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  1. Have you used any of the rental agencies in town? Which would you recommend? TIA
  2. Thinking about renting a place here. Opinions?
  3. Telcel or AT&T? Who do you recommend and why?
  4. I may have have to reconsider my male preference. She sounds highly recommended.
  5. My husband and I are looking for a good doctor to take care of us. We are both a bit over 60, so general things such as annual physicals, blood work, etc that a senior would need. A male doctor is preferred. Thank you.
  6. I’m wondering what the cost is for a standard dental cleaning. TIA
  7. I never give money to these people
  8. Hi i need to purchase Mexican medical insurance. What company do you use? Have they paid your claims? Looking for a recommendation
  9. Herman


    Hi does anyone have medical insurance from this company? The broker I’m using is in SMA. Good. Bad. TIA
  10. Hi does anyone have medical coverage by this insurance company here in Mexico? Recommend? thank you
  11. Hi not sure about this. I’m going down in June with a temp visa and bringing my car. When my CA tags expire, how do I renew to keep car current. I don’t think I want to drive around with expired tags. Maybe because I’ll be out of California for a few years, I don’t need it registered?? trying to avoid a call to the DMV
  12. Hola any recommendations for a mail service? The kind that give you a US street address and you monitor online from Mexico. TIA
  13. Costco in US closes at 6pm weekends
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