt and pepper on the meat so as to not dilute the taste. Hamburger meat should be hand formed and around 90% over 90% it will be to dry and not juicy. The 80% meat has to much fat in it for a good burger. I have thought of opening a restaurant in Ajijic with burgers and a limited menu with things like Indian Tacos with real fry bread but I am getting to old to want to work anymore.
  15. I wired my casita myself. I ran 220 wire from my junction box to the casita and put a 30 amp breaker in. I only hooked up one of the two wires and the ground. I now have 110 for the casita but have capability for 220 if I ever need it. Only set back at all is the 220 wire costs about double the cost of 110. I bought the all weather wire and buried it. Mexican junction boxes tend to be smaller but I bought a larger one so each room in my house can have its own breakers.
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