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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I will take Yves off the list of restaurants I like.
  2. A bank officer at Santandar suggested I buy the insurance to protect my bank account from being hacked. I believe I paid 2 or 3 thousand pesos for 100,000 peso protection. You can get higher amounts. My account was hacked through my debit card for 80,000 pesos. If I had not had the insurance I would not have gotten my money back. It was hacked from a store or restaurant lakeside. So be careful, the bank officer told me to never give my card to anyone. From now on I will pay cash. I am sure the other banks offer this insurance.
  3. During the Vietnam War spam and tabasco sauce was a meal for many of us. Although many now despise it, I still like it. Fried spam with eggs is not bad for breakfast.
  4. Almost all the meat in grocery stores in Oklahoma come in boxes from Canada. Canadian beef is cheaper for them to buy than US beef.
  5. This should not affect Mexican beef prices. However , if you buy beef at Costco, Black Angus beef, etc. the prices will be higher.
  6. Never hand your debit card to anyone. They only need a glance to get your expiration date and code on back. I bought insurance at the bank to cover my bank account and it was a good thing!
  7. I think we are referring to the same fire. The fire was at Holcomb , Kansas which I believe is near Garden City. This plant is the largest in the states. You are right, they have other plants in several states which is making them much money since they are using the Holcomb facility as an excuse to raise prices to the consumer. At the same time they have cut prices they pay for the cattle. It is a win, win for them. I don't see them in a big hurry to rebuild as a result. There other plants can absorb the extra cattle so there is no big loss in processing capability. There needs to be a congressional investigation but they are to big and powerful for this.
  8. Many of you have commented on the high beef prices at Costco and other places but probably don't know why. On 4 August the largest beef processing facility in the United States caught fire and has been closed ever since. The Tyson owned facility had 3,500 workers and processed 6,000 head of cattle a day. This was 6% of the total beef processed in the states. Feedlots in the area had no place to send their ready to butcher cattle and the other meat processing plants raised their prices for processed beef to the market. The feed lots took a big hit and lost much money as they had to ship the cattle mainly out of state and the processing plants started paying less money for the feedlot cattle because of the over supply. The feed lots had to pay less for the cattle they bought from ranchers like me so we took a bad hit. I have sold my calves for as high as $1,500 each, now I am getting around $600. The Meat processing plants are making a tremendous profit at the moment and Tyson has other plants making a good profit so they are in no hurry to rebuild the one in Kansas. So if you see a gringo walking around Ajijic with a tin cup in his hand, its me!
  9. I am married to a Mexican citizen and we have an extended family in Mexico. What you have missed is the people may be poor but they enjoy a degree of freedom which is worth more than money or gold to most people. I have traveled all over the world and there are many, many countries where the people live in poverty and have no freedom of choice. Here I see the children laughing and playing in school and when I smile and say "hola" to someone my greeting is answered with a smile. When I shop, people try to be helpful and give me good advise. I see people trying to get ahead and here in Mexico they have a chance. More and more educational opportunities are being offered the students. My stepson has graduated with a Masters from the University of Mexico which has over 150,000 students. He has received a fellowship from Germany to work on his Doctorate in Chemical Biology. He is working on a project on aging which will hopefully help all of us live longer. Mexico is an up in coming country which education and modernization which will help it get past its drug related past.
  10. I don't know about the rest of you but my income is half what it use to be. Saving money as lakeside7 did is a bright thing to me. In the states my medical is free but here I have to pay for it. Saving money on medicine, food, transportation, etc should make any one happy. As they say in Australia, Good on you, lakeside7.
  11. Whenever I am at a restaurant and nothing appeals to me, I go to my old standby a hamburger. For the benefit of the thread police, this topic is dedicated on how to make a hamburger, where to get a good hamburger lakeside and I think Pizzas would also be a great fit. My restaurants had some of the best hamburgers in the area. I use to have whole cows ground into hamburger meat and we used 85 to 15 mixture for the patties. A hand formed patty is the best and each morning we would prepare balls of a third a pound of meat. When the order for a hamburger was received the cook would hand form the ball and use a press to shape it. A large sesame bun was used and the freshest lettuce, tomatos, and onions available were used. We used large russet potatos for the fries and they were freshly cut for frying. A 80 to 20 mixture has to much fat in it and a 90 to 10 ratio can make the patty to dry. A 90/10 can work if you use a very greasy grill. I have ate hamburgers at several lakeside restaurants and never got a great one but several were acceptable. Unfortunately I found some of the lakeside restaurants are mixing soy with the meat to cut down on costs. I have never cooked pizzas but I like a good one!
  12. Peas grow well in the English climate and are served with most meals. I don't remember getting them with my fish and chips though. Good memories of getting great fish and chips all over the country. Fish and chips and an English breakfast were highlights of my tour there. Most other English meals, I didn't much care for.
  13. Hopefully henrylaxen will carry change in the future but by buying a candy bar he at least showed he was thinking of the bagger and quite often the candy bar may have cost more than the tip would have been. I think the bagger appreciated the thought. It's a lot better than giving nothing. I once was in a grocery in Ajijic and the expat in front of me only received two 2 hundred peso notes in change. He asked for change for a tip for the bagger but the cashier refused saying she had little change. He finally gave the bagger 200 pesos. He should have bought a candy bar and had change for the bagger. Later, I thought I should have given the expat some change for the bagger and I wondered if the cashier did not want to give the gringo change on purpose.
  14. When I first came to Mexico I knew to tip so I always did. One day I tossed some coins on the counter for the older woman who had bagged my groceries. She got very angry and gave me the salute. I told my wife what happened and she told me I had insulted the woman. Now I always smile and put it in their hand with a gracias. I always try to carry change for tips as quite often I don't get get proper change back for a tip when I buy something.
  15. Australia has the largest population of Greeks of any country outside of Greece. Many years ago a Greek immigrated to Australia and while deciding what to do he decided to try a fish and chips shop and it was successful. He than sponsored his family to come over and he put them in the fish and chips business. Today most of the fish and chips shops in Australia are run by the Greeks. In Australia I enjoyed the local whiting and in England the Atlantic cod. Australia has a large white potato which makes great chips. The potatos are 10 and 12 inches long.
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