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  1. Yes. Make sure to bring the INAPAM card for the discount (50%). I did this last month at Bancomer to renew my license. Be sure to know the account number and the exact amount to be paid!! The bank was not sure and they leave it to the customer to tell them. Also be sure to write your name - exactly as it appears on your license - on the receipt from the bank.
  2. Success! Chapala driver's licence office open for business as usual. Went to my appointment and was out with a new license in 20 minutes. Was not questioned about my age and there was another person ahead of me who was clearly over 60.
  3. Thanks. I'll give it a shot on Monday morning and let you know.
  4. Anyone know how long you can drive with an expired chofer license? Expires next week and had an appointment to renew on Monday in Chapala. But if office is closed due to latest lockdown, won't be able to renew. Trying to plan in advance. Gracias.
  5. Has anyone had experience paying for their driver's license renewal through the Bancomer account? Any problems with the Chapala office accepting the receipt when you have gone to renew? Gracias.
  6. I had a PCR test on Dec 23 at San Antonio hospital emergency room on the advice of my doctor. Cost was $6500 pesos and results take 48 hours to receive. You can either have them emailed to you or pick up a paper copy at the hospital.
  7. Are you looking for roof repair or sealing before the rains?
  8. This is a WhatsApp number to contact an agent inside the Ajijic office: 3315209621. Perhaps try that before heading down and see if they can assist you. I have been able to get a few things done this way.
  9. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
  10. OK, is this true?? 🤣 Cuz our neighbors don't need another reason to think we're nuts! But if so, we'll give it a try if the ammonia doesn't work. (And thanks for the LOL!)
  11. Don't have a dog, but do have a neighbor's visiting cat. Don't want to trap or kill, only looking for a repellant safe for pets.
  12. Thanks, Alan. No trash, fruit, or pet food lying about. I think they just like digging a bit in the yard and then they move on. I suspect that we are on their nightly route through the neighborhood. However, they are getting too curious about what's inside the house and show no fear of our motion detector light when it flips on. Only our shouting at them will make them scatter. Will try the ammonia suggestion and will continue to look for a commercial solution that has worked for others. Thanks again. Harry
  13. Have skunk(s) that like to visit our backyard and terrace each night. They have started to get a little bold and come up to the screen door to check out what's happening. Have been laying down a home-made pepper spray concoction that has not deterred them. Looking for any suggestions (that won't harm cats) of something to use that has been effective for you. Not interested in trapping them (been there, done that, not pretty). Gracias en adelantado.
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