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  1. Does anyone know of a pharmacy with a doctor who can write prescriptions. Maskaras Clinic doesn't do it anyone, you have to go to the hospital and request a consultation. Thanks!
  2. Great, that's what I'm looking for - the machine that can do that. Thank you very much!
  3. Good to know, thanks for sharing your experience with them, sounds like they know what they're doing.
  4. Never saw that store, thanks for the suggestion, will check it out!
  5. Need your help on a paint color issue. We have some paint color swatches and need to match paint to them that would need to be mixed. Are there any paint stores Lakeside with machine that can read my paint sample and analyze it to create a formula, so they can put the correct colors and amounts in the can, such as a typical paint store does NOB? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice. To clarify, I have already signed a contract for the car and put the down payment on the car with the Guad dealer. But I still would like to know the process for payment. I will wire the money but at what point do I do that? Do I wire it before I pick up the car? What type of receipt do I get and do they send me the VIN? In the states, I would pay with a check at the dealer and get the car but it's very different here.
  7. I really need some guidance on the new car purchasing process. I am buying a new car from a dealership in Guadalajara. I left a $10,000 peso deposit for which I have a receipt. When the car comes in, what is the process? I know that I have to pay in full first by wiring the money to the dealer. Other than that, what do I do and what do I ask for? How do I ensure that I am protected from any shady stuff and that I get the car? Do they give information over the phone? Very different than NOB so would really appreciate some help and good advice. Thanks in advance!
  8. I understand that there is a website where one can check if a doctor or other professionals have an up to date cedula. I have a cedula number I would like to check before I make an appointment with a doctor. Does anyone know the link? Thank you!
  9. Yes, that's why I need to bring in a knowledgeable consultant with me to get a second opinion. S&S does not have that kind of mechanical expertise. If you know of one, I would be appreciative.
  10. Thank you very much, I am looking for a Mexican friend who know about cars. None of mine do, so if anything comes to mind that you can share, I would be most appreciative.
  11. Yes, that's why I need to bring in a knowledgeable consultant with me to get a second opinion. If you know of one, I would be appreciative.
  12. Yes, that's why I need to bring in a knowledgeable consultant with me to get a second opinion.If you know of one, I would be appreciative.
  13. Our car was in a very bad accident in Guadalajara a few days ago. We were not in it. Both front seat airbags deployed. We saw photos and the front end and side are smashed pretty bad. It was towed to the body shop at a dealer in Guadalajara where damage will be appraised. Not sure if it will be totaled, we have not been told by our insurance company yet. Are there professional mechanics or people here with the expertise to inspect a car on our behalf to make sure that the appraisal and the work are done correctly and that we're not being taken?
  14. Thank you, Al, this is very good advice I will pass along to them.
  15. Thank you, I will pass along your contact info.
  16. Thanks so very much to all for your recommendations. I had planned to help out but my car was totaled last Friday in Guadalajara. One other thing is that my friend has a good car with up to date insurance that the driver can use so their own car is not required. They live on the Libramiento in San Antonio. Again, any other people that you can recommend to call would be so appreciated - you would really be helping out some wonderful people in a very dire situation.
  17. A dear friend here at Lakeside was recently diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled to begin radiation/chemotherapy treatment starting January 7 for 7 weeks.The two drivers that he hired for this service turn out not to have drivers licenses. So he is in dire need to find a reliable driver or two to hire who have a valid drivers license and are trustworthy enough to get him to Guadalajara early in the morning and wait to bring him home after the treatment. There will be 4 days of just the morning and one day will be all day. English speaker preferred but not required. Really need some recommend
  18. Does anyone know of a good person or company at Lakeside that does car upholstery? Specially, reupholstering all fabric seats with leather. Thanks in advance.
  19. In need of a good car detail place with complete detailing services, including paint, sealant, car waxing/polishing. Checked the files and found one that comes to you but can't accommodate them. So recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!
  20. We are looking for a local woodworker/craftsman to build a desk in a mid-century modern style, can work from a picture and speaks English well. Any recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  21. Thanks for your detailed response. We'll get started going through the process and keep our fingers crossed that it's not the wiring. You mentioned that we can buy a new modem on Mercado Libre - what is the specific product called? Thanks so much for your help!
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