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  1. Good idea. Have you tried a little shaving cream on the lenses then dry wipe clean? It's a trick to keep the bathroom mirror from fogging up that has worked for me on my glasses.
  2. Looking for a neurologist recommendation. I have been referred to Dr. Valle at Quality Care who is apparently stranded out of town due to travel restrictions and no idea of when he'll return and start taking appointments again. Also to Dr. Varela, who I was told had passed away when I contacted his number. Any suggestions? Would prefer lakeside and not to travel to Guadalajara at this time. But if that's the only recourse... Gracias en adelanto.
  3. Also, what time did you try to buy? Was behind a woman in Walmart last week who wanted to buy a couple of bottles of wine and she was told no alcohol sales before 10am.
  4. Hola cookj5 - I have a 13" mid-2012 Macbook Pro that has been wiped clean and returned to original settings waiting to be reconfigured for a new owner. Model #A1278. 4 gigs of RAM. In good condition. Also comes with power cord. Available immediately. Asking MX$8,500. Please let me know if interested. Gracias!
  5. Very true. We normally would also have a day or a few hours of rain each month, but it has been unusually dry this season. The national forecast has said there will be heavier rains this year, but no mention on if they will start early. As for the last coupla days, this is just a system passing through. After tomorrow, the weather apps are showing 0% chance of rain through mid month. Enjoy while we can!
  6. Their # is 376 766 1396. Hours listed online are 8:30am - 2:30pm.
  7. Out in Riviera Alta. I wonder if it is the same outage area as in the last few times? I wish there were a way to know what's going on.
  8. Half way through the second season and enjoying it a lot. Very off-the-wall as only a telenovela with tongue firmly planted in cheek can do. Big hit in Mexico and for Netflix. Have friends in the US that are watching and they love it, too (even with subtitles ☺️). I have read that Veronica Castro, who played the mother did not return because she only wanted to do 1 season - it was written in her contract when she first signed. Very progressive in its attitude and approach to sexual mores, homosexuality, and transgendered folk, so not for everyone. But worth a look. The actors are all beautiful, the comedy can verge on the slapstick, and great production values. I was also very happy to find a series to help with my Spanish that is set in Mexico and does not involve cartels and narco wars!
  9. I'm wondering if they're doing work this weekend and need to take things down while doing so. Was out yesterday all day and back about the same time @6ish. See if it goes down again tonight around midnight... Hope not. 🤞🏼
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