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  1. My 2 pesos...I usually buy my meds at Farmacia Guadalajara and they almost always have a generic, which my GP will ask for to save some money. Once, they did not have any lisinopril and I bought a very cheap generic at Farmacia Similares. Very cool, I thought! 3 weeks later, I was in the emergency room at Ajijic Clinic with severe vertigo due to my BP having gone through the roof. When I got to my regular GP, I recieved a stern lecture about buying generics anywhere other than FG. If not buying brand name, he does not trust anyone other than FG with generics. You can also get hidro
  2. The Ajijic office is closed to the public, but it is staffed. Send a WhatsApp to 3315209621 with your question. That will go to one of the agents inside the office. I arranged a few weeks ago to have a router dropped off with someone who came to the gate using this method. Suerte!
  3. Was told by my GP last week that flu shots would be available in November and that there will be limited availability. I told him I had read October availability on social media and he said that's not what he was told by his associates in Guadalajara. Perhaps they are being overly cautious and will be wrong, but if you have a GP it would be worthwhile contacting them to see if they will be offering shots and if you can get put on a list to ensure that you get one.
  4. The Telmex Ajijic office is closed to the public, but there are folks working inside and are available for various emergencies. You can contact someone inside on WhatsApp using 3315209621. I was able to exchange a broken modem this way. Perhaps you can cancel your line. I texted in Spanish. Not sure if anyone inside speaks English or not. Hours are 9am to 2pm.
  5. That's an idea. I had not thought to do that. Thabks!
  6. Several months ago, our Telmex modem completely died after a power outage. I put it down to it being an old modem and was able to get a new one out of Telmex. However, after another power outage (and possible surge?) last Monday morning, our new Telmex modem is getting significantly less download speed. I mean, way down -- a reboot and reset did nothing. I swapped it out with a friend's older modem and was able to get our previously good download on that. So, now I'm thinking perhaps a problem with the voltage regulator could be the root of my modem problems. I currently have an ISB Sol
  7. Hey Mostlylost, this is great! I've been scouring the internet trying to find these with no luck. Mercado Libre is usually my first choice but I didn't find this vendor in there. I ordered 2 this morning and will have them tomorrow. Many thanks! Much appreciated.
  8. I am in search of a 9-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable battery for the controller of our Rain bird ESP-6 sprinkler system. The manual says Ni-Cad only, not Ni-MH. And not to use an alkaline battery. But having a very difficult time finding 9 volt rechargeable Ni-Cad down here. Anyone have any luck or know of a Rain BIrd supply store nearby? I have struck out at Steren, Amazon.mx, and Mercado Libre (which has one for $MX10,000 which is a hard no). Amazon US has them, but they don't ship these to Mexico. A Google search is turning up blank. Any thoughts? Gracias.
  9. I've seen them in Farmacia Guadalajara and in the farmacia section of Soriana.
  10. Good idea. Have you tried a little shaving cream on the lenses then dry wipe clean? It's a trick to keep the bathroom mirror from fogging up that has worked for me on my glasses.
  11. Looking for a neurologist recommendation. I have been referred to Dr. Valle at Quality Care who is apparently stranded out of town due to travel restrictions and no idea of when he'll return and start taking appointments again. Also to Dr. Varela, who I was told had passed away when I contacted his number. Any suggestions? Would prefer lakeside and not to travel to Guadalajara at this time. But if that's the only recourse... Gracias en adelanto.
  12. Also, what time did you try to buy? Was behind a woman in Walmart last week who wanted to buy a couple of bottles of wine and she was told no alcohol sales before 10am.
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