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  1. I am looking for an electrician specialist for installing an electric swimming pool heater. I have solar heating but it doesn´t work for morning swim because of night cooling the tubes. Propane is an installation nightmare and has become expensive as well. So, if anyone has had experience with a reputable company experienced in installing an electric pool heater, I would really appreciate the recommendation.
  2. I purchased sparrow bird seed (mijo blanco, mijo rojo, avena) to entice the many sparrows here, however, they don´t seem to like the seed, at all! Anyone know what type of bird seed they would like and what brand to buy? Or, any other kind of food they would like?
  3. Thank you gary, very helpful !
  4. Does Jackie at H2Ole have an email address? Phone not answering.
  5. I received an email yesterday saying FedEx was discontinuing their international service as of March 1, 2017. This was a warning to finish any of that service as it will stop permanently. This was an official looking document from FedEx, however, who knows in today´s world what is true!
  6. Who to contact for sale and installation of kitchen pure water systems? What are the best brands available in Mexico?
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