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  1. I went to a poor school in Oklahoma and every Wednesday we had pinto beans, spinach out of gallon cans and cornbread. The only saving grace was we also got cherry cobbler which was great. Now I like to cook some bacon well done, chop it up and add it to fresh spinach which I fry with a little olive oil and white vinegar.
  2. Netflix is currently streaming two films produced by the Chickasaw Nation. They are true stories of two famous Chickasaws. "Te Ata" and "Montford" are true accounts of early Chickasaw life in Oklahoma. Before the Lake Chapala purists weigh in, let it be known the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations are believed to be descendants of the Toltecs who came from the Lake Chapala area. The Toltecs followed a leaning pole and eventually wound up in Alabama and MIssissippi.
  3. The prices at Gourmet Garage are terrible. Both Pancho's and Superlake are cheaper. Not a fan of Pancho's but have been impressed with the variety of things they stock.
  4. I too enjoy the photo's he posts but could do without the snork!
  5. This is not what I was talking about. The form I had to fill out on phone had these data item's. A bar code for the airline, Passenger Data, Flight Data, Access Status, QR Key and Valid Until. We had to show the phone with this data before we could enter security area.
  6. At American Airlines they checked the test when getting in line for counter. They also had someone there filling out the Mexican health form for you. The biggest problem we had was when we got to the counter we were told to take a picture of a bar code they had posted on the counter and fill in personal information on your phone below the code. Had terrible time doing this but they assisted with process. You had to show this information on your phone to security as you entered the security check area. If you didn't have phone, I don't know what you would do.
  7. Came to Okinawa via America, Europe, China, and Japan. Great for a different looking sweet potato pie!
  8. We live on a main street corner in Riberas. I have seen at least 10 different people walking dogs on this street. I have not seen a single one of them carrying a poop scoop or a plastic bag. Instead our outside shrubs catch the bounty from the dogs. Our casa is walled so I have never actually caught them in the act but close, as I have seen some suspicious ones. I hate to get in an argument with someone but their disregard for other peoples property is appalling. Never understood why someone must have 3 or 4 dogs. If they have extra money to spend here, they should spend it on the poor children.
  9. Antigen prices have evidently gone up. On Monday Go Lab asked 900 pesos for a test. Best Lab wanted 850 pesos and I got it there. Picked up test 1 1/2 hour later. No problem. I realize Soriana and Walmart are cheaper but I didn't want any hassles.
  10. The problem in the United States is the use of ethanol in the gasoline. By law the petroleum companies must use so much unless they can get a waver. In the states the ethanol is usually made from corn. At the time of the law, corn was a very low price and oil was getting scarce so they decided the adding ethanol usually 10% would be a good thing . Chillin is correct the problem is the carburetor. New cars have carburetor's that are designed to accommodate the ethanol. Your one cycle engines like for weed eaters, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc do not have carburetor that will accommodate the ethanol. The ethanol forms a varnish in the carburetor and they will soon cease to run. You can still buy gasoline in some station's without ethanol and I buy it for all my equipment and old tractors. My new truck I use the ethanol gasoline and so far no problems. Corn is at record prices now and there is sufficient oil so there is an effort to do away with the ethanol law. Once a law is on the book sometimes its hard to change it but there is a world wide shortage of corn and it is needed for food and feed.
  11. Does anyone know if you need a covid test to fly domestically in Mexico?
  12. In Chapala I have been getting a regular size hamburger on sesame bun with veggies and French fries for 60 pesos. The hamburger is good and the potato fresh fried. My total bill with coca cola was 83 pesos. It is located 2 or 3 stores East of Santander bank and is called the Black Kitchen. I have been paying double this price for hamburgers not nearly this good.
  13. In Oklahoma after a few cold nights and just before the first freeze my wife harvested all the tomatoes and made some great chow chow with the green ones. Frijoles, cornbread and chow chow is hard to beat on a cold winter day!
  14. I buy all my drugs in Jocotepec they are much cheaper there away from the gringo influence.
  15. I give up, $500 pesos for it now!
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