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  1. shortstop

    Garbage pick up

    After no collection last Friday & this Mon. we are now back to normal. Six days a week approx. 8am. Hope it lasts!
  2. shortstop

    Pool Maintence

    Thank you for the info. Our gardener maintains the pool. I don't want to bad mouth any pool maintenance company. I know about Carlos Taylor & how good he is. The articles make for interesting reading. Thanks again.
  3. shortstop

    Pool Maintence

    Our pool water gets very cloudy, we add clarifier which collects what looks like dust, our pool guy vacuums it out & everything looks good for several days then we get the same problem. We have had the filters replaced, & the pool maintenance guy can't find anything that would cause it. Anyone have a similar problem? No one locally (Chapala/Ajijic) knows what to do about it. Any suggestions for other pool maintenance companies other than locally. Thanks.
  4. shortstop

    Anti dog barking devices

    Thanks everybody, great info.
  5. Has anyone had success with one of these. There are several advertised on Amazon. Thanks for any info.
  6. shortstop


    Thanks for all the info. I used to get US Netflix on my computer with both Express VPN & Strong VPN eventually Netflix caught up with them both & I am now looking for another source. I watch Netflix Mexico on my smart TV.
  7. shortstop


    Of Nord VPN & Express VPN which is the more reliable for offering Netflix on a continuing basis. Thanks for any info.
  8. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Friend's called yesterday on the cell number supplied in the ad in this week's Guad. reporter & were assured that they are open for business.
  9. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    I understood they were opening June 1st., I'll go by today & check. Thanks for the info.
  10. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Anyone been to their new location? They are now, mountain side near Villa Lucerna.
  11. shortstop


    Water store on the south east corner of Encarnacion Rosas & Constitution, two blocks towards the lake from Pharmacia Guadalajara.
  12. shortstop


    Thank you for the info.
  13. shortstop


    Express VPN was able to get into Netflix USA until a few months ago. Does anybody have a VPN that is still able to get USA Netflix? Thanks.
  14. shortstop

    renew drivers license

    Okay thanks. It just showed up.
  15. Is it possible to renew my drivers license 3 months ahead of its expiry date? Thanks for any info.