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  1. 3 hours ago, tomgates said:

    Sorry, I thought the supper club with reduced prices was on Thurs but the website says Wed. Tues is rib night. We only go on Monday''s so maybe others can post updates on other days.

    You are correct about Thursdays! It's the Breakfast Club night. Wednesday was, or is according to the website, the huge reduction on ALL entres. Tues is rib night. ?

  2. 1 hour ago, tomgates said:

    Wednesday is a slow one for them, no music or specials, like Sunday. Both good nights to dine if you don't want music.

    Check their website. It STILL says....ALL our entres at greatly reduced prices.... WEDNESDAY night was their biggest special night, and so many people came that you needed reservations.

  3. It's high season and last Wednesday the restaurant wasn't even half full. I know all the restaurants get business on the weekends from the Tapatios. Last year at this time, Adelitas was packed every Wednesday night.

  4. 17 hours ago, suegarn said:

    My partner is in the Jocotopec hospital at this time, and is waiting for surgery.  He's been there since Tuesday morning, and they're hoping to do his surgery on Thursday or Friday.  The care has been excellent.  The spouse or significant other doesn't have to spend any time at the hospital if they don't want to.  All you have to do is arrange for caregivers to be with the patient.  These women are responsible, caring people, and they charge very little for working 8 hour shifts, either during the day or overnight also.  

    I think that hospital has excellent staff and service.  We are registered with Seguro Popular.

    That is good news for you and your husband! Yes I know of that hospital, we registered for SP as soon as it was built. But it is not a full service hospital, and many times they stabilize patients and send them to Guadalajara. And if you need an imaging done fast, it's Guadalajara.

    You cannot use SP if you have any other insurance. I know that applies to IMSS. Not sure if it matters if you have private insurance. Maybe someone else knows for.sure

  5. I am sorry that happened to you! And yes, I agree. You should have been comped at least the wine, and better, the meal. That would have left you with a good feeling, and been the classy thing to do. Restaurants sometimes forget they are a service industry.

  6. 3 hours ago, El Cartero said:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that, all the posters, 3 people with very limited posting are pimping a product that does not normally come up by someone considering a move to Lakeside?   It may be the greatest product since sliced bread but sounds like trolling to me!




    Trolling? Really? The first poster, whom I know, has over 600 posts. And none of those are frivolous. He just happens to be very happy with the change in the handling of his car and is informing people about it. He has no vested interest in the product.

    As for me, I've lived here full time for 12 years. Just never joined this forum. I've got no vested interest in the product either. I was just giving my unbiased opinion.


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  7. 1 hour ago, RVGRINGO said:

    “The other“ does not have to run back and forth between the hospital and home, since the patient requires a ‘responsible person‘ to attend to their needs in the hospital.  The spouse is usually that person, and there is a cot for sleeping and linens and a pillow are provided.  Nurses are for medical needs; not for bathing, feeding, or going to the bathroom, walking exercises, calling nurses or doctors, etc.  The spouse, or close friend, takes on that responsibility and stays with the patient.

    The other may have responsibilities at home. And if it is a long illness, you won't be moving into the hospital.

    My point is, don't be fooled into believing we have excellent facilities Lakeside. It just isn't true. If you need to get excellent outpatient care, or see a specialist on a frequent basis, you'll be driving back and forth. Maybe a lot.

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  8. Three Thursdays ago, I had to call my Dentist, Dr. Edgard Macias, for an emergency. I'd been in Guadalajara all day and developed a toothache that was becoming progressively worse. Dr. Edgard has been my dentist for many years and he know I don't complain over nothing. Despite being very busy, he stayed very late after hours, to try to save the tooth, as there was a chance it would work out. By Friday evening, it was becoming apparent that I needed to have it extracted on an emergency basis. Dr. Edgard was again booked solid, but he called me to tell me to come in very early Saturday morning so he could put me out of my misery. He will place another implant there later when the site is healed.

    I hesitate to post this, as this man deserves to be at home with his family. But in a truly miserable situation, he came through for me. I spent 10 years working in dental offices. Some of those dentists I was proud to work for, some not.

    Dr. Edgard, is one of the ones I would have been proud to work for.

    Thank you, Dr.Edgard!

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  9. Went to Adelitas last Wednesday night. Disappointed. Although the website still advertises ALL our entrees at greatly reduced prices! Same portions, same quality, HUGE savings! ... this is NOT the case. Only a very few items were reduced. Also, prices have risen substantially. My Greek salad was devoid of feta cheese. And not many people there.

    Great service. But disappointed. Website needs updating. You can't advertise something as ALL and not deliver. And when a restaurant starts scrimping on ingredients, while raising prices...

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