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  1. Looking for someone to do some maintenance on a small, two-tier fountain in our patio that has not been used in a while. Need a new tubes, a plug for the drain, check out the motor...that sort of thing. Any suggestions? Gracias.
  2. The "brood x" cicadas in the US is a 17-year cycle emergence and will only do so in the NE states up north. The rainbirds here are yearly and different. Their sound is like a high-pitched electrical hum (if that makes any sense). Haven't heard them yet here in upper Ajijic.
  3. For those on Facebook, I recommend the group "Chapala Health Talk." It has been an excellent resource for current info. They have been posting daily updates about vaccine availability (or lack thereof), government announcements/statistics, and daily status on the state of cases lakeside. For those not on Facebook, I'm sure as soon as there's something official, someone will post it here. But all indications now are there is no info on the when or the where for a second shot. Except to say that when it is offered, it is reported that it will only be for those who have received the first shot. Those who missed the first shot will not be included in this round.
  4. Here's an update on getting my screen repaired. Took my Samsung Galaxy to "Fix Mobile" a block down from the Chapala bus station on Calle Miguel Martínez (phone 33 2454 1857). Brought it in at 10:30am and it was ready by 4pm. A little hole in the wall store, but they did a good job. S&F Telcel across from the Ajijic Telmex office could do it, but it would not be ready until late tomorrow. Stopped at Telcel in Centro Luguna to inquire and they DO repair certain phones. But not Samsung. I did not find out which they did repair. So, there you go. Problem solved. Thanks to everyone for playing.
  5. They repair cracked screens there in the Telcel at Centro Laguna?
  6. Need to have the cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy cellphone replaced. Is there anyone lakeside that can do this same-day? Gracias.
  7. Yes. Make sure to bring the INAPAM card for the discount (50%). I did this last month at Bancomer to renew my license. Be sure to know the account number and the exact amount to be paid!! The bank was not sure and they leave it to the customer to tell them. Also be sure to write your name - exactly as it appears on your license - on the receipt from the bank.
  8. Success! Chapala driver's licence office open for business as usual. Went to my appointment and was out with a new license in 20 minutes. Was not questioned about my age and there was another person ahead of me who was clearly over 60.
  9. Thanks. I'll give it a shot on Monday morning and let you know.
  10. Anyone know how long you can drive with an expired chofer license? Expires next week and had an appointment to renew on Monday in Chapala. But if office is closed due to latest lockdown, won't be able to renew. Trying to plan in advance. Gracias.
  11. Has anyone had experience paying for their driver's license renewal through the Bancomer account? Any problems with the Chapala office accepting the receipt when you have gone to renew? Gracias.
  12. I had a PCR test on Dec 23 at San Antonio hospital emergency room on the advice of my doctor. Cost was $6500 pesos and results take 48 hours to receive. You can either have them emailed to you or pick up a paper copy at the hospital.
  13. Are you looking for roof repair or sealing before the rains?
  14. This is a WhatsApp number to contact an agent inside the Ajijic office: 3315209621. Perhaps try that before heading down and see if they can assist you. I have been able to get a few things done this way.
  15. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
  16. OK, is this true?? 🤣 Cuz our neighbors don't need another reason to think we're nuts! But if so, we'll give it a try if the ammonia doesn't work. (And thanks for the LOL!)
  17. Don't have a dog, but do have a neighbor's visiting cat. Don't want to trap or kill, only looking for a repellant safe for pets.
  18. Thanks, Alan. No trash, fruit, or pet food lying about. I think they just like digging a bit in the yard and then they move on. I suspect that we are on their nightly route through the neighborhood. However, they are getting too curious about what's inside the house and show no fear of our motion detector light when it flips on. Only our shouting at them will make them scatter. Will try the ammonia suggestion and will continue to look for a commercial solution that has worked for others. Thanks again. Harry
  19. Have skunk(s) that like to visit our backyard and terrace each night. They have started to get a little bold and come up to the screen door to check out what's happening. Have been laying down a home-made pepper spray concoction that has not deterred them. Looking for any suggestions (that won't harm cats) of something to use that has been effective for you. Not interested in trapping them (been there, done that, not pretty). Gracias en adelantado.
  20. Heads up...there IS staff in the Ajijic office and they can be contacted via WhatsApp at 3315209621. Hours are 8am to 2pm. In my experience, if you hit them up early enough in the day they will get back to you same day. Otherwise, the following day. They have helped me with billing issues and exchanging a dead router. Not sure, but perhaps alerting them to a problem with the payment machine could help speed its repair. Anyway, it's another contact option for Telmex.
  21. My 2 pesos...I usually buy my meds at Farmacia Guadalajara and they almost always have a generic, which my GP will ask for to save some money. Once, they did not have any lisinopril and I bought a very cheap generic at Farmacia Similares. Very cool, I thought! 3 weeks later, I was in the emergency room at Ajijic Clinic with severe vertigo due to my BP having gone through the roof. When I got to my regular GP, I recieved a stern lecture about buying generics anywhere other than FG. If not buying brand name, he does not trust anyone other than FG with generics. You can also get hidroclorotiazida 25mg there. Just need to cut it for 12.5. That's my story, take it for what it's worth. I like to save a little cash, but not with something I have to ingest for my health.
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