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  1. I was told when we first came Lakeside that people would use the LCS until they became established in the community. I find this to be true, we were members for 3 years and finally just quit going. They have done some good things for the Mexican community, so I think as several others have said maybe they need to go back to basics. The library and bus trips were the only things we ever used.
  2. I find with good walking shoes the cobble stone streets are not a problem at all. A big thing to me is the number of eating establishments available. They range from excellent to bad but there is something for every one. Before the virus I believe the number was 176. If you like to eat out this is the place for you.
  3. My Mexican wife and all her family tip every time if only a few pesos for pumping the gas. They realize these people need the money and are doing their best to feed their family. The service they provide is no different than the people who sack groceries and are tipped.
  4. Putin will not take the Russian vaccine so why would anyone else?
  5. Mexicans do tip at gas stations especially if attendant washes windows and checks tires. They know the attendants rely on the tips for the money they will make for the job. If only gasoline is put in, they may or may not tip but usually do. All the Mexicans I know tip every time even if only a few pesos. Usual tip is 10 pesos.
  6. Here in Oklahoma butterball turkeys are 98 cents a pound and toms 89 cents. This is at Walmart and other local grocers.
  7. Here in Oklahoma, my tribe the Chickasaws, has planted a garden of milkweed just for the Monarchs. It is a shame how many are killed each year by cars during their migration. I use to clean the milkweed out of my pastures because cows don't eat it but now I leave it for the monarchs.
  8. Maybe it was suggested they shut down.
  9. I am a little confused. Is this restaurant in Riberas del Pilar or San Antonio. Don't think I have ever eaten there.
  10. If the leak is in a place the soap and water test doesn't work a lot of companies have what they call a sniffer which can pin point the leak location. They used it to locate a leak in a pipe in the ground for me one time.
  11. It's been several months since we ate there but the quality of the steaks was not good and the sides were help yourself buffet style and cold and almost uneatable. As we were leaving, I noticed they were warming them up. Another time we ate there we had to keep asking the waitress for things, such as drinks, cutlery, etc. Pancho's is a long ways from being best in Riberas and certainly not best in Chapala. We do buy things we cannot find in the store and appreciate this service. I noticed when we went ,there were people enjoying the wine and drinks. I know expats who have not liked his m
  12. rafterbr

    The Wok

    Excellent news! I like Chopsticks and the people who own it. We will try it as soon as we can.
  13. My favorite restaurants are in Ajijic but in Riberas I think Mediteraneo Caffe e Cucina and its made in restaurant pasta is best. I enjoy going to Huerto Cafe and there is a mexican restaurant just east of Food Container with a lot of stainless steel equipment in it, I enjoy eating fish and chips there, it changed its name and I can't remember it right now. The Food Container has some decent food but I can't stand the flies in fly season. Of course you have Mom's and several other small mexican places. There is a new Indian and Cuban restaurant I haven't had a chance to eat at, but will as
  14. I have been very disappointed with Pancho's. I have had 3 meals there starting with their steak special and never got a really good one. Service was only so-so. May try again but there are a lot better options in Riberas.
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