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  1. They're kicking people off the malecon and out of the plaza to discourage gatherings. And to discourage tapatios from coming / staying here for this traditional big holiday and tourist destination.
  2. Check out Mercado Libre. Just ordered another box from my vendor and will arrive in 2 days.
  3. Telcel slow here in Rivera Alta. Running 2.3 - 3 down. Usually around 10 - 15 down. No change in Telmex.
  4. Back up in Riviera Alta with good download.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, will be out of town but would appreciate any report of what was discussed.
  6. According to the email I received from them, they are closing permanently.
  7. Yes, I second Quality Care: Dr. Luis Garcia Noquiera. Saw him last year. He comes in on Wednesdays.
  8. We increased a few weeks ago...great during the day, pretty hideous at night. Went back to our old plan at the agent's suggestion hoping this would stabilize the evening drop. It didn't. It's worse. (Insert eye-roll emoji here)
  9. barcelonaman, speeds dropped to their lowest point ever with us last night (Sunday). Tried calling tech and got a recording telling me no one was available for my call. Went to a very-crowded Telmex office this afternoon and got a sympathetic ear, but no help. The agent gave me her card and said I should call tech tonight when the speed dropped and then email her to let her know what they said. She implied that the only way to get something fixed was to continually report it to tech. Came home to find a Telmex serviceman working on our frac's box. I asked him if he knew what was going on with the speeds dropping at night and he seemed to immediately know what I was referring to. He said the problem is with "central" in Ajijic. He then said it would be fixed in "maybe a month." By his tone, I could tell this was not the first time he got that question. Ilox and Izzi not an option for our frac. Going to monitor our Telcel mobile speeds and investigate if a Telcel modem could be an answer for us. In the meantime, looks like nightly calls to Telmex tech for the time being. Onward...
  10. I may see you at the Telmex office tomorrow afternoon, barcelonaman! My last call to tech was Friday night and I'm back to the office tomorrow to relay to them what tech is telling me now. This all began the last week of July. Unfortunately I am in Riviera Alta and ilox is not available to us as it would mean digging up the streets to bury the cable. So, Telmex is my only option. Perhaps enough complaints will speed up the "fix" of the new server. Quien sabe. Let me know what they tell you.
  11. I would also be interested in the type of modem you purchased. A question: were you buffering constantly or only at night? Also, does your new modem give you consistent speed 24/7? To make a long story short (and it is a long story), a few weeks ago we started getting better download speeds but at about 6:30-7pm every evening, the download would fall off a cliff to about 1 - 3 mg (from 13 - 19) making it pretty impossible to stream or do any kind of computer work. Several visits to the Telmex office and calls to tech support have been fruitless. I was told last Thursday that we are "on a new server for the area and the problem is with that. Give it about 2 weeks." I'm curious now if the current modems have issues with the new server and if a new modem could solve this problem. Gracias.
  12. 3310265450 is the number I used successfully this past weekend to contact Gualberto Real for a problem with our washer. I highly recommend he and his father.
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