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  1. Thank you all very much for your information.
  2. Hello there, Has any one been to this clinic for a skin condition treatment? If so ,do you have a specific Doctor that you recommend? Thank you
  3. If someone knows please send the info where about by Abastos is the person who does it. Thanks
  4. .... the difference in $$$ between New Hospital (Maskaras) and Lab Tolsa is that Doctor comes from Guadalajara and Tolsa they have all the personnel, equipment and doctors there and you go there.
  5. Hi there, Yes you can do it here at former Maskara (new hospital ) and cost $13,000 pesos an specialist comes from Guadalajara and there is in Guadalajara Laboratory Tolsa they do it $ 6,000 phone number is 01 33 3825 19 77 they will ask you to send by email or WhatsApp the picture of your order then they will answer you back with the instructions. Then you call back to make the appointment.
  6. Yes, the collar is mostly red and green patern type mexican style. It is small dashshound.
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