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  1. My gardener "thinks" but does not know for sure that it might a kermes for the bells as it is their ten year anniversary. I have no idea if this is true.
  2. Try "Bring It On Cleaner". Got mine at the Hardware Store next to Farmacia Guadalajara corner of Encarnacion Rosas & the Carretara. South West corner. My shower tiles are the common clay ones found here.
  3. Thank you so much for your time & info. Most valuable.
  4. I am not sure of his legal status in Mexico. I doubt very much he has attained Mexican citizenship. His mother was deported back to Mexico 11 years ago. She brought her children with her but when teen-agers they both opted to return to the US & live with relatives. There was always a shortage of money. The goal is to fly him here, visit with his mother for a few weeks & then return him to California. In the past this was no big deal but now all the rules have changed, & seem to be changing weekly. Thank you for your reply. I will continue my quest for information.
  5. I am hearing many differing opinions. What I need to know is can an American Citizen cross the border by car & enter into Tijuana? He needs to catch a flight to GDL. He would be driven across by a Mexican relative who is legal in the US & has papers to prove it. In fact this family has been crossing to the Tijuana airport for many years & absolutely no problems. This is not a case of dire emergency, he is simply a 18 year old boy who has not seen his mother in several years & would like to visit while school is out. I am buying the ticket & would not want him turned
  6. Do you have a guy/contractor who has done work at your house? Try giving him a call, ours responded on a Sunday night during the last last wind storm when a sky light blew off.
  7. The best thig about Mexico is the people. They adopted us shortly after our arrival 16 years ago. My Spanish is still limited but we communicate by waving our arms around & smiling a lot.
  8. I am needing to send a Fed Ex address label for the party in the US. to send a package back to me. I researched Fed Ex & there appears to be a few locations in Ajijic. Does anyone know which office would be the easiest to communicate with in English. Thanks for any info.
  9. Farmacia Christina in the El Torito plaza. They are not expensive.
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company or independent guy who cleans solar panels? It requires climbing up on the tile roof. Thanks for any info.
  11. I have found both here & in the US & Canada the larger the wings the likelier they can be overcooked or undercooked. Maybe depends on the chef. We have had really good wings at Wings Army & really bad ones, really my main objection about the place is the extremely loud music And also the fact that they quite often do not have any draft beer. Not an issue for everyone but it is for us ! We wing lovers are quite picky about what would hardly be considered a gourmet meal. As for a table of smokers, Vancouver wings has a bigger outdoor seating area. I agree about the you
  12. We prefer Vancouver Wings over Wings Army. For us, the sauces are tastier & I personally prefer smaller wings. Also, at Vancouver Wings there is plenty of outside seating. Inside the music can be really loud. Okay, you do have to settle your chair into the gravel, but at least outside is reasonably quiet. At Wings Army the inside music is also so loud it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation. Outside is a little quieter but you may get a table full of smokers a few feet away. Both restaurants cater to a young late-night crowd as we have witnessed on the rare occasions
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