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  1. Thanks for all the great info. It has really helped.
  2. I have changed charging cables & tried different ports..Benno's is a good idea. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. My 6 year old google tablet will no longer fully charge. It's been plugged in for 10 hours & only at 13%. Should I be looking for a new one or is it possible to replace the battery? Thanks for any info.
  4. Telemex installed a new telephone pole on the north west corner of Encarnacion Rosas & Constitution on Wednesday  July 31. There are stones, dirt, large branches and chunks of wood blocking the sidewalk. It is really a mess.  I have seen  both children & older adults having to step down off a very high curb & walk on a fairly busy street to get past. Is Telemex not responsible to clean up their mess?  If not them, who is? 

  5. Thank you one & all, excellent suggestions.
  6. Has anyone had experience building a palapa roof here at lakeside. I am trying to find who does this kind of work. Google sends me to companies in Texas. Thanks for any info.
  7. Have had 5 over the past few days. 473-149-1391 833-244-4334 444-171-1757 669-256-3302 449-462-9982 No caller left a message so assume its scammers. I do not recognize any of these numbers.
  8. I pass by frequently & find her hours are very erratic. Sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening. Yet to see the door open in the morning but any of these hours could change daily.
  9. I have one corded phone in the house with no caller ID so I tend to answer if I am in the same room, just in case. All others I do not answer if the number is not familiar. This was the first one of these scam calls for several months so yes, maybe tis the season.
  10. Got a call today from one of the "hey do you remember me?" scammers. I told him to f..k off. Number recorded on my phone is 998 395 7729. Beware!
  11. We live central Ajijic & definitely much less traffic than usual, my first thought also was saving it all for Semana Santa.
  12. There is a really big one on Encarnacion Rosas just before Constitucon going south from Farmacia Guadalajara. It stretches across the street & is impossible to avoid.
  13. Thank you all. I just need some frames & a prescription filled.
  14. What day do you sign up to see Dr. Luz? Does she come there every Thurs. Thanks for any info.
  15. It's true that the buses here at Lakeside are very inexpensive & frequent. However, it is often a big step up to enter & some drivers take off "like a rocket". Exiting is also not always easy if the bus is crowded. Luckily the very polite Mexican people will often give up their seat to someone older. My advice to anyone considering using the buses as their main mode of transportation is ride them first & see how you manage.
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