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  1. Reminds me of a restaurant I leased out. The operator had a friend who could not have salt in his food so he didn't salt anything. Two months later he was out of business.
  2. I have been a type 2 for 25 years. Currently blood level is 6.2 anything below 7 is considered controlled. I have been below daily level of 60 and close to passing out. I go to diabetic doctor every 3 months and was told to keep orange juice on hand when this happens. If you have a level below 5 congratulations this is very good, I got as high as 11.2 before bringing it under control. With your blood level you may never have this problem. The 5.0 and 6.2 I spoke of is usually a 3 month leveling, daily reading is considered good if it runs from 70 to 150 on the testing monitor.
  3. If you are a diabetic it is recommended you keep a regular coke or orange juice in your refrigerator. If your blood sugar gets to low which is a dangerous condition, drinking orange juice will soon raise the sugar level to an acceptable level. It acts like a shot of sugar.
  4. I have traveled in Asia where they have the original bidet. A large bowl or can of water beside a porcelain whole in the floor which we called a french toilet. After this I could understan dwhy, when they cut off a thieves right hand they gave him the death penalty. The left hand was unholy and they could not eat using it. If the infraction was small or they liked the guy they cut off his left hand.
  5. While we may have wandered off topic. I find the comments very interesting and quite often I like them better than the comments on the restaurant. A Belgium Fry!
  6. Virtually every fast food restaurant in the United States uses paper and cardboard only. As for the paper bags, in the states the grocery stores use a thicker more sturdy paper bag and there are not many problems with using them for vegetables including tomatos.
  7. One of my lunch specials was battered thick sliced bacon deep fried. Several places in Texas serve this.
  8. Insurance is a racket with many of the car rental companies. They will advertise a very low rate and than the insurance will come to four times this amount. I remember my first time here. I got a very good rate from a company for two weeks. I knew I needed mexican required insurance so I was prepared for this. I asked if someone else drove the car what happened. They said I needed additional insurance for this. What if there was an accident, who fixed the car, again more insurance. They told me I needed $10,000 on my credit card. I said why, they said in case someone stole the car. Again more insurance. I was quoted $200 for renting the car for 2 weeks, after insurance it came to over $800.
  9. I don't see a problem. We simply go back to using the old grocery store brown paper bags. They come in many sizes and a lot of stores in the states are already starting to use them again. They can be made of recycled paper so they are bioenvironmental friendly. If you have something wet you simply double bag the item.
  10. The hard fat of beef is called suet. In the old days the cafes used suet to grease their fryers when making hamburgers. They tasted great and I am sure led to hardening of your arteries. I have a recipe from my grandmother for making chili. It starts with 3 cups of suet. I have made it a time or two and everyone agrees it tastes great. I just don't tell them about the suet.
  11. If I have my choice between good escargot and a good hamburger. I'll take the hamburger!
  12. rafterbr

    La Ceiba

    I have served Buffalo (Bison) in my restaurants. I would buy a buffalo and have the whole thing ground into minced meat for buffalo burgers. The buffalo is very lean so I would have to buy beef fat to mix with the buffalo to make the burger juicy. The buffalo meat is tough unless tenderized so I never bothered with the different cuts of the buffalo. One time I tried the steaks and if marinated not to bad but I preferred the beef.
  13. The Vegetable Peeler Scraper. Used a knife most of my life and didn't really like the rigid peeler. Once they made the blade flexible I really liked it and seldom use a knife anymore for potatos or carrots.
  14. I don't think you have received any real business advice. Personally I think a dry cleaning, laundry, clothing alterations business in Riberas would really go over good. Riberas is fast growing and there are many expats in the area. There is a dry cleaning in West Ajijic and laundry in San Antonio and various small alteration shops but the demand is there for a second business. Prices being charged are equal to some state side prices.
  15. Some of the members on this board probably know more about a restaurant than the owner does!
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