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  1. Yo1 is correct, you put the cooked hock in to flavor the bean water later you remove hock and let beans finish cooking before adding ham hock back in, this is delicious. If you have a raw salted hock you simply cook with the beans without removing and this is also good. Tastes in food vary with where one grew up and acquired tastes. I personally do not like french food, it is to rich for me.
  2. Ham hock is great in a big pot of pinto beans. Maybe some cornbread on the side, now I'm getting hungry.
  3. I agree with Wookie if it is really Tex Mex food I will be a regular customer. This is something lacking Lakeside but I am not sure Canadians will enjoy and there are a lot more of them eating here than people from the southwest USA.
  4. I transfer money from my US bank to Santandar bank in Chapala. I chose Santandar because they have the best exchange rates. However they don't have English speaking person in bank if this would be problem. When in Mexico and I need more money I can simply call my US bank and they will send that day more money to Santandar. Don't know if all banks in states will do this. I have a good relationship with US bank. My monies are all deposited in my US bank. I also have US credit cards and a debit card from Santandar. You have to be careful with cards as I was hacked once for a considerable amount. Always keep them in your hand don't hand to another like in a restaurant. One suggestion is to cover with tape your security code on back of card. I try to pay in cash whenever possible.
  5. I am sure we are talking about the same shop. I remember it was near Manix restaurant so I may have wrong street.
  6. There should be another thread on this forum for same subject. From Ajijic plaza the street running East to West you go about 1 to 2 blocks West and on lake side is shop selling HP cartridges. I bought there before when couldn't get at Walmart. They have good selection. Hope they are open.
  7. Bought DVD on Amazon but for some reason order was canceled. Next got it on Ebay at $15.00. Rental is I believe for one month on Amazon, I would rather buy DVD in order to see when I want to.
  8. Take your coca cola,etc plastic bottles and cut in half, plant in bottom half and you can even attach the top half with top off for a green house affect on the seedling.
  9. I have had my ears cleaned two times in Chapala. One Dr cleaned both at once the other Dr said it was better to do only one at a time in case of balance problems. I think the one at a time Dr was the better Dr or maybe he just wanted to collect more fees.
  10. Go ahead and have your ears cleaned by a local doctor. They will do for a small fee. You do one at a time so it doesn't affect your balance.
  11. I almost forgot, the most important thing to good fries is the grease you use. I used real lard. A little more expensive but it gives them a great flavor.
  12. There are several ways to prepare the potato for french frying as discussed here. To be able to serve the french fries quickly, we use to peel them in the morning and store them in cold water until used, this keeps them from becoming discolored. At a later date I started simply washing the whole potato really well than when we got an order we would cut the potato using the french potato slicer and put them in the deep fryer. Both practices worked well but I preferred the fresh cut french fries. It all depends on how you like your french fries. Blanching them gives them a different flavor and they are not as greasy as the ones I prepared. Both are good.
  13. Great, if and when I get the juke box to the lake I will remember you. I have a regular 60's Rock-Ola and a small princess Rock-Ola. The Seeburg I had in a restaurant and had it on free play. The customers really enjoyed it. I might even bring two juke boxes down. I could fill one with Mexican records per CHILLIN and the other with old time rock and roll, and country. At one time had a Rowe juke box but sold it.
  14. Thanks, MtnMama, yes it would be helpful if I have phone numbers for future reference, gracias.
  15. I had one done last year and like oregontochapala said, they do not recommend if you are over 75. I guess they think you will die before the colon cancer would get you.
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